Post 10: Reflection and proposition


After a long term studies in this area, this is a quite interesting area, mental health can be researched by many different aspects. In the beginning, I studied about the people who would be the most vulnerable on mental health problems, through my research, think it would be teenagers, they are not mature enough and always be influenced by surrounding person or things, it is not easy for them to control their emotions, it will lead to a mental health problem easily. Also, teenager is an important part of a country’s development. In my opinion, how to improve and solve teenagers’ mental illness is a project that be worth investigating. After that, I read a lot of resources to understand the causes of teenagers’ mental health problems, I think finding the reasons of a problem is the most important for solving it. As I mentioned in my previous posts, teenagers always get pressures from their family or studies, teachers and parents can impact on their mental activities in the most direct way. After a few weeks’ development, through our group discussions and these map exercises, I started to have some ideas, to establish a connection between parents, teachers and teenagers, so lat them have a better communication and understanding with each other. In the last week, I tell my teacher about my draft proposals. Firstly, between the teacher and teenagers, I think teenagers can present their real thoughts through their drawing, teachers can record their observations of teenagers on an online system, parents can consult all information about their children at home, this can help parents to know their children’s situation at school and it is good for communicating with children at home. But through my descriptions in the class, the teacher gave me the feedback is: the draft proposal appears to contain too many projects, I just need to focus on one idea of these, then improve it and make it be a mature design . In this week, I reviewed my previous research, discussions with my group members and all feedback or suggestions from others, I refined my proposal, I’m not suers it a good design proposal, but I think it should be helpful for the issue that I studied on.


Project title:Online communication system

Practice type: generative/service design

The issue: Parents can’t know teenagers’ mental activities when they were in school.

The possible change: Establish an online platform for a better communication between parents and teachers, let parents know more about their children, a better communication and understanding between teenagers and their parents would be helpful for preventing or improving a mental illness.

The design action to support change: Teachers can record anything about all teenagers through their observations in schools, teenagers’ parents can read their children’s information in this system, so parents can know the situations about their children in schools, they can have a better understanding of their children.


In last week’s class, my tutor Chris suggested me to focus on the drawing test, this is one of my draft proposals that the psychologists can testing teenagers’ mental health by their drawings, this is an interesting design, but I did a lot of research about the parents and teachers’ impacts on teenagers’ mental health, so I want to keep my opinions, I want to offer a proposal that can help parents to know teenagers’ situations in the schools, it should be private, so an online system would be more private for all teenagers and it is more convenience for the communication between teachers and parents, if parents can know things about their children in schools, they would have a better understanding of their children,they can know teenagers’ study pressure, their interpersonal relationship. When parents can know their children, they can get along well with each other, this would be really helpful for teenagers’ mental heath, they wouldn’t get much pressure from their parents, even they can make friends with their parents.


Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

In the class, my group give me a great help on my problem, they gave me a lot of ideas of solutions about my problem. Based on my previous studies, I want to build a platform between parents and teachers, have a good communication between them can help them understand the mental activities of teenagers, it also can help teenagers’ mental health development.


Firstly, we developed it from three aspects, data visualization needs to collect data, in our group discussion, we believe that this type of design is not suitable for the problem that I want to solve, so we focus on considering the service design and generative design.

In our previous studies, it can be seen the  face to face service is very important in teenagers’ mental health treatment, so we considered several design approaches those can allow teenagers, parents and teachers can communicate in face to face. For example, students can show their mental activities to the doctor through drawing, so the doctors can have a better understand of teenagers, this method would be an interesting approach, but this is only an interaction between doctors and teenagers, parents and teachers didn’t get involved into teenagers’ mental activities. Secondly, we can do a role-playing activity among teenagers, teachers and parents, which allows they have a better understand  with each other, I think this is a good proposal, but I feel it wouldn’t be a good design when we use it in our life. Finally, we also consider to let them write a letter to each other, this is a simple and direct way to let them have a good understanding with each other, but for teenagers, it is not easy for them to open their hearts and have a share with others about their real thoughts.

In addition, I also have some ideas about generative design, for psychological treatment of teenagers, perhaps the online ways would be more suitable for them, we can use an online system to record teenagers’ mental activities or create a platform that allows teachers record their observations for each student, parents can see the information about their children by this system at home, which allows have a better communication between teachers and parents, parents an know teenagers mental activities more clear in school, a better understanding can make a better communication between them, it would be good for prevention and treatment of teenagers’ mental illness.

Prior to the developments by this few weeks, I got my draft proposal now, after a week, I need them to be more specific and complete.

Post 8:Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

Through my research, development and group discussion in last few weeks, to be honest, I felt a little bit confused. Mental health is a wide range issue, particularly its research topic, more and more discussion make me fell so confused for my future studies. In this post, I need to sort out my research and ideas.

