Blog 10 – reflection& proposal


During the little conversation with my tutor and group mates last week, I found out that my proposal is sort of boring and people might just throw it away so it kind of wasting resources. To be honest, I am kind of lost a direction of making 3B, the feedback that my tutor given to me is be more specific about my proposal and thinking about how this interactive with people and how people would use this or reading this instead just waste it. Also, thinking about the consequences, the positive results brings to refugees. Finally, is this really work?

Through the conversation with my tutor and group mate, I have some new ideas. I go back to the brief and review the previous blogs that I’ve done, I decide to do the proposal based on refugee’s right.


Project name: Story/ Scene behind the refugees

Project type: service design

The issue: Lack of understanding from same of the Australian people if who refugees one.

Problem statement: How to get positive support and treatment of Australian people and arrived refugees?

Possible Change: Understanding of refugees and get connect with the community

My idea is to design an app which suits for everyone in Australia, the app contains different short stories, people could easily read it. The stories that we publish is the stories that already existed. The theme of the stories are talking about the story behind the refugee, for example, what they were suffered in their own country and how tough they come the Australia. Volunteers(people who like to voluntary) will uploaded regularly. Beyond that, we could do something advertisement to make people download the app.


Blog 8


After the class exercise in week 6, the brief requires us to indicated the process of the exercises in detail. Also writing a proposal based on we the mapping that we evaluated and analyze the five points identified above.

During the exercises, a group of four were provide four different aspects from refugees and asylum seekers, we use the method of ‘who what where when why’, which is very easy to fall the issues apart. Afterwards, we can just combine the five points together and mix up with a statement of the specific issue. This exercise really give me some inspiration, and we share some of the information that I might know which is really helpful.


*Refugee’s rights

Refugees’ right is a very serious issue that people and society need to aware of, the Australian citizen should be understanding whatever is where the political side and the society side.

*Education of newly arrived refugees

Many of refugees people are suffering poorly educated condition from their own country, maybe the society should help them in this side.

*Relationship about social and refugees

The public sometimes still against the refugees, it is been a very serious issue at the moment.

*Living conditions about refugees

A large numbers of refugees still live in a poor living conditions.

*Work opportunity of refugees

Some of the working place still against of refugee people



Nowadays, some people still against newly arrived refugees, this is an on going issue but it even would be worse.  The refugee’s right need to be aware with and the society need to spread some information of refugees because they have no choice. In my point of view to solve this problem need to lack of understanding from some of Australian people of who refugee one. And how they can positively contribute in Australia.

Blog 9

During the group discussion process, our group use a table form mapping to sort our main topics element and list down the dot point down with each relative topic.


By using the mapping issues, the advantage we can notice is that we know clearly with each detail of the topic and each potential element that hide in the column. With clearly mind of the issues, we can figures out the solution quickly and focus on the problem easily. For example, the discussion of refugee we list out the important issues, we can use mapping to extend the potential problem that we can’t see on the surface. We bring out what we may need to consider to the surface and analysis them. 5W method brings out the main point and big picture of refugee problem. Then the government settlement, society security, public welfare, religion different and refugee right, those main aim points are what we need to consider and make a solution to the each of relative topic.


However, the weakness of mapping is sometime mapping will trap our mind into the fixation position, which means you won’t be able to think incredibly with the certain topic. For example, if we follow up the mapping method, we will not be able to consider that refugee will cause the global chaos and economic system chaos. Because you can’t imagine that refugee will bring out the terrorist problems and affect the society system.


Therefore, mapping is the a good way to collect and extend the ideas, but not a good way to predict the consequences.


blog 6

Week 6 Blog

instagram future


instagram, as the most popular phone apps in the world, has been created to help people update their daily moment with picture and video. It posts to their personal page and public to the worldwide. The user can set their photo to private or the certain people who the user would like to be seen. Like facebook, if other user like the photo or video you post, they can like and comment below the photo or video.


Instagram, in nowadays has over 250 millions active user everyday, and as a platform, instagram allows people to advertise the product and places which will interest people. Lots of online celebrities focus on instagram to help themselves and company to promote their products and places. By using the different filter to taking photo or video, people will see the best side of it and consider to buy it and follow it.


How user growth really works

From the graph, we can notice that the Instagram user is growing shapely since 1/7/2014, which is a success from taking the user from Twitter. On the other hand, by comparing to the Hipstamatic, which is providing the same serve to the user. Since the Instagram was improving their software and function every day, also by taking the user and company advertising from Twitter. Enough fund running and better inner design for the user experiment, it gets Instagram make a leap to the top 3 daily cellphone app in the world.


