Post 10:Reflection and proposition

The development of proposal

Project Title: Clean Energy: The better way
Practice type: App (service design)
Issue: find and build the clean energy in your location

The emissions of greenhouse gas are the primary cause of the global warming. Change clean energy to replace the fossil fuel is pressing and will be a new trend. But the use of clean energy is not abroad, most people have lacked awareness of clean energy. They worry about the price, stability and not sure the benefits. Clean energy has lots of advantage and will be an effective solution for global warming.

To focus the lacked awareness of clean energy. I am going to publicity and generalize what clean energy is what it includes? What kinds of benefits can clean energy bring to the skate holder? And help people find the available clean energy in their location and communication their use experience.
The function of the app is:
The app will assist the householder to find the available clean energy in their place in Australia.
This app will help the user compare the energy price chose the cost performance clean energy, locate the energy company information and contrast.
This app will provide a communication platform for the current and future clean energy to exchange their user experience and collect the useful information for choose and set the clean energy in their house.

Reflection and poster draft

For this week class, I get some feedback from my tutor and classmates of my three posters drafts.
The first poster visualizes the what clean energy is. I am going to make several icons of all the clean energy that we have in the earth. These icons also can use for my final app.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.24.22 pm.png

The second one visualises the benefits of clean energy, after discuss with my tutor I guess I need to include the research in my blog post. So the second one will visualise the benefits that the leading skate holders can earn from the clean energy.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.25.23 pm.png

After the data collection, I found a map of the distribution of clean energy in Australasia. The third poster will visualize this map in apparently graphic. And this map can use in my final app too. All of these pictures just sketches base on the feedback and proposal I will do more development in the next weeks.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.26.53 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 11.25.54 pm.png


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Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

In this week, first  we do the what when where why experience, to expand the problem, the details about this is in my post eight. After that, we are work in groups doing the mind maps. The image in the next is about my personal issues map.  All the skate holders map that we did before is the whole global warming issue. And in this post,  the map that I made is the sum up of skate holders about clean energy. According to the skate holder, I also write the benefits that clean energy can bring for them.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

The benefits are:
Clean energy has little to no global warming emissions.
Clean energy can Improved public health and environmental quality.
Clean energy is a vast and inexhaustible energy supply.
Clean energy can provide Jobs and other economic benefits.
Clean energy can make the stable energy prices.
Clean energy will bring a more reliable and resilient energy system.


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post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design

Problem statement

During these weeks research and mapping, base one my clean energy topic I found the problem is greenhouse gas emission.

What doses the problem affect?

1. The increased discharge of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are the primary contributor to global warming. Global warming has the adverse effect on the human health, global economy and causes series natural disaster include sea level rise, extreme weather events, and urban heat island effect and the greenhouse effect.

What are the boundaries of the problem? What will happen when it fixed?

2. Most people have lacked awareness of this issue; they just heard the greenhouse gas will have the harmful effect on the environment, but don’t now the cause and effect. If the Greenhouse gas emission can reduce, it will remission the situations of global warming.

When doses the problem occur? When does it need to fix?

3. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activity is the main cause of global warming. It happens from the advent of steam, the extensive use of fossil fuels in the first Industrial Revolution. It needs to set as soon as possible.

Where is the problem occurring?

4. It is happening all over the world.

Why does it matter that the problem is fix?   What impact doses it have on all stakeholders?

5. It influences human, and animals living, penetrated every aspect of social life.
Depend on the five point in the problem statement I come up the draft of the proposal.

Proposal Idea

1. make a visualization of the most grown clean energy use information (like the solar power ) in Sydney
2. create a visualization to show what is the clean energy and the benefits of it
3 . make an app for the smartphone to show the energy price and compare which energy is more save money for the house staff use.
4. create a web platform for help people to find the clean energy design and set up teams , show the new energy news and introduction on the website, also can let people exchange the experience of use clean energy.
5. make a visualization of a different kind of clean energy distribution in Australia.