In the previous studies, we did some theoretical studies with mental health firstly, by reading some mental health-related books, news and finding some images about mental health, I was interested in teenagers’ mental health through analyzing these resources, I found many teenagers are plagued with mental health problem. And then, we did a lot of map exercises in class, we exchange our ideas about this issues with our group members and do some analysis about mental health in many different aspects.  We analyzed the stakeholders of mental health firstly, which may be human or non human. From these, we think several stakeholders have a close connection with teenagers’ mental health, such as schools, parents and some related organizations with government. I choose school and parents as my research topic at that time, i want to find a good connection between parents and school to know teenagers’ mental health activities more clear. Just have a clear understanding about teenagers, people can have a better help with their mental health problem. After this, I also learned some ideas from the discussions with my groups members. In many people’s mind, they would think the mental illness is a stigma, they don’t want to admit their problem and don’t want to tell others about their mental health treatment, this also is a big problem in mental health, so people should have a greatly improvement with understanding of mental health and privacy of mental health treatment. In addition, in our group discussion, the psychiatrist is always be mentioned, before, I think teenagers need more care from their teachers and parents about t their mental health, but when the problem has a certain extent, is it necessary to have a psychiatrist for getting a better treatment is a question should have a consideration.

In the last few weeks, I did research about mental health in many aspects, now, I would like to answer this series of questions and sort out all information about mental health problems and know the problem that I really want to solve later.


How to make better communication between teenagers, parents and teachers, so that teenagers can have a better mental health environment in school?


-Who Does the problem effect? Be specific

Mental health is a problem for anyone, no matter with your age, sex, nationality, occupation, mental health problems would occur. In my research, I focus on treatment of teenagers’ mental health problems, teenager is an essential element of a country’s future development, the teenagers’ growth is an important part, therefore, health problems of teenagers should be concerned. In addition, teenagers are not mature enough, they would be impacted by many things and people easily, a lot of people develop their mental health problems from their adolescence and become more serious when they be an adult. Overall, in my design, I need to solve or improve teenagers’ mental health problems.

-What r the boundaries of the problem?

I think this problem can be sorted as a communication problem. For teenagers, there always be a generation gap between themselves with parents and teachers, they don’t want to communicate more with others, the lack of communication is a main reason on  teenagers’ mental health problem, therefore, to establish a platform for people to get a better communication with each other is necessary on the mental health problems.

-When Does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?

Just same with the question that anyone would have mental health problem, it also occur at any time, but have an early prevention on mental health problems would be good for people.

-Where Does the problem occur?

Mental health problem would occur at any time and anywhere, I was focused on the teenagers in my project, for teenagers, they spend more time in the school, so the school environment is an important factor for teenagers’ mental health.

-Why Does it important?

In my previous studies concluded that teachers and parents are the biggest stakeholders those would impact on teenagers’ mental activities, therefore, there is a good communication between parents and teachers can help parents to know children’s situations in school and teachers can know students’ stories at home, this also would be helpful for teenagers’ mental health.


  • At school, it can be equipped with a professional psychiatrist, every week, the doctor can use different interesting activities to get to know the students’ mental activities and ease the pressure on students. (Such as painting, music, etc.) In the process of painting, sometimes, students will present their real ideas and mental activities, they can get fun in this process and the doctors also can know their mental actiities.
  • Let students use some simple patterns to record their moods of the day, the teacher will send these students’ mood patterns to their parents, so parents can know the general situation about their children in this day and they can have a better communication at home.
  • Create a system, teachers can leave messages for parents about their children’s situation at school, parents can see the information about their children at home. Parents and teachers will have a good communication and have a better understand of children through this system, when people can have a better understand with teenagers, they also can be more healthy on their mental.
  • Per week,  the teachers, teenagers and parents can be gathered in one place, let them communicate with each other, parents can also communicate with other teenagers, children can tell other teenagers’ parents about their real feelings, so everyone would open their hearts to exchange their inner thoughts with different people, this also would be a good way for parents to know teenagers’ mental activities.
  • Held the role-playing activities in the school, try to understand other people’s mental activities in the process of role-playing, so it can make a good mutual communication between teenagers and their parents.


To create a platform that can let teachers and parents keep contact, it can be an online system, the teacher will be write some relevant situations about each students for their parents on the platform, parents can have a login account, but they just can read relevant content abut their children, so parents can know more about the situations of their children in school and understand children’s mental activities, people can find teenagers’ mental health problem as soon as possible. After finding this, the school psychology teacher will have an associated counseling for them. It looks like a small mental health treatment system that presence in the school, which provides a platform  on network between teachers and parents, finding the problem and provide the doctors to solve this problems as soon as possible.

POST 7: Issue mapping

In week3, we listed a number of stakeholders those can be relevant with our issue in map exercise, we studied the influences of teenagers’ mental health about these stakeholders. From these, we can the parents, teachers have the greatest impact on teenagers’ mental activities. Thus, I got a conclusion that I my design proposal can start to think about parents and teachers.


