POST 10: Reflection and proposition


In this week, I have share my draft proposal to my peer and tutor, my draft proposal is to create a online study app for refugees children, this app can provide education to refugees children who are lost education. My peer and tutor give me many good feedback, my peer has discuss with me about how to make my proposal positive, she told me I can make a big data map about how many refugees lost education in the world, that can be a shock news to reminding audience refugees children education is very important issue in the word, people should pay more attention on this issue, to engaging 18 – 25 ages  group students become a volunteer to help refugees children, students know how to effective study a new knowledge, their can share helpful skills to help refugees students. Feedbacks from my tutor also most important to my proposal, before I did not  really sure how dose my design process work, because I was very confused does refugees children have internet to access online course, my tutor has answered this issue, and give some help ideas to help my development my final proposal.

I get some inspiration from my peer and tutor, in my proposal, I want change the media platform app to website, because does not every refugees children have phone to download app. However, the website can be used in many platform, such as a group refugees children can study together use one display screen, so that can solve the problem of lack of displayer resources.


Project name: ELO( E-Learning Online)

Project type: service design

The issue: most of the refugees children lost their education in the Australia

the possible change and the design action to support change:

My proposal is to design a website which can help refugees and asylum seekers children study online, my target audience are refugees children and 18 – 25 ages students, based on my research, only half refugees children enrolled in primary education, 25 per cent are estimated to be in secondary school and just one per cent have access to tertiary education. My design challenge is to encourage youth students use their knowledge to help refugees children get education, education is  important, it can provide access to life-saving information, and provide a stable and safe environment for refugees and asylum seekers, it also helps people to rebuild their new life communities.

This website is provide online study, it has a class timetable on the website, and each week the website will update a new class timetable. Refugees children can choose to what course their want learn, and based on the timetable to attendance online course. One the weekend, refugees children can choose to replay the course video, restudy what knowledge their do not understander. Also they can depend on subject to choose volunteers to one by one solve questions to refugees children.

The volunteers can get a timetable which depend on their own choice of subject and time, the website system automatic generation interactive teaching schedule, during this time, volunteers need to solve the problems of refugees children have encountered in their study. Volunteers can get a certificate of  complete a period of teaching  course.

The possible change of my issue is this website can provide education to refugees children and my  audience can get special experience of their life,  the Australia government can gain the trust of refugees and asylum seekers.


POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


During this brainstorming, we are all share information and give group members feedbacks to help others do next step for solve the personal statement problem, and give feedback to others, help every found many opinions from peers.In this mapping, each group numbers are talking around 15 minutes from who, what, when, why and why five aspect about issue. Brainstorming map can help we easy understand issue, and share good information to others, also can get help from other numbers, we bring together various ideas and suggestions.some interesting proposals can be refined gradually, each one has think them up and improve them, this can allows that better and better ideas are generated. In the brainstorming created, you can develop ideas fast, remember more, eases the study process and makes it fun easy to add idea on asn connected facts.


The weakness of brainstorming is if a group member get worry sense, may lead all group members  thinking worry way. Also brainstorming takes many time, people waste many times to discuss issue, and might be difficult  for every to understand your senses, such as you have created and personalised your map, it might be difficult for peers to understand all your ideas and concept, you have to spend more times to explain your ideas and concept to them. wechatimg1

POST 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

During week 6 class excise, we are doing own statement in the group, my problem statement is refugees education, other group numbers statement are refugees job, racist towards refugees and find out serves and available to help with their settlement in Australia. My own personal problem statement read is now they are lots of refugee children lost their education in the Australia due to they are unaccompanied.


Unaccompanied refugee children who arrive in Australia


Due to refugee children and their family members were detained in remote in immigration detention centres, some for months or years. Most of these children had arrived by boat and were seeking asylum in Australia.