From above shown screenshot, simple operation page, clear bottom function and easy classification make the Instagram more and more user to enjoy the moment of sharing photo and video. At current, people love simple operation function at app, which means clear and simple design for the pages and function would leads a huge success of app. Like any other app, they are now trying to get their app more and more simple-function and easy hand controlling. No-one would love to spend more time to find out what function you have in the app now.



Different filter available for user would be another good important element for Instagram. They catch the most effective element which is “everyone can take a professional photo”. Without the expensive equipment of photograph, easy process to produce a good and fantastic photo is a dream for everyone. Choices for user to save the time and public platform for them to share the photo, getting like and comment or getting a new friend are now app main function.

blog 7

Blog 7 issues Mapping


This blog will demonstrate the idea of using mapping method to list out the relative elements and details of issues. By developing the mapping, our group have a better understanding of the deeper meaning and important issues of what we focusing on.


At the beginning, we list out the relative basic information of refugee and asylum seekers in the international world. Our group focus on five main parts: government, society, welfare, refugee right and environment.



From those five main element, we list out the good and bad influences of refugee coming to a new help seeking place. We find out that our Australian society only can accept a small amount of refugee according to our society system. Basing on the short of welfare requires, our government need to use more and more money which is taken from our taxer to settle down the refugee which may cause the religion inflict. That is the most important potential issues right now.


During the weeks later, we did lots of research and we added more details and potential issues to the mapping. We found out that, even our society is overloaded at this situation, the international institution still requires us to take and accept more and more refugees under the international law. When we realize there are more terrorists showing up the world and attack the western countries, we have to think about the situation right now.

Then in our group we decide to discuss our fundamental aim about the issues mapping method, we can find out more and more potential issues from the mapping which would be able to help us to figures out the details and the elements we don’t know yet.


Post 3

SBS. 2014. Family reunion setback for refugees who came by boat. Viewed on30 August 2016. Available at:

This photography indicates that many people on the boat and when I looked at this photo I feel very pressure and upset about it, maybe because the color contrast. Some people even get on the top of the boat because there is no where to stand inside the boat. I can feel the sense of helpless through the photo.

Calligeros, M. 2015. How you can help refugees trying to reach safety in Europe and here in Australia. Viewed on 29 August 2016Available at: 

People sleep on the ground, a mid-age man put his knees down and pray, his face full of helpless and sad. There’re smokes in the back of the photos and it might be the war. It can tell that people having no choice in their own country, have to find the way to survive.

JRS (no date). Viewed on 30 August 2016 Available at: 

We can see people get to the boat because their can’t live in their own country. Two men put their knees down to bagging the government to let them in.


(No Date) Viewed 30 August 2016.Available at: 

There is a little girl in the middle of the photo and has a scary face on her. I think through the way to be a refugee in another country must be a big challenging for her. Start a new life is hard.

News, A. 2016. Some win some lose in Australia-Malaysia refugee swap.Viewed  on 30 August 2016. Available at: 

There is many people seems to get a line and i think their waiting for to get to the list of immigration. Feels really upset.

2016, J.S.S. 2016. Viewed  on 30 August 2016. We can do better. Available at: 

There is a person hold with a notice board and says ‘refugees are human being’, I think in their own hand, their feel very frailty. They want a quality humanity.

Hohnvallo. 2015. Europe’s refugee crisis ‘out of control’, Hungary PM rages ‘this is A German Problem, not an EU problem’.Viewed on 30 August 2016 Available at:

This is a new about refugee, a young age child just died on the beach because the refugee and war. The war takes many lives away for peace and family.

Khan, S., Sinha, B., Martel, O. and Mahoney, K. 2016. Viewed on 30 August 2016The government that cried wolf: Refugees and national security. Available at: 

There is a father hold his child and their shadow has a really strong color contrast with the colorful sky. I think that is reflect their situation, their looking for a beautiful life just like the sky, but face to the reality, they can’t.

News. 2016.Viewed on 30 August 2016 Available at: 

Through their eye contact, I can see their seeking for a safety life with their can live. Especially this woman has a little child.

N. 2015. Denmark trains stopped amid refugee influx – Echonetdaily. Viewed on 30 August 2016 Available at:

Speak to the refugees, the government accept them to get in their own land. However, the citizen not in the positive situation. It can tells that their feel angry and helpless.

