‘Hey, mate!’ app for avoid being sedentary

Blog post 10. Reflection and Proposal

Written by Hyunjoung You

Even though I finished writing blog post 8, it was difficult to decide one of five possible design responses. I was considering between 2 design responses as my final proposal. At that time, my peers helped me to choose one of them. They gave me good comments on each design response, and let me go with application service design on the final stage. What is more, the feedback from peers was useful to develop the design because my draft proposal was not enough to understand how the design works properly. They pointed out the things that I missed and suggested to make my design being strong.

Revised Proposition

Project title: Hey mate! 

Practice type: Application – Service design

The issue: Being sedentary brings about diverse physical and mental problems such as obesity, lower back pain and depression. People have already recognized how harmful being sedentary is. However, some people need to be sedentary, especially if they do sedentary work. Also, it is hard to change their fixed lifestyle immediately due to the lack of willpower, tired and lazy after work.

The aim: There are no reminders that they need to avoid living sedentary lifestyle for their healthy living. It aims to give not only awareness, but also remind the office workers of caring about their health, and suggest doing some physical actions like simple stretching. 

The function and process of application:

Companies can install this application on their employees’ computers to encourage them doing some physical actions during work and after work.

– The application is able to recognize the workers’ computer activities, and interpret that same as sitting hours.

– The application pops up the text with moving images in a window to suggest doing simple physical actions.

– The text is in friendly tone, and the illustration will be humorous to give a little fun during work.

e.g. text: “Hey, mate! I feel so numb! Can you make me feel better?”

Illustration: the butt part with text in speech bubble

– It also shows simple actions how to stretch that part.

Proposal sample.png
Examples of the texts with illustration in windows

The Possible change:

– The office workers can be active during work and after work by reminding them of it.

– They may change their sedentary lifestyle to active lifestyle slowly via this application.

– They may be smile due to the humorous text with the illustration.

After delivering my revised proposition to peers and the tutors, I could recognize what is the strength of my design properly. In addition, I got the idea how I should propose my possible design through the feedback. Therefore, I am going to push the strength on final proposal, and describe the process of using the application by diagram and map.




Issue mapping for sedentary lifestyle

Blog post 7. Issue mapping

Written by Hyunjoung You

In week 5, our group shared each thought about obesity, and we created mapping for the actor in controversy, which is related to obesity issue. It was opportunity to expand and obtain the knowledge about controversial issue of obesity. We are divided into 5 sections: people, emotion, behaviour, barrier, and environment. The mapping is shown below:

Mapping for the actor in controversy

Mapping actor in controversy.png


After finished the above mapping, I narrowed down the topic to ‘sedentary lifestyle’. I found ‘Active lifestyle’ as opposite side to my topic, and I figured out the controversy between sedentary lifestyle and active lifestyle by classifying into 6 categories: people, emotion, behaviour, barrier, environment, and society / network. While I created this mapping, I recognized there are lots of associates and causes of sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, I discovered the associates were busy modern people, disabled people, and people who have sedentary work. This means that busy lifecycle and their environments bring about sedentary lifestyle except disabled people. Therefore, I would like to do further research about work environment since I have thought it is hard to do physical activities after hard work. I believe that their workplace environment is the most effective solution to people escape from sedentary lifestyle. Hence, I decided to make actor mapping using sedentary work.

Controversy mapping

Controversy mapping.png

To create actor mapping, I should think about different aspects of sedentary work: trigger, capacities, associates, politics, value alignments, weak connections, hierarchies, issues and challenges.

Actor mapping

Issue mapping.png

It helped me to organize diverse factors surrounding sedentary work properly: the associates are related to sedentary work, the results by sedentary work, and issues and challenges. Especially, issues and challenges was useful aspect to come up with the possible actions to change. Also, it made me consider the barriers would come along to practice these possible actions. Here are possible solutions to sedentary work:

– The companies provide the employees with some programs or work environment to promote their physical activities such as morning yoga program, team sports activities, and standing desk.

– Creating info graphic poster to help the employees being aware of the importance of physical activities to prevent from being obese.

– Short animation or visual narrative about how sedentary lifecycle affects negatively to people.