Prior to 2005 and until now





This group refugee children are detained at high risk of serious mental harm, and and that long-term detention significantly undermines a child’s ability to enjoy a range of human rights, including the right to education and the right to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Education is very important for every one, refugee children get education can help them have skills to found jobs in the future, also education can let them understand what they have learn basic information of they life.

Five summary:

Design a poster, which can help people understand why education is important to refugee children.

A short animation or video, it can be a advertisement used share refugee children information.

A website that people can donate online to help refugee children get help.

A social networking, its free lesson online, people use it to tech refugee children online.

A app, same with social networking.

Scraping the data from web(post 6)

Twitter is a social networking media, which allows users to publish and share messages that are visible to other users. These messages should be limited in the 140 characters or less in twitter, uses can found lots of different users on twitter, which is include basic communication between friends and family,  a way to publicise an thing, or companies use this tool to communicate with their clients. Twitter was founded in 2006, and was the third most popular social network media after Facebook and Myspace.

Data Pipeline is an embedded data processing engine for the Jave Virtual Machine. Users can use it to convert incoming data to a common format, prepare data, migrate between databases. replace batch jobs with real-time data. Data Pipeline is very easy and simple, uses can quickly learn and use. 屏幕快照 2016-09-20 6.58.06 PM.png

I was typed my issue( refugees and asylum seekers) in Data Pipeline search, firstly, I received 500 tweets, then if need more data, you can chose search more than 500 tweets, also you can download tweets to excel, and you can choose emailed results to you daily. 屏幕快照 2016-09-20 6.58.34 PM.png屏幕快照 2016-09-20 6.58.45 PM.png屏幕快照 2016-09-20 6.58.58 PM.png屏幕快照 2016-09-20 6.59.10 PM.png

POST 7: Issue mapping

In this week, we are doing group mapping again, this week is asked we to do different mapping about our issue and stakeholder, our group from government, policy, organisation, nationalism and media to found idea about refugees and asylum seekers. We developed more information than last week mapping, and communicate with each group members, each one share one stakeholder information, such as I’m doing media part, I seperate it to two part which are private media and public media, private media means daily media report, email, and fax etc. Public media is a various medium, people used it share events and news, public media including newspaper, social media and journalism, then social media also can private media, for example, facebook, twitter and Instagram can used by personal account, every can share they own voice on this public media. Newspaper only can divide to public media area, newspaper is more formal. img_0256

Media can be used to help refugees and asylum seekers, let more people understander what and who is refugees, right now, do not have more people know them, we can use media to help them, refugees and asylum seekers also can use social media to get help.

For design, we can choose media element to design a app, website or a serves platform, that can be used to connect refugees and society. From this week mapping we have learn more about our issue and help each members.

Interview( post 5)


Name: Cherry

What do you think about refugees and asylum seekers?

I am not real know much more refugees and asylum seekers information, for me, they are very strangeness, in my mind, I think refugees are poor people may from Africa or do not have able to take care themselves, these groups people may be are refugees or asylum.

Do you think they are mostly come from where?

They are mostly come from Africa, because some country in Africa  often suffer war, many people are lost home, family and job. They want get help from others country, that they would come to other land.

Did you actually see them on you life?

Properly see some refugees, before I was went to Greece, there are a lot of refugees in the street, they are do not have work, and live in very bad accommodation.

How did you know there are refugees?

I was seen some news about refugees, in the news, refugees are live together, and they home is very simple and crude.

Have you do something help refugees?

No, I have not, because I do not know what is the best way to help them.

Did you know refugees suffered what thing?

They are suffered war, lost home and family, students can not attendance at school, women was outrage.

Do you may help refugees in you life?

Sure, if they really need my help, I am happy to help them, if I have able to.

What design do you think can be help refugees life?

Maybe a job research platform, lots of refugees and asylum seekers are come from other land, they do not have works now, so maybe help they to find jobs is really good.

What is the necessary things for refugees?

Health serves, housing and education.

Mission task: How many times you see refugees news in five days?