Draft of proposal

Title: Clean Energy: The better way

Type: Visualisation Practices (data drive design) or Service Design

Issue: Clean energy

The emissions of greenhouse gas are the primary cause of the global warming. Change clean energy to replace the fossil fuel is pressing and will be a new trend. But the use of clean energy is not abroad, most people have lacked awareness of clean energy. They worry about the price, stability and not sure the benefits.

To focus the lacked awareness of clean energy. We can do publicity and generalize what it is? Why we need to use it ?(the benefits and friendly to the environment ) and How we can set up the systems?(the clean energy design and build team)

My proposal shows the most mature technology of clean energy (solar power) that people use now to inspires people. Let people now what kind of clean energy is available to use in his location. Help them compare the price and see the benefits and chose the most suitable clean energy in their house. Make a platform help people find clean energy design and set up the team, to show up and exchange their experience of use clean energy.

POST 5: The impression of Global Warming and Clean Energy

Run Lan

For the climate change and green energy different age people have some diverse attitude and demand. Understand customer experience and needs is an imporant point in the design process. This post is about a summarize of an interview and the things I get during these weeks experience.

For the interview, I did an interview with my classmate who is a twenty years old student, and she never does some research about the climate change issue. I hope I can get some point about what is the real customer needs in her age. Because I am focused on the green energy I ask many questions about it.


This picture is the summarize about her answer, from that we can see the reason can lead her chose green energy is good price and stability. And the knowledge she gets about global warming is from News. I also ask some question about my landlady; she is fifty-five years old, and she only heard the clean energy and didn’t know anythings about it. Then I  realized some older people like homemaker etc. They pay the bill for their electricity, and they are the primary audience of energy in daily life, but they don’t know the benefits of the clean energy.  I think maybe I can design some works that publicity the benefits of clean energy and the theory why clean energy can slow down the climate change. We also can know the technology development of Clean Energy is imperfect. The most extensive use clean energy now is only about the solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power. And some power like nuclear power at the current technical level is not completely secure.

About the probe, I research how many time I use, hear or see the clean energy in the whole week. This timeline is the data from 22 August to August 29. As we can see in the entire week, I only see the things about green energy three times. That shows the clean energy is not extensive use or realize in my home range.


The things that I get from these weeks is:

1. Global warming is effect global economy, human health, and cause series natural disaster.
2. clean energy is a realizable solution for global warming.
3. We need let more people know the serious of global warming and show the benefit and inspire people to use clean energy.
4. The exploiting and utilization of clean energy may lead a new Industrial Revolution.
5. Combustion of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emission is the cognitive key causes of global warming.

Post 3: The stakeholders and visual elements

Run Lan

In this post, I am going to show the mind map that I development base on the exercise that we did in week 5.Then I will choose and identify ten inspiring images that about Clean Energy and Global Waring.

About this mind map,  I find four areas that come down to Global Waring and on account of these areas discovered some skate holders and explored the theme.


This image is a socket and chimney it reveals the energy production mode that we use now; the author make these two elements together is aimed to tell people the electric that we use now produced by fossil fuel that rises the CO2. It means use green energy is admitted of no delay.


In this Illustrations is shows a people use a ladder try to put the attaching plug in the sun. The ladder means the new technology; the attaching plug means the energy that human need. This picture tells us people are trying to development new technology to use the solar energy.


In this artwork, the author put the earth on the barbecue and the fuel that they use is the gas from the chimney. It means the CO2 gas is burning the earth now.


They are a series of posters designed for global warming. All of these are a chimney emissions the gas. But the shape of gas is attractive. They are the polar bear, seals, and whales the animal who is living in the polar region and be endangered by globe warming. We know the ancient biological corpse made the fossil fuel that we use now, they put bear today carbon tomorrow in the poster it means now we are burning the fossil fuel like burning these lovely animals.




This street art is an Hourglass, Melt Polar Caps in the top and human’s city in the ground. It means maybe human civilization will gone by global warming.


The melting Superman sculpture is in Singapore Art Museum; it means the serious of global warming. Even the super man can save us if we don’t care about global warming.