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屏幕快照 2016-09-26 下午5.34.28.png

In week4, we do some different types of map exercises, this week, we listed many words those we think can be related with mental health. First of all, each of us listed a series of words by ourselves, then we share them with each other, when we put all words together, we can see that each of us have a different understanding of mental health, they come from different aspects, it can be seen that for each different teenager, the things would impact on their mental activities are different, the treatment ways those can be accepted are also not same. Through our discussions, we selected some words those are closely linked teenagers’ mental health, analyzed and classified them in the exercises. In my opinion, emotions, educate, support , encouragement, self-reflecting are my choice  for teenagers’ mental health, they need to have a self-reflection about their mental health, but they also need some related educations about mental health, they need a support, encouragement and understanding from parents and teachers. For these several words, I did an extended development from my research direction. Actually, I think I didn’t get a lot of new ideas from this exercises, but I am sure about my research direction now, about teenagers’ mental health, I decided to focus on parents and teachers, they are the best helper for teenagers’ mental health.


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In week5, we selected some specific aspects of mental health and do an analysis on them. In mental health, the government and doctors are the most important stakeholders. in week3, we also have some analysis of them, but this week, the analysis is more extensive and detailed. In addition, we discuss about the mental health aspects, people always ashamed for this disease, which in this respect there is always lot of debates and we have a detailed analysis on the reasons of these arguments.

In this week, we do some analysis those are same with week 3, but I still think I got some new ideas. Before this exercises, I always focus on teachers and parents’ influence on teenagers and I don’t have a consider on psychiatrist, now I think the professional problems need some professional doctors to solve it, maybe a psychiatrist is necessary for each school. In addition, in the previous studies, I always emphasize teenagers don’t want to communicate with teachers and parents because they don’t know each other, but I didn’t think about their misunderstanding of themselves, they think it is shameful. It will be another issue that I can consider. i can’t just solve the communication problems between parents, teachers and students, teenagers’ mental health problem should be found as soon as possible, but we also need to consider the protection and security in mental health treatments and teenagers’ views on this issue.

Post6: Scraping the web for data


Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing app, it is a networking platform, just like facebook, twitter, but this is a new app, it was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app. Instagram can add borders to the picture and there are multiple filters can be chosen, you can share to multiple social networking sites at the same time, you can also interact with each others, friends can comment and thumbs up for pictures. Compared with other social softwares, this software has more young users, and I also want to research the mental health of teenagers, I think it would be a good software to research, I can get more ideas. In fact, when people released pictures here, they can use different filters, their choice of filters for each pictures also can present their mental activities. For me, the text or filter of each image both are elements those can be observed.


a flow chart graphic

Open the Instagram, we will find a search function, here, I can search some words those can be closely related to teenagers’ mental health, they can be some feelings or some reasons of teenagers’ mental illness, after searching, it would present lots of images those are tagged with the word that I searched, I can observe and research the filter or text with each image and developed it to contact with my issues. 




When I searched the word ‘depression’, there is a B&W image, there isa few words and it told us the poster want somebody to come back, but this person would never come back. Through reading the text, we can know it clearly, there are many words be tagged below the texts, I think these words can represent the poster’s mood at that moment, most of words are negative. Lovelorn is a common problem for teenagers, they are young and they are always be hopeful with love, some disappointed results always blow to them, in the schools, the emotional problem is one of the reasons that would impact on teenagers’ mental health, but their parents always can’t find the problem in this aspect. 



parents divorce


Through my previous research, I know the relationships between parents have a great impact on teenagers. In these two images, both of them are tagged ‘parents divorce’, they show us a negative feeling. In the first one, the person drunk a lot and the second one show is a messy bedroom, both of them are awful situations, parents divorce must affect on children, they don’t have time or energy to take care their children, at that time, these teenagers are always influenced by other and get mental illness finally. 



study pressure




mental activity


As same as before, from these examples, we can the positive and negative sides of these posters’ mental, different people would have a different thought about a same thing, this is the complexity of mental health problem, this is an issue that need me to do more research.


The different mental activities would be shown as a different filter on their image.

Through my observation on Instagram, I found a lot of people like to show their inner thoughts and mental activities on social software. When I searched, the posts about mental health is thousands upon thousands, from this, we can see a lot of young person feel confused with their mental, they don’t want to talk with surrounding people, they prefer to present their feelings online, maybe for teenagers, online system would be a better platform to record or present their mental activities. 


Post5: Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography


  • What do u know about teenagers’ mental health care?

-In China, people are still no attention on teenager’s mental health, but in Australia, mental health has become very common, as I understand it, the mental health care center is very profitable in Australia, people also attaches a great importance to this aspect of their children.

  • What do u think about online mental health care?

-I think mental health care would be better in ‘face to face’ way, doctors can understand the feelings of  patients more directly, the online care just can know information about patients by texts,  I think it can’t get an effective treatment result. Sometimes, the confidentiality of network data is not particularly good, patients’ information might be compromised. For myself, I prefer to see doctor directly and talk with them to know more about my mental health situations.

  • What should we do for teenagers’ mental health care?

-Actually, I think I am a part of teenagers, so we can care for them, make friends with them, communicate with them, we can’t discriminate against them, wen have to treat them like ordinary people, if we have more spare time, we can be a volunteer in some activities about teenagers’ mental health care.