After 5 days, She told me she has seen refugees news every day, when she get the mission before, she never pay attention on the problem. However, when she start to focus on the issue, she find every she has seeing lots of refugees news, these are comes from news paper, tv, radio and social media.


Some people are do not really know what is refugees and asylum seekers.

People want to help refugees and asylum seekers.

From the necessary to help refugees and asylum seekers is very important.

Government should from radically to help refugees, let them have able to take care themselves.

Society need calls on people to help refugees.

Map and 10 pictures(post 3)

Picture 1


This photo is showing Macedonian police have clashed with migrants trying to get across the border between  Greece and Macedonia near the town of Idomeni, children cry in this photo, because people try to push past riot police at Macedonian border.

Picture 2


Due to many people died, and sickness, lack of mediation. people who are in this photo, decided leave their family behind by boat, their boat was suffered rough seas, many people fell into the sea.

image: Refugees heading from Bodrum in Turkey to the Greek island of Kos. Photograph: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images

Picture 3


The Syria crisis has raged for 5 years, it is means many children are suffering war like this little boy, children are disadvantaged groups, their are need more protection from government and organisation.

image: UNICHF twitter

Picture  4


This picture is showing the Syrian refugee crisis, explained in one map, most of the world’s refugees are not Syrian, this map focuses on Syrians because the Syrian refugee crisis is itself an important story, and also because it is representative of the broader refugee crisis.

image:Numbers in circles represent Syrian refugee populations. Numbers in squares represent all refugees, Syrian and non-Syrian. (Javier Zarracina/Vox)

Picture 5


A refugee girl missing her mother, so she drew a woman, and fell asleep inside her, many refugees children like this girl in the world, their are lost their families, their are need more protect from parents.


Picture 6


Refugee camp in Peshawar. In this picture people can see many tents and lots of refugees, the refugee camp is very simple and crude, refugee need cook out the tent in the cold winter, they do not have heavy coat to against the chilly wind.

image:Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos

Picture 7


The woman in this photo is pregnant, she is heavily indent like so many other refugees, because they have pay for renting tent, electricity fees. She said in Lebanon she is free, In Syria she must wear a black burqa all the time.  she call her draught Sulaf, it means sunrise.

image:Syrian refugees live in the shell of a bombed-out factory in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. Photograph: Lynsey Addario/Edit by Getty Images

Picture 8


This is a young refugee home, though this photo, people can see refugees are live in the so much damn the circumstances, dirty and simple, in the situation, refugee are easy get sick and there no medical and health serves.

image: A young refugee looks out of his makeshift home across flooded land in the Bekaa. Photograph: Matthew Aslett/Demotix/Corbis

Picture 9

<> on October 21, 2015 in Dobova, Slovenia.
DOBOVA, SLOVENIA – OCTOBER 22: Migrants are escorted by police through Dobova as they are walked holding camp on October 22, 2015 in Dobova, Slovenia. Thousands of migrants marched across the border from Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with a human tide unseen in Europe since World War II. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This photo shows a police holding the hand of a young girl, help refugees  and migrants across the border form Croatia into Slovenia. Refugees are walk long way to find a safety space.

Picture 10


Many children are like these children in the world, they might from brith is the refugee, because of war, they are no choice, although they are escape to other country, they are also called refugees.

image: Syrian refugee children pose as they play near their families’ residence at Al Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, January 30, 2016. Photo Credit: REUTERS/ Muhammad Hamed



New shelter for refugee (post 4)

The most important thing for refugee is basic need for housing, refugee and asylum seeker are come from different countries, they are do not have able to buy a housing, depend on some research described that refugee want get housing for government, but it should have a long time waiting. Ikea foundation and UNCHR designed shelter for refugees, which is cheap, solar-powered hut that only takes four hours to built, but offers refugees more protection and privacy.

