Post 7 – Collaborative Mapping

Our group conducted a collaborative ‘issue’ mapping excercise. We started off annotating critical factors that contributes to the obesity epidemic in today’s society. Through our discussion we have narrowed it down to packaging, social media/pressure, individual behaviors and environmental factors. We then branched off into sub-categories from these factors to understand the relationship between them. I didn’t find it all that surprising that a lot of these factors that contributes to obesity have a link with each other, however, it was interesting to see that a huge proportion of these factors come from personal issues such as habits, motivation, self esteem and willpower.


Additionally, we did a chart of stakeholders and non-stakerholders to determine their role of importance in this issue. We drew a spectrum from least to most importance and found similar results to the brainstorm – personal behaviors such as diet, lifestyle and culture have the most influence associating with the obesity epidemic. Politicians, celebrities and health ministers are closely behind the cause.


It was interesting to see the interaction of my fellow group members during the discussion. One was particularly passionate about the role of the fast food industry in America and how their food culture has widely diversified onto other countries.


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