Collaborative mapping

For the past three weeks, in our tutorials, we have been asked to map out certain aspects surrounding our chosen issues. To begin with, I found the exercise to be repetitive and monotonous. Because I wasn’t engaging or too sure of my issue, I found that the mapping was of little benefit. However, the more we practised mapping, I was broadening my understanding of mental illness and seeing it from different perspectives. In fact, over the course of these three weeks the focus of my issue has slightly changed through the mapping and research exercises.

These maps in particular helped shaped the new direction of my issue, as looked deeper into the controversy’s and debates surrounding mental illness. It was interesting to to see the stigmas surrounding mental illness and that made me realise that a lot of these stigmas stemmed from ignorance/a lack of knowledge. On the internet as I researched different images and data scrapped the web, there were a lot of negative words attached to mental illness e.g. crazy or attention seeking. So I thought, I can combine my previous topic with this lack of knowledge and awareness. Now I want to look into how we can educate younger generations about mental health and make it a topic that they feel comfortable being open about.

This mapping exercise was particularly helpful when it came to data scrapping. There were tons of words to choose from when conducting my advanced search on Twitter, making it easier to collect information as well as helping me choose the direction I wanted my issue to go to.

Working in a group has helped me to be more proactive in my creative thinking and has given me the opportunity to vocalise my thoughts and opinions. It’s always beneficial hearing what other people have to say because an outsiders view can reshape or improve your own ideas. What I also enjoyed about working in a group is that it helped me to see any holes or issues with my problem and solution. The more I had to talk about it, the more I realised where I needed clarity or where I was lacking in direction. My group are always supportive and encouraging and helpful by suggesting alternative methods/ideas. Although I am one that keeps to themselves, I quite enjoy working with a group and trying different mapping exercises. It has enabled me to start thinking outside the box and to look at things from all angles.

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1.) Dribble 2015, Fancy Ass People, viewed 2nd September 2016

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