————————The Map—————————-



Photo take by Jung, E. 9th of Aug 2016

Post 5 – Interview

  1. How to settle down the refugees in Australia?

The problem for settling down the refugee is how could they get into our community. Basically, the refugee is different to the immigrant because of their background and religion. Especially their religion, religion conflict is one of the biggest problem we are facing in the world right now. The government need to make sure they have a safe place to sleep, enough food and ensure the welfare for them. Otherwise is not been calling settle down. As we know right now, the government prepared the refugee area for them which includes the basic community required like school, hospital and public transportation.

2. Do you think that refugees influencing the Australia economic?

First, it is too hard for me to determine the good side for refugee in economic. Basing on what I know, the money that we spend to settle down the refugee is from our taxer. We pay tax which run the government and the welfare which run the protection for the refugee. Once we accept a large amount of refugee, a large amount of tax will be paid for the refugee project which means there is a large amount of money will not be able to take part into our economic system. This a bad new for Australia government. Maybe, Maybe if we take a large amount of refugee and the international red cross centre will give us an extra money or more and more oversea people will transfer their money from their homeland to Australia, maybe.

3. How to protect the rights of refugees?

The refugee should be treated as a normal human being in any counties by international law. However, could we ensure their welfare and safety? That is the question that we need to concern. Ensuring the welfare will be effect the economic as I mentioned before, the safety will require the extra amount of the police which causes money as well. Would the government pay more money to this issue? I don’t think so.

Blog 4


This institution was established in the mid 20 century. As an agency, it leads the people who are seeking asylum and human right or looking for a safe place in another country, which may have an option to return their homeland one day.

By the international law, UNHCR follows the principle to find and help the people who are the victims of the war or religion conflict. Setting up office in every country leads UNHCR have more opportunities to help more and more people out of the danger and pain. The legal protection unit works with the government in the section of refugee and asylum seeker. Working closely with immigration can help offer and authorize the visa which would be able to allow the refugee and asylum seeker to enter the third country for safety.

On the other hand, UNHCR also provide the opportunities for refugee and asylum seeker living in the safety third country. They set up the education, medication, community center and public transport for refugee and asylum. Helping refugee and asylum seeker gain skills to live is the best way to let them get into the society with dignity.

Protecting refugee and asylum seeker right is the biggest issues of UNHCR. Since the war and religion conflict are getting serious, more and more refugee and asylum seeker would try their best to leave their homeland and seeking for help. While the number is increasing, their right and safety would be hard to protect and maintain. Passing the international law and Setting up the international refugee protection would unit the whole world together to work with the same goal.

The UNHCR is the organization which help protect the refugee and asylum seeker right and their safety. Also, making sure they would fit in the new society and have an opportunity to return to their motherland.

UNHCR. 2016. What We Do – UNHCR. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 August 2016].

Post 2 – Refugee rights


According to REFUGEE RIGHTS AND THE MERITS OF APPEALS—the article wrote by Mary Crock and Hannah Martin in 2013. The living problem of refugees is on the slide. Especially the human rights and welfare of refugees when they immigrate to other countries are not insured. There are three main aspect of the refugees’ living problem.

First of all, although the refugees are allowed to go to other countries and those countries also have responsibility to accept them, but their human rights are not insured. And when those refugees live in other countries they may be discriminated by the racists in that country, a large amount of refugees are not respected by the country’s citizen.


Another aspect of the problem are the wars between those countries. This article explained the situation of refugees in the world. The majority of refugees in the world are not respected and their own countries are undergoing wars. The conflicts between different races also cause the discrimination against refugees. International public are not ready to accept the refugees enter their countries to live with them because they do not really know those refugees.


The third problem is the terroristic threaten. Since how to select the appropriate refugees to enter other countries become the priority factor need to be considered by the acceptor country. Cause the country could not insure the quality of the refugees. This article point out that some of the terrorist pretend to be the refugees and cause terrorist incident. The welfare of the refugees in other country is also not guaranteed, and the live of the refugees in other countries is not stable too. The medical security, educational security and transportation.


In conclusion, if we want to guarantee the live quality of refugees, we need to be a good international citizen first, accept the be comprehensive.


Giuffré.M, 2013, ‘Readmission agreements and refugee rights: from a critique to a proposal’, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Vol. 32(3), pp.79-111


Crock, M. & Martin, H. 2013, ‘Refugee rights and the merits of appeals’, University of Queensland Law Journal,  Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 137-155



Post1: Asylum seekers, refugees

How Australia should deal with asylum seekers and refugees

by Eva Orner and Steven Glass

JUNE 4 2016

             The writer Eva Orner is an Academy with the Emmy Award, as an Australia filmmaker, she public the article with Steven Glass, who is a board member of The Asylum Seekers Centre in Australia.