  • Which part would be more important for teenagers’ mental health care, parents, teachers, community or themselves?

-I think it needs to have a balance between them, maybe they can cooperate or communicate with each others, at different times, teenagers will be in a different environment, so they need different people to supervise and inspect their mental health, for examples, at home, parents need to concerned about children’s mental health, in the school, it needs teachers or school’s help, between parents and teachers, there needs a good platform to communicate about each teenager’s mental health problem.

  • Do u know any organizations or institutions about teenagers’ mental health?

-To be honest, poorly understood. In china, this regard does not mature yet and people don’t have a high attention on children’s mental health problem. When I was in high school, sometimes there will be some experts or doctors come to school and do a speech about mental health, I think the school always promote this problem but no any helpful actions. Although many schools focus on promoting it and emphasizing the importance of mental health, however, in the action, they ignored how to create a good mental health environment and atmosphere, how to improve the abilities of students’ self-discovery and self-solve problems. Although many schools have a  mental health teacher, they always encourage students to face mental health problems and consult teacher consult, but the mental health teacher rarely be in an advantageous position.

  • In the process of ur mental health care, would u prefer to have an external (doctors, relevant agencies) helps and interventions or do you want to have more companionship, care, and guidance from close people (parents, friend,teachers)?

-Of course, I want close people to give me more care and they can understand me. Actually, I think a big part of reasons those can impact on adolescent mental health come from the environments around them, such as the relationship between their parents at home, be hard get along with friends and teachers  and study pressures in schools.  To solve a problem, find the root of this problem is the most important. For myself, I think it’s much easier to open up and talk about my feelings with the people around me, their guidance can relieve the pressure on my mental health.

  • In your life, what things or people are most likely to affect your mental activities?

-When I was younger, I think the relationships between my parents or between me and my parents are always affect me, I always feel that parents don’t understand me and I don’t want to communicate with them. In the school, teachers always put pressure on my studies, so I felt particularly bad at that time. But I can communicate better with other people now, so I think more problems are from myself or school, I am concerned about my studies and feel confused about my future after graduation.

  • When somethings or someones affected on your mental health, what would you do or say to make yourself feel better?

-In fact, there is a generation gap with my parents in the past and I am not close with teachers in the school, so my feelings lucking in my mind when I felt confused or talk with my friends sometimes. But now, I can communicate well with my parents and teachers, if I have any problems on my studies or works, they will patiently enlighten, encourage and support me, sometimes, when I was under a lot of pressure, I would go running, I always think this is a good way to reduce pressure.

  • In the process of your growth, do you think what aspects are lacking on your mental health care?

-As I mentioned before, I felt difficult to communicate with parents and teachers at that time, sometimes parents don’t know what happened when I was studying in the school, so they can’t know the whole situation about me, it seems there would be a generation gap between us. In the school, the teachers don’t want to know more about our family life, they just urge us to study harder and harder, so I always felt helpless at that time, I really want to get other people’s care and understandings.

  • Can you give me an example to describe this situation more directly?

-I think may be I don’t  have a particularly good story, i can tell you a story about my friend, in my junior high school,  I think she is a particularly smart and beautiful girl, probably she was in a rebellious phase at that time, so she was impacted by other students easily and had some bad habits, her parents didn’t persuade her and they abused her, so she became worse and worse, the teachers in school didn’t care about her anymore, her parents and teachers  didn’t communicate well, even there were some misunderstanding between them, after that, this girl started to do some extreme behavior, such as hunger strikes and suicide, finally, she dropped out of school. Actually, I always think, if school and her parents can put more efforts into this thing and select some positive ways to encourage her, perhaps the result would be different.


In class, we discussed many ways to record our survey, I decided to let my interviewee use emojis to record her daily mood and the reasons those affect her mood. She is a 20 year-old girl, I think she belongs to teenagers period, so it will help me to understand the reasons those impact on adolescent mental health, after knowing the reasons more clear and thorough can help me to make a useful service design for solving the mental heath problem in my future studies. 



See more details:probe

Although this is just a short-time record, it does not represent all people’s mental activity, from the record in this form, I  can see the influence on her mental health from various aspects in her life, the most pressure and impacts from school and her life, in her records, we can see her parents (family) gave her a lot of care and help, in this view, school, community, families are three indispensable parts in adolescent mental health.

5 point summary

  • On the mental health problems of teenagers, the communication between schools and parents is essential.
  • About the reasons of adolescent mental health problems, most of them are from the surrounding environment, family relations, academic pressure and etc.
  • Schools can not just do promotions about mental health knowledge, they should take more action to create a favorable mental health environment and atmosphere, to improve students’ ability of self-discovery and self-solving problems.
  • Community has increasingly recognized the importance of adolescent mental health, however, about actual actions, the community need to do more about management of those entertainment venues and the bad environments around schools those would affect the growth of teenagers adversely, to create an atmosphere that the whole society and businesses are concerned about the mental health growth of adolescent.
  • In my future studies, I can put more attention on the research about the importance of the connections between  schools and parents for adolescent mental health, there may be can have an associated service design exists on communications between teachers and parents, perhaps this would be a good help for adolescent mental health.