This installation is a kind of performance art; the author put hundreds of “ice people” on the footstep in a square, and let them melt by the sun.  It wants to highlight the global warming can make human pass away.


This photograph shows a burning earth, and that means global warming is dangerous as like burning our earth. As we can see in this picture, the square in earth means ocean part changed to fire. It may mean Water will “burn” the world in future.


For the image select, I look through many pictures and pick up these ten images. There are different formal design work includes illustration, drawing, photography, posters, sculpture, installation design and street art.I found some comment elements in these works like earth, sandglass, melt, burning, the two-stage biofilter and chimney. They are some excellent idea visualize the global warming.


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POST 4: Clean energy design

By Run Lan

For the global warming, I focus on the practical solution green energy to be my topic. In this blog, I research a clean energy design company in South Eastern New England that called Clean Energy.
Clean energy is a design company that builds by Tom Wineman in 1996. This team is base on creating energy efficient systems that provide integrated solutions. They hammer at small wind power and solar power systems, including reliable off-grid and battery-backed energy systems. They have the serious experience to design, construction, installation, monitoring and maintenance of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and small wind power projects. They develop and analyze customer requirements, offer different technology to taking the customer through the steps to get the most appropriate renewable energy system. They also provide financing project evaluation services to help customs to save budget. They were known for their creative solutions, expertise in system integration and reliable and efficient designs.During that time they have helped hundreds of businesses, institutions, communities and individuals realize their goals of saving money and reducing their carbon footprint with custom- designed and well-integrated renewable energy systems that balance power requirements with budgetary concerns (Clean Energy Design 2016).屏幕快照 2016-08-28 下午1.23.47

They have done the “Solar Building Integrated (BIPV) Roof Shingles.” project to the University of Rhode Island. In this project, the designer put five-hundred square feet of the roof of their Cooperative Extension Building and used cutting-edge Sunstate photovoltaic roofing tiles manufactured right in Poughkeepsie, NY by Atlantis Energy Systems. The plan is about the 4.4-kilowatt solar system; it will generate approximately 5,580 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That number is enough to supply the building’s power consumption about 17%. The result is the system can be product 25% of the electricity demand which is a very efficient production for the building. The system not only offsets the costs of utilities, but it shows how to use photovoltaic systems as viable energy resources for the community. It gives an opportunity to raise awareness of clean energy in Rhode Island (Clean Energy Design 2016).

URI-sunslatesTo sum up, this company is paying attention to the practical ability in their design process. They develop and analyze customer requirements and cover all of the steps of the program built from choose a material to management and maintenance. They do creative design project by using the suitable budget and focus on user experience. Their work also can inspire people to use clean energy, because their flexible design projects show the efficiency and commercially viable of clean energy.

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post 1: Green energy, a solution for global warming?

Run Lan

Global warming has become a noticeable problem since the twenty-first century.  More and more people are beginning to attention about this topic. In this article, I will summarize the blight about global warming and the perspective of a probable solution like green energy, etc.

Global warming will cause the cloud disappear

A Russian news network called ‘informing’ have a piece of news. It said a professor at the University of California published an article is talking about the cloud will disappear on the earth and at present, the coverage area of could in the ground is already changing.

The report said that since the 1980s,  the cloud began gradually move to the North and South poles at the same time. The height of cloud in the atmosphere also has risen.

The researchers noted that the cloud is an important regulator of the Earth’s climate. Clouds can reflect solar radiation back into space; that can make the earth’s temperature will not rise excessively. Clouds adjust the temperature of our earth. But unfortunately, global warming will affect the cloud, in the future cloud might disappear from the planet (Huanqiu 2016).

For this news, I don’t think the viewpoint is right. The author just said global warming would affect the clouds but not give us some dates and evidence to support his opinion. He uses a professor at the University of California published an article but not say the author’s name it makes people confuse the authenticity of the report.

