Post 10 Reflection and proposition

The issue that I concern is about obesity and health. Therefore, during class, I originate my idea: creating an application to help people form right and healthy eating habit. From the feedback of the tutor, the most prominent problem is that the app is too impractical. It will be a difficulty for people how to understand and use it. Certainly, I have got another idea, but it need some discussion with tutor; so I will introduce my initial idea here now.

In the application I conceive of, when someone opens the app, it will first locate the user’s position. According to its position, the app will recommend cafe ,restaurant or any booth around. Then, every time a person wants to eat something, and the app will give some lists about healthy food around. In addition, this list can provide you the calorie figure of the food recommended. In this way, people can control the quantity of eating and naturally avoid in-taking to much calorie. This app aims to give people healthy suggestions on eating. When the user uses the app first time, he needs to upload one picture of himself. When he looks food around, if he chooses the unhealthy food, he will see that he becomes fat in the proportion with the calorie that he intakes from the unhealthy food. The utmost important of this app is to give people more advice for him on keeping healthy, not to prevent people getting obesity. However, the utmost important of this application seems to be the biggest weakness which cannot be ignored. If this app only give people, it, I’m afraid, will not work as the original conception. Because of the deeper desire, people extremely possibly will let the suggestion alone and then get satisfied from food without any further thinking. As Frued says, at that time, the inner self will control his mind. He will not care about health at all. Under this situation, the application has totally lost its function and equals vanity.

The second idea

I would like to set up an electronic interactive map setting in a densely populated area that can be viewed as a landmark. This thing is like a small touch screen, he will collect all the healthy food around the restaurant. People by clicking on the screen, you can find all the specific location of the restaurant and what healthy and delicious food. At the same time, in front of the landmark set an invisible body scale. People can connect their own mailbox on the screen, the system will send a private message to people’s mailbox, tell people their health, give some advice on healthy living.


Post 9 Visual documentation of the brainstorming session



We can clearly see the development of our problems. For our big problem we can also intuitive to see each team member is not the same research direction. All the details of the data gave us a lot of help to study our own fields. In our mapping, we will actively discuss with each other about the details and share resources as well. Through this exercise, I get a lot of very useful feedback, which adjusted my research direction. For our designers, comments and feedback is really important, we have to learn to accept the views and improve our work. Teamwork is very meaningful. Things have two sides, this exercise also allows us to analyze and look at the problem from different aspects, so that our design can better serve these groups.



Although we can receive a lot of information, but there are a lot of information is very messy, which in a sense, a bit of a waste of time. This exercise will not give you a lot of opportunity to think deeply about a point, because the content to be discussed too much, we share resources at the same time there are not many opportunities to further develop our own research. Some of your focus may be difficult to communicate with the team members.


Post 8 Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

  1. Who does the problem affect?

According to my research, from my point of view that obesity is not just people’s own problems, the problem also involves many stakeholders. On the one hand, a large part of people think that obesity is not a disease, but a lifestyle choice, so they will not care about this problem. On the other hand, especially in Western countries, fast food culture is a common phenomenon in society. Behind this phenomenon, it should be concerned about the social media, food processing industry and commercial interests of the company gains and losses. My initial research direction was childhood obesity. I found that childhood obesity in Australia has become a very common phenomenon, we can see obese children in many places. Interestingly, according to some research data, in addition to a small part of childhood obesity has a special gene, the rest of the obese children are basically due to bad habits. At the same time, we can see that the parents of obese children who are almost obese. This represents the family education of these people to ignore the problem of obesity. This is a very serious fact I think. This means that in today’s society, the problem of obesity is not paid much attention to, but the problem of obesity is not solved.

  1. What are the boundaries of the problem?

Obesity is closely related to people’s healthy life. Our lives are filled with too many information elements, these are a way to guide obesity. More, I think obesity is a serious and serious social problem for mankind at present. The problem involves a series of small social problems. Interests, culture and people’s lives. So obesity and healthy living is an indispensable part of human life.

  1. When does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?

The issue of obesity should be followed by capitalism. We can go back to the past, under the conditions of economic underdevelopment in the past, people do not have a lot of food choices, and physical labor is a social phenomenon, so the problem of obesity is very small. When the social economy is better, people have more conditions to choose more food, a lot of delicious food is often accompanied by obesity energy. When the economic and cultural development to today’s society, obesity has further developed. But humans now have this condition to solve this problem, so we should go all out.

  1. Where does it occur?

All over the world.

  1. Why does it occur?

I think that the problem of obesity is largely caused by human beings themselves. The government has no effective policy to deal with this social problem. Our advertising media, fast food culture, and food companies do not care much about people’s health. People will care about their own health, but also a large part of people do not think obesity is a health problem. From the human itself, the emergence of obesity is divided into natural and acquired. It has now been found that a gene that causes obesity, people with this gene than the average person is more likely to gain weight. Another person is fat because of their bad eating habits and life attitude. In any case, obesity can be controlled. Now science has pointed out a variety of ways to avoid obesity, including diet and exercise. On the other hand, because now is the economy and society, there are too many things in our life that affect the social economy. Many stakeholders are not too concerned about people’s health for the sake of their interests.