Post3: Mapping the participants (human and non-human) and constructing an image archive

IMG_7108 (1)
groupwork map in class
refined map

See more details: mental health

adolescence map

See more details: adolescence


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See more details: stakeholder analyse

In the class, our group do an analysis about mental health from 6 aspects, the map listed all words those can be related with mental health, any organizations, person or feelings. After that, we choose adolescence as a topic to do more analysis, we listed some reasons those would influence teenagers’ mental health, we can see the teenagers are still in development of physiological and psychological, their ability of cognitive and self-control are not strong enough, they were influenced by exterior environments particularly. About how to solve the problems of adolescent mental health, it needs more helps from parents, schools(teachers) and community. And then, we listed all stakeholders on sticky note those are associated with mental health and analyze them. From little influence to heavy influence, little knowledge to heavy knowledge, little engagement to heavy engagement, we did three maps to arrange stakeholders from left to right, these can help us to understand which parts should we focused on researching in this topic.


resaon: violence

This image presents a scene of violence, perpetrator has a belt in the hand and a child is abused, he curls herself into a ball in the corner, you can see his fear, helplessness, hopelessness and other negative feelings. Teenagers’ mental health problem can be caused by different factors, the behaviors of this abused child in this image can tell us a fact directly, they are not only get hurt on their body, but it also is difficult to repair the trauma for them. The abused children are always be of weak character and more sensitive, they would be easier to get a mental health problem.


reason: family relationship

In the second image, we will see a helpless child in the first sight, and there are two person was quarreling on his back, in my opinion, they should be this child’s parents, on my previous research, there are many resources mentioned that parents would be an important role in the process of psychotherapy for adolescents. We can see the relationship between parents or a family environment would have a certain impact on kids’ mental, it might become a more serious mental illness in their teenage years.


reason: study pressure

The previous pictures demonstrate the causes of adolescent mental illness, both of them are mainly from the family, for teenagers, school is another main living environment, if the school doesn’t create a good psychological environment and atmosphere, the pressure of study would be another factor of mental illness. In these images, they didn’t show us the direct connections between these situations and adolescent mental illness, but from each one’s expressions or body movements in these images, we can see the negative influence in their mental. In this image, we can see many books around him and his body language shows us changes in his mind and he fell hopelessness and depressed with his studies and future. 


main feelings&expressions

This drawing shows us feelings of patients with mental illness and their views about the surrounding people and environment directly, there are all negative feelings in their mind, they would feel unloved, frustrated, issues, nervous, shame, stress, depression, fear, grief, worthless, mad, sad, loneliness, anxiety and etc. On my previous research, a lot of news or articles talk about how to help young people avoid mental health problem, but before helping them, we should know more inner feelings of mental illness person, just like the project workings that I researched in last week, one of projects helps people to know more about mental patients, and understand their feelings.


a poster about mental health

This is a poster about mental health, it tells us some common situations about mental illness patients, they never know they are suffering from mental illness or they never admit they are suffering from mental illness, they always say: ‘I am fine, I am okay, do not worry about me, nothing wrong with me,’ at this time, the surrounding environment need to care and understand them, such as parents, school or community, do more communications with them and find this problem as soon as possible, just like the position in my first post, to help young people get a better way to prevent and solve mental health problems need helps from their family, school and community.


a data

This image shows us a data that twenty percent of teenagers seriously consider suicide and one in twelve each year attempt suicide, this fact tells us the importance of paying attentions on mental health issues and its risks and effects on adolescent development. If we don’t solve mental illness problem timely in adolescents, it would lead them to crime, even suicide, so we have to strengthen the mental health education for teenagers, it is necessary for their physical and mental health development, it also ensure teenagers can study and make friends well and this is also necessary for development of this community.


bad mental health

About bad mental health, this image tells us one fact that many people will be excluded themselves from this society if they don’t have a good mental health, they would refuse to communicate with others or integrate into society, they never join any social activities and they are not good at making friends, they are isolated and depression, even they would have antisocial behaviors and cause problems to community. Before, we discussed in class, when we think about the discrimination of mental health problem, we found that many people discriminate against mental illness person because they think mental illness is equivalent to crazy, they would cause serious harms to community by madness, at that time, we are opposed to this view, of course, the discrimination is wrong, mental illness is equivalent to crazy is wrong, but serious mental illness can cause people to do some extreme behaviors to this society is possible, so it is really essential to do a prevention and treatment of mental illness.


a mental health quote

In this image, there is a quote about mental health: “ sometimes mental health feels like an insurmountable object … but it get better with time.” In fact, this is an encouragement for people to have a right and positive attitude about mental illness, mental illness is not a problem that can be solved in a quick and easy way, it would take much time. As my previous research, teenagers are still developing their physiological and psychological, the ability of cognitive is not strong enough, they have a poor self-control, so parents should give them an unconditional love, enough patience and plenty of time to accompany them, the school should keep communication and contact with parents all the time and the community need to promote a positive attitude about mental illness in the public. All sides should take more time to improve this problem in  a better way.