In the past of ten years, sea level rise slows down

Minhui Luo the assistant professor of Atmospheric Sciences faculty, National Taiwan University suggest that according to the research of satellite probe in the past of ten years the moisture content of land has an increase. That cause the speed of sea level rise was retard 20 %. But it not means the trend of global warming is slow down.

Minhui has a cooperation with NASA, JPL about the project of the water cycle and sea level rise. “Science” published his research result about sea level rise slows down on  February 2016.Minhui pointed out, GRACE is composed of two satellites, they can record changes in Earth’s gravity. From 2002 to 2014 the ice of alpine glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica continued to melt.In the past ten years the average annual of sea level should be increased by 3.3 mm, but the actual rise 2.5 mm, a decrease of 0.7 mm of water is “hold” on land.He also thinks it is unpredictable how long the water will be returned to the ocean. But he forecast in the next 10 to 20 years, the speed of sea level rise will faster than the average of 3.3 millimeters per year at present that should be being noted (Minhui 2016).

His research is about the mean rate of increase In the whole world. But in the low-lying country, the situation is more dangerous, and he also said in the next 10 to 20 years, the speed of sea level rise will faster than now that means the sea level rise problem is not remission it will break out more seriously in future.

Climate change will cause over  2 trillion dollars losses in 2030


The United Nations warned that by 2030, climate change could cause global economic losses amounted to more than $ 2 trillion. According to the report from United Nations Development Program (NUDP), they realized that by 2030, global warming would impact a number type of work. Agriculture and construction are most affected, persistently elevated temperatures will force some industries to adjust or shorter working time, thus affecting the countries GDP.

US “quartz” magazine has reported that the continuous high temperature will enable African countries Nigeria and Ghana’s GDP shrunk by 6.4% and 6.5% in 2030. Indonesia and Thailand will lose 6%, Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka will lose 5.9%, Vietnam and Cambodia will 5.7%; Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia, respectively will lose, 4.4%, 3%, 2.8% and 2.4%. China and India, the two Asian economies will lose 0.8% and 3.2% respectively. The United States as the only developed countries in the list, GDP will drop reach to 0.2%.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations University is detailing the impact of climate change on human health. They clearly state that extreme hot weather in the Southeast Asian region has resulted in the reduction in working hours by 15% to 20% in an annual and this numbers will rise double in 2050. Some experts said,  to face the extreme weather-related economic losses. The Developed countries will get a smaller effect. Because they have better hardware conditions and sufficient resources to adapt to climate change. The report also suggested that developing countries can adjust their working hours and set the air-conditioning equipment and other ways to reduce productivity losses (Hong & Mu 2016).

Global warming will cause productivity decline thus make the enormous economic loss, especially for developing countries.

For the first three articles, we look through the harmful effect of global warming. For the next two articles, we will found some points about the solutions.

Fish have a smart recipe to deal with global warming

Climate warming causes the intensities of Ocean acidification. Scientists found that some fish is brilliant to response the Ocean acidification. They use the day as night. Improve the body’s protection mode to the acidification of seawater. Carbon dioxide and seawater mix will form a weak acid it is harmful to marine organisms. Global warming will exacerbate ocean acidification. At the day algae, seaweed, and other marine plants will absorb carbon dioxide into energy. That made Carbon dioxide concentration in seawater is low during the day and high in the night. The fish will self-adjust day and night to make sure they can adapt to the different level of carbon dioxide in the seawater.

The researchers found that a kind of fish called sea bream in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia could adapt well to the increased of ocean acidification. They breed offspring seem to have a more “flexible biological clock.” Reuters quoted that sea bream could adjust the body clock, pretending to have been living in the night.” The research results are published in “Nature and Climate Change” Journal (Yichen 2016).

These little fish have their ways to face the global warming. But this kind of evolution is not suited for every biont and can’t stop or remission global warming. So in the next part, I will find some feasible solutions.

Clean energy – A better way to face global warming



Fiona Fleck has an interview with Jeffrey D Sachs who served as United Nations Special Advisor on the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. Jeffrey will present at the Second Global Conference on Health and Climate in Paris. He tells us the WHO Working Group on Health Economics and Climate Change is help to organize: The links between climate change, fossil fuel use, and public health.bThe economic costs of the disease burden due to climate change and fossil-fuel use.  The co-benefits of decarbonization for health and climate safety.