Draft proposal

For my proposal I was thinking to make an APP for service design.

I think obesity can be avoided from people’s daily life. So what I’m thinking about is helping people avoid everything from life to obesity or unhealthy living. This app will not be too complicated, but must be very useful. Presumably from the choice of healthy food in this area to design.

Post 7 Issue Mapping

Initial Mapping

In the earlier class, we created our issue mapping based on our issue. Because each of our position is different, so we made a big map which covered our own topic. After that we start to analyses the relationship between issue and stakeholders. We were thinking them from human and non-human. I do think this is a very useful step for our research. We could easily see what other’s topics are clearly then we could develop ours more.



Word Associations

In the class, we are required to make a word system “word associations” which I would prefer to call it like a word info collection game. We were working in a group with our issue Obesity and healthy living. We wrote about 75 words totally and finally we chose 5 words for our issue which are profit, discriminate, food packaging, planning, imbalance. We discussed a lot in our group. Then we selected some words and arrange them as different direction which are divisive, unclear definition, emotive and factual. The result was very interesting I think. We also arranged words as influence form heavy to light. This was make sense to our issue. We can find what we need form these mapping. These words were like a data list.

Polemic Map

This exercise we were focusing on the stakeholders we listed before. This task would involve our concepts of our own direction. The foundation map based on specific issues for our different obesity directions. This is a very basic but useful research I think. We tried to analyses our issue form these points. The polemic map we made is for controversial subject based on our topic. There were four topics, which were sugar tax revenue, obesity personal responsibility, disgusted or supportive and children obesity who responsible. Then we selected one of them to map from related stakeholder. From this task, we can easily see the contradiction. And also the interesting thing is we could find some different view of the issue so that we can develop our direction more. The controversy actors map is also useful for us. We detailed each sections and see more info from them.








Post 6 Data Scrapping

The platforms I decide to choose as the web scraper are twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, these two social network can be seen as the most popular social media. Therefore, I can obtain abundant information about ‘Obesity and Healthy Living’ through them.


   In the past, only newspaper, TV or websites are the media. With the appearance of Twitter, it has broken the rule. Twitter is a kind of social networking service which you can send “tweets” with 140 characters. It means that you can post anything interesting anytime and anywhere. Correspondingly, there is information explosion, so I can use the key words or hash tags to search concerned tweets I focus on.



  Facebook is another social networking which people can share anything. Facebook really resembles a spacious net which contains everybody. You may find a friend whom you can lost in touch with on Facebook. In short, you can see various kinds of life of others. Absolutely, I can find the information I need about obesity and healthy living. 


Twitter requires that the maximum you send is 140 characters. Therefore, the content of each tweets will not be too long, and useful information can be got more easily and quickly. Different form twitter, Facebook has richer contents. If more details are needed, the stuff on Facebook will be helpful. The advance of the former one is efficiency, the latter is its rich and detailed contents.


The using of Facebook and twitter is very easy. When I typed the key words “overweight obesity children” in the search bar, within seconds, I can get the information concerned. The left I need to do is to choose those are useful for me.


Firstly, I see there are two seemingly useful tweets. The Sun tweets: NHS pays out £125m for obesity operations. Undoubtedly, obesity has been a big problem for healthy living. Obesity has been a modern disease and develops into a problem which need to be controlled as soon as possible.


Indeed, obesity is a problem, but frequent talking on obesity seems not so good as well. As clicking into the link, I can see another point.


When we talk too much about this obesity epidemic being a problem associated with healthy problems and so on it means weight loss should be a good thing. It is absolutely not correct. In fact, there need to be balanced. The weight should not go to extremes. Being too skinny or fat is exactly the problem.

Secondly, I see the other reason about obesity on Facebook.


It can be seen that obesity is extremely prevalent in poor parts of the world. The reason is that those cheap, sugary processed foods and drinks are more available for children in lower middle-income countries, and, naturally, children are tend to grow fatter.


It is very clear that the reason of obesity depends many factors. It might be caused by food itself or eating habit. With the help of social networking such as Twitter or Facebook, we can get everything there is to know. The next need to do is to discover useful information, to find critical clues, gather background and analyze the present situation. Under this condition, we can figure out the deeper reason, and we can finally know the truth.

Post 3 – Mapping & Image Archive



















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Post 5 – Interview & Probe

My interview is around the topic Obesity in children. I prepared some questions about this issue. I found that my interviewer knows a bit of this topic. We discussed a lot of things about obese people especially the children. We are in the two different culture so that the info we shared could show some good comparison which was very useful for both of our topics. I have asked her something about obese people in Australia. She talked a lot for the situation of this. We both think that kids get obese should relate to the education (family and school). We should protect children from obesity and treat obesity as a cancer, this should be a very serious problem now in Australia.


My probe is a question form which requires my interviewer fill in it with imagination. I think my probe can show the interviewer’s attitude clearly. This was very helpful for my research. She answered these questions very well, I think it provided me lots of good information for my issue.