1682416-inline-shelter-7Per Heggenes who is CEO of the Ikea Foundation, he says “right now, more than 3.5 million refugee live in UN-provided tents, its has little comfort, dignity or security. However, those tents are do not have electricity and lighting in winter and hot summer, these tenets are limited normal life of refugee. Depend on this reason, Ikea foundation and UNCHR are designed new shelter, which can give refugee more protection. The main point is this shelter very lightweight so that people can fast move it. Johan Karlsson, Project Manager at Refugee Housing Unit says “The design is to balance the mechanical properties such as UV, structural strength, insulation, cost and a very specific requirement for this application: privacy.”

This shelter design unlike bookshelf and others, wood-fare, the shelters are made by lightweight, porta-potty-style plastic mounted on a supersteel skeleton, for its easily built, ship and assemble for refugee housing, during the day, the new design material can keeps light to the night, the material is a new type of polymer siding called Rhulite. On the top of shelter is new solar panel laminated on a thin plastic film, it replace the traditional bulky panels.

Snow, S.,2006,“A New Ingeniously Designed Shelter For Refugees—Made By Ikea”,viewed 20 August 2016, <;

Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Australia (Post 2)

The first article “Refugee and Humanitarian Issues” was published by department of immigration and citizenship which belong to Australia government. It is a public government organization, they are can be trustworthy.

屏幕快照 2016-08-16 1.06.22 AMThis scholarly article was written for celebrate 55 years since Australia signed the Refugee Convention, Australia is the sixth country to sign the Refugee Convention, Since then, Australia have made a major contributions around the world for refugees. After World War II, refugees are living in Australia about seven million people. The purpose of this article is important in order to strengthen relationship between the UNHCR and Australia, share expertise, this article also describes the role of Australia in the international protection and humanitarian programs. This article also has addressed adjusting to a new life in Australia – assistance for humanitarian visa holders, Australia government keep help refugees and asylum seekers life after they are arriving this island. For humanitarian program, the article points two important functions which are protection to people already in Australia who are found to be refugees according to the Refugees Convention, and resettlement in Australia for people overseas who are in the greatest need of humanitarian assistance.

The second article is “A New Approach. Breaking the Stalemate Refugees and Asylum Seekers”, It was written by John Menadue. Arja Keski-Nummi and Kate Gauthier. The main points of this article is describe refugees and asylum who are arriving Australia after the second world war, Australia’s has been helped them. Authors are outline five principles for refugee and asylum seeker policy, which are restructuring the debate on national security and asylum, engaging fully within the region, refocusing Australia’s offshore humanitarian program, creating a new approach to asylum policy in Australia and reallocating funds to the initial settlement needs of refugees. Authors also using graph to support their ideas of an international issue about refugee situation in global, those graph are showing how many refugees in the world and where are they come from, most refugees are from Asia Pacific to Australia, because Australia has signed the Refugee Convention in region. The humanitarian program also play an important role in this article, they think Australia should have more strategic about how resettlement refugee. In this article, authors has give many helpful recommendations for how to solve and help refugee and asylum seeker in Australia.


Australia’s Response, 2009, ‘Refugee and Humanitarian Issues’

Menadu, J. Keski-Nummi, 2011, A & Gauthier, K. 2011, ‘A New Approach. Breaking the Stalemate on Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Occasional Paper 13 ISSN 1835-0135

Refugees and Asylum Seekers (Post 1)

The news ‘Refugees struggling to find suitable housing in Newcastle call for better support’ was posted on ABC news by Robert Virtue, this news has describe refugees want have better support of suitable housing in Newcastle.

The motivation of this news is refugees calling assistance, with the high prices of housing, many Australia people are save money to buy a housing, not only refugees. Refugees think that they are very difficult to find a good job, because English are not their first language, then, depend on this situation they can get loan for bank. Author also point that these refugees are come from Congolese which is located in Africa. Jerome Rugaruza said everyone want buy a housing, because in the Congolese culture, everyone has their own housing. However, this is very difficult to achieve in Newcastle. Virtue also gives some statement from government, which is aware of the lack of adequate and affordable housing for refugees in Newcastle.