a mental health quote

On the board in this image, there is a quote “stand up to stigma, let’s talk about mental health.” In my previous researches, there are a lot of information against about mental illness discriminations, and it also said that a lot of people still have a discrimination about mental illness now, this image is aim to encourage people to have a positive attitude about mental illness, it also encourage mental illness patients can admit it in a more generous way, people can talk about this issue anytime or anywhere. That’s why I think the community needs to do more publicity about mental health and popularize the mental health issue.


good mental heal

The last image tells us the benefits of a good mental health, the entire image give us a positive feeling, all person in this image are positive, people will become happier and be willing to make friends with a good mental health, the situation would be exactly opposite with image 7, people can integrate into community and get along with others in a better way. Everyone has a good mental health environment is also helpful for the development of the whole community.


Post4: Identifying and collecting a design example

New Zealand Ministry of Health is a ministry that improve, promote and protect the health of all New Zealanders, it leads New Zealand’s health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system. Overall, it provide a better health outcomes for New Zealanders,  it provides many national health and disability services, one of them is mental health and addictions, on its list, there is a youth mental health project which can be related with my issue.

The youth mental project(YMHP) was launched in 2012, it aimed to prevent the development of  mental health issue in adolescent and provide more youth mental health services. The project aim at young people aged 12-19 years. It focus on reducing transitions of mental illness from childhood to adulthood, including depression, drug and alcohol addiction, youth suicide and other mental health disorders.

The project involves many aspects:

  • Their families and communities
  • School
  • Health services
  • Online services

And it takes many different measures:

  • Improving school health services
  • Increasing young workers
  • Expanding primary mental health services
  • Designing an Internet-based tool for electronic treatment
  • Reviewing the service relationship between schools, health care and society and propose an improvement program.

In mental health project, there are many different types of project initiatives.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a website for parents, friends to recognize and understand the difficulties that teenagers go through in their life experiences, it can help people be a support person for a young person who is experiencing a mental illness, help them to identify early stage of mental illness and take positive actions to solve it as soon as possible.

On the website, it provides some supportive tools and resources:

screenshot1, Common Ground
  • The support system let people understand young people’s life.
  • Looking after ourselves before supporting young people.
  • Having a healthy conversation with them.
  • Keeping an eye out for finding a right time to support them.
  • Taking lots of actions to support them.
  • Getting a professional support.

On the website, there is a common advice part, there will be professional doctors to answer your questions and give you advices about how to help a young person who is experiencing a mental illness in a better way.

screenshot2, Common Ground












In addition, the common issue part lists a variety of issues and tell people how to help them from all aspects with these issues.

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Finally, the common series part use video to show the different challenges in each family and ways to rise to or meet the challenges.

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This is a website that introduce many ways about helping a young person who is experiencing a mental illness through surroundings(parents,friends), but the next site is focused on the helps from themselves.


SPARX is a self-treatment electronic tool that tell young people some key skills about combating depression and anxiety. It also has an e-therapy program, to provide a mood quiz for young people to help them identify depression and helpful information. SPARX mainly provide an alternative professional therapeutic tool to young people,  young people always don’t want to face to face with doctors. so the SPARX uses professional treatment techniques in a form of game to teach young people how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.




Post2: Building your expertise using scholarly secondly sources

Book 1 – THE PSYCHOSIS RESPONSE GUIDE: How To Help Young People in Psychiatric Crises

In this book, the author describes how to help young  people who troubled by mental health problems. In the whole processes, I think how to involve them is an important step, we should think about what can we do for mental illness patients and which is the best way for helping them. Firstly, create a positive environment, then, communicate with them and introduce the mental health and treatment or help of it, finally, developing a plan for each one, it would be the most traditional and the most direct way for people to do a mental health testing.

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Book 2 – Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

The Authors of this article are experts in the mental health field, they conclude a basic services system about the mature and professional  mental health treatment in this article. In the text, the authors express their opinions about how to build a mature service system, this system will also help people’s mental health care,  In our life, many patients with mental illness are not willing to open their own privacy, so the online treatment systems may also be a good new technology, which can do a data analysis by testing the patient and do a final decision in the end. In the future, it can provide feedback to the patient constantly and it would have a record for each patient. Of course, in addition to treatment for mental health patients with a direct help, the system also can raise funds for the mental health care. In my opinion, this would be a helpful idea or design for metal health care.

Book 3 – Mental Health

This is a book that collect a lot of reports about mental health, because they are reports,  there are much data and analysis of facts in the text. In the report “Out of hospital, out of mind!”, the author wrote some major issues about mental health.

  1. grossly unmet need for basic mental health services
  2. grossly inadequate growth in expenditure on basic services
  3. restricted access to existing services
  4. ongoing human rights abuses and neglect
  5. increasing demand for mental health care

In these articles, they let me have a better understanding of the main problems those existed in mental health treatment, but they also provide me a better solution, which would be helpful for my thoughts on the mental health care.