              The article indicates the volume of refugee in Australia is not as large as we imagine. With the newest statistic data, Australia is not even in the top 30 most generous countries for refugee receiving. Not only the middle east refugee, but also the asian refugee would not to consider Australia as their first priority countries to seek with help and human being rights.           

             Why would this happen? Eva points out the two main reasons. One is Australia is the biggest countries in southern earth. Inconvenient travel distant becomes a very serious challenge for refugee to come to Australia for help. On the other hand, even the government is willing to raise the refugee intake every year, the voices from public seem not to the nice for the refugee. Since the war is getting worse and worse, and the religion conflict makes the Australian worry about what if they come to Australia for wreaking western countries.

Orner. E and Glass. S. 2016. How Australia should deal with asylum seekers and refugees. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 August 2016].

Asylum seeker intake explained: Who will come to Australia under the Government’s plan?

by political reporter Anna Henderson and political editor Chris Uhimann

9 Sep 2015

                 As a political reporter, Anna depicts her objective opinion about Australian Government accepts extra 12,000 refugee from Syria and Iraq.

                 Also, the article indicates the series facts and question of what this action will bring to the Australian society.

                First, how to select the eligible refugee to entry Australia? As we know, the religion conflict makes the war in middle east getting worse and worse, are we still willing to accept the people who may be the potential dangerous terrorist living in our society?

                Second, is the Australian government ready for taking care of refugees. Australian is a country with love and care. However, the money that cost to settle down refugee and help them go though the winter is coming from our taxpayers. We may accept to pay for the first, second or third times. What if the refugees keep going into our country, where the money come from and will our society be overload?

                Third, basing on the pressure for UNHCR and red cross, our medication and education system will be satisfied or not for the new refugees who are going to settle down in Australia? In now situation, Australia is facing oversea immigrant shapely increasing. The society is not even prepared for the legal immigrant. How could we believe we can deal with the refugees at this situation?

ABC News. 2016. Asylum seeker intake explained: Who will come to Australia under the Government’s plan? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 August 2016].

UN human rights review: Countries line up to criticise Australia for its treatment of asylum seekers

by Nick Miller

10 November 2015

             The write Nick Miller demonstrates the wrong attitude for Australia to refugee. Since the Australia refuse to accept more refugee which is in order to reduces the public effect and pressure in society system. The UN advises Australia to do what should a developed country would do to respect and help the international refugee.

            In the article, Nick also mentions the racial discrimination of white and other colored race would cause the human right problem. On the other hand, woman and children right become a serious problem in Australia. Seeking help from woman and children issues are getting more and more in now situation. At the same time, Australia intake 10,000 refugees from middle east which are most woman and children. How to dissolve this problem become one of the facing challenge for Australian government.

           However, Australia government has been called to intake more refugee to help and solve the middle east problem. This action will challenge Australia government how to balance the society and refugee relationship.

The Sydney Morning Herald. 2016. UN human rights review: Countries line up to criticise Australia for its treatment of asylum seekers. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 August 2016].

Human rights in Australia: Refugees and asylum seekers

by Graham Thom

8 November 2009

              The writer Graham pointed out that there is a serious problem in Australia which is asylum seekers and refugee could not be able to find their rights in Australia. At the same time, Australia government is facing a challenge with asylum seekers, refugee and the citizen in Australia. How to balance the relationship and methods should be used are fully introduced in the article.

              Basing on the international law, asylum seekers came to Australia seeking for help and the Australian government should be able to protect their right. However, it seems the protection is not good enough which cause culture and economic issues in the process. Worrying about the religion conflict makes the Australian government so hard to step forward.

              Asylum seekers and refugees come to Australia with their final hope to seek for protection. As a developed country, Australia should give more attention and more help to those homeless international help seekers and try our best to help them return or settle down at new home.

ARPA: Human Rights in Australia: Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 2016. ARPA: Human Rights in Australia: Refugees and Asylum Seekers. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 August 2016].

Federal election 2016: Rudd-Gillard asylum-seekers to get visas

by Joe Kelly and Rosie Lewis

16 June 2016

              The political reporters Joe and Rosie report that Gillard promise to get visa for those asylum seekers and refugees visa which is to increase the election supportive and reply back to the UN pressure.

              For protecting the asylum seekers, Gillard publics a series of policy to set up the right for the asylum seekers and refugees to ensure they have their right by international law which can settle down in Australia. Other the other hand, this move may cause a huge society voices from different side.

             Most of the Australian are still not ready for accept the increasing amount of asylum seekers and refugees. And there is a problem which the Australian government has ability to take care of all the coming refugees?

The Australian. 2016. Asylum seekers and refugees: what are the facts?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 August 2016].