This news is a fact, author written this news depend on two parts which are interview refugees and include official of government statement. Author think that government should help refugees get house in Australia, I am agree with his opinion.


“Asylum seeker children bullied in Nauru schools, save the children consultant says” was written by Elizabeth Jackson posted on ABC news, the motivation of this news is asylum seeker children who do not want to go to school, because they are being suffering subjected to racial vilification in local schools on Nauru. Some of local students are calling refugees and asylum seeker children as ‘terrorists’, and ask them “go back to your own country, you don’t be here, go back and make your bombs.

For refugees and asylum seeker children education in Nauru, Australia government’s immigration department responds that “ education serves is belong to Nauru government, but Australia government still provides assistance though quality education program to Nauru government”. Mr Ross, who has working in Nauru, Ross was told to reporter many children are don’t go to school, they are study base knowledge in the home, they think school is not safe for them, that a main reason for they are no go to school. I agree with this news, government should pay more attention on refugee children education.



“ Alphonse Mulumba urges media to drop ‘refugee’ label for ‘new Australia’” was written by Carol Raabus posted on ABC news, which is an Australia’s state-owned and funded national public broadcaster. This news point that Alphonse Muluma has lived in Australia from 2008, after 4 years of 2008, he became an Australian citizen. However, he is usually labeled refugee by reports, he do not want people think he still is a refugee, he said this can not made sense. “when my two feet stepped on Australia, I am not a refugee” he told Ryk Goddard on 936 ABC Hobart. Author addressed Alphonse want people call him new migrants, he said “if people think the migration is not important to Australia, they will always calling people refugee.

The author written this news all about Alphonse Mulumba opinion, he do not point him opinion, I think this news may like an interview. Alphonse Mulumba think media should stopped using “illegal migrants” and state humanitarian entrants as refugees, and public voice could change for the better. I am agree with his opinion, media will affect judgment of people, and guide people views on the issue, so if the media start using positive way, people will believe them, also Alphonse Mulumba want people referred to him as “ new Australia” when author asked he what he prefer people calling them.


The news (Dark past: so little has changed in Australia’s posture towards asylum seekers) was written by Antony Loewenstein posted on the Guardian, the Guardian is a comment free news website. The Guardian is belong to Guardian Media Group (GMG), which is controlled by the Scott Trust Limited, the aim of limited company is ensure the editorial independence of the publications and Web Sites of GMG.

The motivated of author is recently released Nauru files. This files is point that the descriptions of sexual abuse, rape, violence and psychological breakdown of refugees. In 2014, the author was interviewed Sisalem who is the last remaining refugee trapped on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Sisalem sad “he need to belong to a country, which can protect he and where can give he a normal and productive life’’. The author often think of this interview, he think Australia just has a little changes in posture toward asylums seekers.

I think this news is an opinion article, it is belong to author own voice. He think that government should give refugees more protect policy and support. He appeal tourism Australia design a new advertisements to attract people come to Australia by plane not easy than by boat, these people who are white, anti-immigration activists from other countries.

I agree with author opinion, Australia was will ahead of global in its treatment of refugees.


“German far-right leader draws on Australian border policies in ‘two islands’ plan” was published on the Sydney morning herald. This reporter has refer to a German far-right leader says Berlin should rejected refugee and asylum seeker to other two island without Europe”, she didn’t point the name of these two island. The reporter thinks that she says this comment had influenced by Australia asylum seeker policy. German media had explained Ms Petry said the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, where Australia funds facilities to hold asylum seekers and refugees. Ms Petry opinion that she called German police uses firearms against illegal migrants, she added she propose the Federal Official transfer to Migration and Refugees for emigration, which ensures that all illegal migrants can not come to German. About she’ opinion, I think she is very extremes, refugees and asylum seekers they ware faced persecution, they may don’t have ability arriving island by normal way, there are illegal migrants, but they are still refugees or asylum seekers, I think government should have a policy to help and protect these part refugees and asylum seekers.



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