  • CARINA A. IATI & RACHEL N. WAFORD, ‘Chapter four : how can you intervene?’, Nancy S. Hale[ed.], THE PSYCHOSIS RESPONSE GUIDE: How To Help Young People in Psychiatric Crises, Springer Publishing Company, LLC, NewYork, pp. 91-137.
  • Brad J. Nakamura, Lesley Slavin, Scott Shimabuksro & Scott Keir, ‘Chapter 12: Building and Advancing an Evidence-Based Service System in Hawaii’, RINAD S. BEIDAS & PHILIP C. KENDALL[2eds.], Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Oxford University Press, USA, pp. 204-22.
  • A report for National Mental Health Policy, ‘Out of hospital, out of mind!’ Justin Healey[ed.], Mental Health, the SPINNEY Press, Austrlia, pp. 30-34.

Post1: Creating a data set using secondary sources

Article 1 – The Australia

‘McGorry says mental health care becoming a field of broken dreams’ 

Illustration Eric Lobbecke
Illustration: Eric Lobbecke


Patrick McGorry is professor of youth mental health and executive director of Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. In this article, he presented his own opinions about mental health care, as a mental health professor, he was questioned about immature of currently mental health care. In my opinion, the author would write this article to present his ideas because there are many teenagers didn’t get a good care about their mental health in recently, as he mentioned the 17-year-old girl Lily, for Lily, the biggest problem is not the physical pain caused by the disease, it is the attitude of the doctors for treating her, this is the performance of people’s unfair perceptions and attitudes about mental illness and the imperfection and immaturity of mental health care system and policy. The authors noted, 25 years ago, mental health care appear in mainstream medical service, at that time, we believe this is a decision that can reduce the stigma of mental illness and people can threat mental illness in a more equitable way, but the author put forward his criticisms or questions of this policy in this article, perhaps this is not a prevailing opinion, but the author’s statement in this article has a certain persuasive for me. In today’s society, people will still think the mental illness patients have an extremely negative impact on the social and the mental illness led to a sharp rise of suicide, a lot of people who were suffered from mental illness are in prison or homeless. Fortunately, we still have many ways to change this situation, to complex the mental illness and have a clear judgment in the diagnosis of the people’s brain, to provide a mature and hidden space for mental illness patients and they can have their own cultures. Secondly, the problem is the loss of financial visibility and integrity of governance in the mental health care system,, if people want a fairer and more effective mental health care, the cultures of care must be redesigned and they must be more distinct , visible to the community and properly funded. Overall, society and state need to invest more in mental health care for getting more efficient revenues.

Article 2 – Crikey

‘No, Beyondblue, we do not need more awareness about mental health’

Crikey, Apr 21, 2016

Helen Razer is a writer whose work appears in The Saturday Paper, Daily Review, SBS Online and Frankie. i I disagree her opinion in this article, she was against with the concept beyondblue, beyondblue is an independent, non-profit organization, it committed to addressing depression, anxiety and disorders-related issues, to raise community awareness of anxiety and depression and reduce associated stigma, but the authors believe that people do not need more awareness and understanding of mental health, as the following comments, my opinions about Helen Razer’s statement in this article are same with this reader.

Andrea: “You lost me at ‘But, like any disorder, mental illness tends to affect particular groups of people: socially disadvantaged ones’ This is rubbish, mental illness in some cases can be triggered by circumstances, but not always, and these. circumstances are not necessarily those of social disadvantage. “

Of course, the vulnerable groups in society is much easier to get mental illness, because of the lack of attention in society, they will be more vulnerable to get the social discrimination, it would have an impact on their hearts and cause a different degree of mental illness, but this is not all about mental illness, some unexpected situations also would cause some mental health problems, which do not have any relationship with the social status of people, for them, the treatments are from wide ranges,  it can be health services, schools, workplaces, universities, media and community organisations. Perhaps, beyondblue let people know mental health in a mandatory way would make people feel anxious, it is indeed right, but in my opinion, people should have the obligation or willingness to aware about mental health, after all,  the mental health system is not perfect now, we need to help mental illness patients with our all efforts, focusing on improving the health of  the whole population.

Article 3 – SBS News

‘What can parents do about their teenagers’ mental health?’