First, he talks about the detriment of global warming. Jeffrey suggests that Global warming is changing the ecosystem and human settlements in several ways. What thereby affecting human’s health and well-being. It will cause extreme weather events claimed countless lives and destroyed many people’s livelihoods. Climate change also affects food production, and It could lead food shortages, even famine.With The temperature rises, the media of various tropical diseases (such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus media) expanded the scope. The habitat of human and animal have to change by global warming, and that may appear or reappear Ebola, The Middle East respiratory syndrome, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and other zoonotic diseases. Global warming causes more stagnant air masses, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, increased levels of air pollution that caused by soot, tropospheric ozone, and other factors. Air pollution is now recognized the primary environmental factors that cause of death.(Jeffrey 2016).

By mid-century, the world’s energy system will be required fundamental decarbonization and about 2070 should reach net zero emissions. It is the only way we can have a chance of making the global average temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. And the limit set in the Paris Climate Agreement is 1.5-degree. The combustion of fossil fuels is a major source of smog and air pollution. Switch to low- and zero-carbon energy sources will help purify the air, especially make sense for high pollution cities in Asia. In many of the current highly polluted areas. Massive health and productivity gains will compensate to switch most or all of the additional costs of change to low-carbon energy. It will weaken or curb climate change and derive tremendous benefits (Jeffrey 2016).

Jeffrey notes that to achieve zero net emissions by 2070 is relying on the following three main pillars: First, more efficient use of energy (reducing energy consumption). Second, carbon-free electricity generation. The third is the vehicle electrification and clean energy use in buildings. Here are some ways we can achieve the goal of zero or low-carbon energy: renewable energy (the wind and solar), Geothermal, hydro, nuclear, Carbon capture and storage, Marine energy and advanced biofuels.

To sum up, the use of clean energy can help people to slow down the global warming.


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post 2: What we know about global warming

Run Lan


In recent years, the debate of the awareness of global warming, climate change, reached an unprecedented level. Jingyun et al. (2010, p. 6) claim that global warming is an objective fact, but for various reasons, global warming also has some uncertainty. They suggest that both of human activities and natural factors affecting climate change, but its relative impact ‘s hard to quantify. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) regard, as the increased discharge of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, is a major contributor to global warming. But the academia still has disputes to this comment. Because the role of the natural and man-made mechanism is not evident in the change of temperature and the sources of CO2 the atmospheric also exist uncertainty. Therefore, before people get the accurate conclusions, we also need to research and get the definitive data.

For the ways to reduce the harms that caused by global warm. Mike (2012, p. 123) notes that coal, gas, and oil industry is the primary influence for the global warm.  Global warming has increased over the last 150 years as the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating, transportation, and industrial production has increased—not related to fossil fuels. It rose 10 percent since 1990—not compared to fossil fuels. The fact that the burning of fossil fuels produces twice as much carbon dioxide a year as atmospheric processes can absorb— not related to fossil fuels (Mike 2012, p.123).  He argues that taxation is needed for the harmful products produced by the industry to counter air pollution. Sharpe (2012, p. 124) suggest that If we put a tax on the bads—the spewing of contamination into the atmo- sphere with all its consequences—the tax will be passed on to us in the form of higher prices. They think the real solution is come up by David Leonhardt in the New York Times, July 22, 2012, is through the radical reduction in the cost of solar and wind power, both of which produce clean energy and are reproducible. By the development of the technology, The price of that clean energy have already dropped but is not enough to substitute for fossil fuel Sharpe (2012, p. 124).

To sum up, after the research of these two report I get some knowledge about global warming. First are both of human activities, and natural factors affecting climate change and the increased discharge of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are the primary contributor to global warming. Second is taxation for the fossil fuels produces, and clean energy can help to reduce the greenhouse gas emission so as to help slow the rate of global warming.

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