More Britons feel anxious - charity
SBS News, Oct 6 2014

The author is Philip Batterham and Alison Calear who worked in Australian National University, in my opinion, their should have a certain amount of expertise about this area and the article should be reliable, I think the author want to tell teenagers how to  help themselves to avoid mental illness with a better way in this article, also, they provide and publicize some ways of psychological treatment. The main is that they want to tell parents and teachers about their importance in all teenagers’ growth. This article just express authors’ one side of position in this topic area, but I absolutely agree with authors’ ideas and this is a common position of this topic. The mental illness become really common in today’s society, especially the teenagers in adolescence, the capacity of mental is relatively poor than adults and they would affected by the surrounding environment easily, the pressure of studying, the coexistence situation between the students, parents’ relationships and etc, all of these would give them a certain psychological impact. When a teenager’s  mental has a few problem, parents and teachers should find it promptly and give them enough encouragement to get them out in mental illness as soon as possible and avoid more serious consequences in adulthood. In some other relevant articles , some authors believe that the teenagers should find mental illness by themselves in the first time when they are unhealthy in mental and in the process of mental treatment, their persistence is most important, but in this article, the authors are more biased in favor of the importance of external assistance for adolescent mental illness, they think the external assistance in adolescent mental illness can from a wide range, parents, teachers who have related professional knowledge, the most important is some professional medical institutions’ help to let them can face their psychological problems and reduce the possible of prevention, let them gat a better developing in their life of society and school.

Article 4 – BuzzFeed

‘Holy Shit Guys, Pokémon Go Is So Good For Your Mental Health’

Twitter/@JasonJarMoosh/Via Twitter: @jasonjarmoosh

Anna Borges is a BuzzFeed’s staff, this is an unprofessional article, the author believe that the recent popular mobile game app ‘pokemon’ is good for people’s mental health, she did not have any expertise to confirm her opinion in this article, but I still agree with her opinion. According to the author’s opinion, ‘pokemon’ can make us do more exercise and get more sunshine and fresh air, you can get more self-confidence and self-love and expand your circles to gain more friends, it can help people who has a social phobia to communicate with others, people can have a sense of belonging in this society, even, it can replace some activities those are not good for you and  provide little sparks of excitement and joy. In my opinion, the ‘pokemon’ is good for people’s mental health is unquestionable, maybe this regard can be a research point about mental health, creating some more interesting and better ways to help patients with mental illness.

Article 5 – The Conversation

‘Australians are spending more on mental health services and employers need to take notice’

There are definite costs of mental illness in the workplace but the return on investment in a mentally healthy workplace can be a big boost to the bottom line. Rob/flickr, CC BY-ND

Allan Fels is a professorial fellow in University of Melbourne, in the field of mental health, Professor Fels serves or has served on a number of government advisory boards, so I think he has a certain reputation in the mental health field and his articles have great powers of  persuasion. In this article, the author use professional data to prove his opinion. In the text, the author pointed out that in recently, more and more people was influenced by the mental health problems, it affected their works, reduce the productivity greatly and have a direct impact on Australian financial, as the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: “Mental illness gnaws away at participation, it gnaws away at productivity.”

So that we can find mental health problem has become a serious social problem, people or society should raise awareness of this issue, the Government and the mental health department should prevent mental health problems firstly, take measures against mental illness prevention, early intervention can prevent the development of mental illness and promote recovery, promoting resilience and early intervention can help reduce the impact of mental ill-health, and promote recovery. Secondly, a number of enterprises and organizations can do some investments in mental health care. The most important is, the mental health can’t be solved by a time or an action,  it takes ongoing care and attention from people, society and government.

3 positions

  • People (Parents, teachers & relevant organizations) should pay more attention about teenagers’ mental health.
  • People should know about mental health in-depth knowledge and shouldn’t discriminate against psychological patients.
  • Society, government  & relevant organizations should do more publicities and provide better conditions and environment for mental health treatment.

Mental health is a common problem in today’s society,in different ages, different occupations, different sexes, different races, anyone may have some degree of mental illness, there are a lot articles and news those can related with mental health, these words express author’s different opinion about mental health from different angles and aspects. Mental health is a very broad question, there are many aspects worthy of our research and analysis, such as the reasons of formation of mental health, mental health treatment methods, people’s view of mental illness, the development of related agencies or organizations, the social impact of mental illness and etc. So far, I am interested in some positions below.First position is about parents and teachers’  importance of preventing teenagers’ mental health illness, a lot of people get a mental illness is accumulated from their teenagers, in adolescence, the growth environment have a great impact for them, family problems, the pressure from school or the relationships with classmates, all of these would influence the mental of each teenagers. when teenagers has some mental illness trends, parents or school teachers must be relevant attention to the children and encourage them with a relevant professional counseling, identify problems and solve it as soon as possible can be helpful for children’s future, so I think parents and schools need to have a strengthen understanding of mental health and the mental health problem should receive the attention due. And also, about mental health, many people do not realize its importance, in the opinions of many people, mental health is not a very important issue, even the mental illness is a problem that does not exist, this is a misunderstanding about mental illness for many people, in fact, mental illness also harm our health and affect our lives as same as the physical illness, so my second position is people should have awareness about mental health even if you don’t have it, when people really understand mental illness, it will also reduce the discrimination. In addition, many articles have referred that the society and the government should do something for the treatment of mental illness, so my third position is society, government  & relevant organizations should do more publicity and provide better conditions and environment for mental health treatment. In Australia, only 16% of patients with depression can be treated, thus resulting in a high probability of suicide, so some medical career in psychotherapy need more attentions and development and I can do more investigations about the problem ‘what should be done specifically’.