Blog 10 Reflection and Proposition


During the class, I have proposed one idea to my colleague and my tutor, from my proposal, the feedback was the system design is too complicated, and until now, I have another ideas but I need to have feedback from my tutor, otherwise I cannot start to write this blog post. Therefore, in this blog, I will try to explain my first idea that I talked with my tutor from last week in the class.


My initial ideas focused on service design, I wanted to create one app, I would like to start with the health of citizen who has obesity. Lack of exercise is a major culprit in obesity epidemic. It has be the decade since most of American who work in the field and factory; they like to sit throughout their workdays. This means less exercise for every day. On the basis of one study, just 20% of today’ work require physical activities, and also from the other study, people lives in American just burn 120 to 140 fewer calories one day than they did fifty years ago.


The system that I create would effectively motivate people change their behaviors to address the challenges presented above. Specifically, this app would show people how can the system effectively incorporate intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation or both, this is the internal gamification project design, targeted at the institutional goals of the city government.


To help improve the health condition of people who have obesity by increasing physical activities, I used the internal gamification framework to design the exercise health-tracking app. firstly, in order to involve as many participants as possible, I need to use both intrinsic motivators and extrinsic motivators. To provide all people who have obesity this issue with a good physical examination and present a result with guidance to healthy life handbook and an individual exercise health card. This healthy card will be linked with every cellphone application and also would to redeem the tangible reward. Second, this app also will focus on people habit change by day to day’ activities, I wanted to set up the point system in both online and offline. People who have obesity issue could earn points by learning the health advice from this app, such as the tips: 2L water is good for your health, also attended to participate in each weekday’ collective activity, for example, Monday people need to eat vegetable, and Tuesday people need to ride their bike or walk, go to the gym, such as do some aerobic physical activities, in rush hour, people can walk in stairs instead of using elevator, and also they could buy low calorie food with the healthy discount in shops. The accumulated points would be used to redeem for the equipment, such as jumping rope, the whole healthy food basket or the free gym gift card.


The second idea that is the app reminder, most of people everyday spend long time on staring at their phone in our daily life. But in reality life, the only things that get a workout in either case are thumbs. It does not mean we cannot have health life with our phone, and I created the second app for helping people to have healthier life. If people do not have health life, it would help to remind them to change their activities. Pick one goal, there are so many options, such as lose your weight or eat better, then the app will send the reminders such as please drink one cup of water, feedback to help improve the diet, and simple graphic way to show your progress.






Blog Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


From brainstorm and discuss with group, make me feel this process was so useful in my final design, also after this practice, I understood more information of obesity and healthy living.


 1. Identified Issues


What are the consequences of obesity in America?


Obesity has become one of the global issues, pandemic and a contributor which rising rate of no communicable disease in the world,


  1. Economic implications


Obesity will make the enormous strain to national health systems and economies. It also has negatively impacts on economic growth and development. This issue would decrease the labor productivity and income in the country, as well as increase the health expenditures.


  1. Major health risks implications


Shorter Life Expectancy, people who have obesity issue that Compared to people of normal weight, they have a 50% to 100% increased risk of dying prematurely.


  1. Psychological risk factors implications


Obesity not only can cause depression and anxiety, but also can cause night eating, and Binge eating disorder, which these two are included to Mental Disorders. Also society views obesity is very negatively, and they think people who has obesity are week-willed and unmotivated, this views May cause obese become more anxiety, and substance abuse. Obese would feel people treat them different in interpersonal or work-related, which call discrimination, and they may feel uncomfortable and give up themselves.


  1. Daily Life implications


Normal tasks become harder, because when obese want to move, it will be more difficult and make them feel short of breath. When they go out, public transport seats, telephone booths, and cars may make them feel too small to use, they also may feel more difficult to maintain personal hygiene.


 2. Refined Issue Statement:


How to prevent obesity and have a healthy lifestyle?


I think not only people have well aware of the need to control their weight, but also the social need to use law to control the food industry, because in our environment, which filled with processed foods and junk food advertising, is impossible to deal with. If Without government help, people who have obesity cannot be successful to lose their weight in long term. Social need to have better way to educate obese and children about how to have good way to have healthier diet in their life, and also parents have more responsible to manage their family healthy balance.


From Educational institutions, they can improve lunches and remove the junk food vending machine, and also they can teach nutrition, and teach students how to do menu planning, and meal preparation by themselves when they parents have no time to help them cook meals. Students can learn how to have healthier options when it comes to plan what should they eat for meals.


I also believe, parents would do more to help their children, they can cook at home, and choose smaller portion while have meal out, they also can develop more healthy food for their children to carry with them, and make they have fitness and better lifestyle behaviors, parents life behaviors can affect their children, set a good example, manage themselves, make good lifestyles, they moral thinking, speech and deportment so that children will have a profound impression, it will result in a subtle role.


Moreover, the general public can learned how to buy less processed food, and also know how to read labels and avoid hidden sugars, they also can understand the aware of how many calories they are ingesting, and they can enjoy cooking at home. From food companies, if they wanted to keep profits up, they need to create healthier products.



  1. Practical Solution




For my design proposal, I want to design something which can help people who have obesity issue have been alleviated and also help people can have healthier daily life.


I am also considering

  1. Generative design

  2. Service design

  3. Data visualization

Blog Post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response


This blog I will talk about brainstorming practice in our group, at that class, tutors Write down four question and we needed to answer them relate to our topic issue.


  1. Who Does the problem effect?
  2. What are the boundaries of the problem?
  3. When does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?
  4. Where does it occur?
  5. Why does it occur?


  1. Who does the problem affect?


From my research information and opinion, I’ve summarized them below. the key stakeholders who in this issue are processed food manufacturers, national government, Social Media, Irresponsible parents, some politician and capitalism ,for example. Michelle Obama, Even her “Let’s Move” campaign against childhood obesity started out nobly but got felled by lobbying and politics. Michelle allows food manufacturer to work with her, and she talked people trust they could create the helpful change, and then used the change as the marketing tools to sell more reformulated processed foods. Moreover, from the Parental leadership, some parents do not have responsible who just saying eating healthy is too expensive, this talk is just a lame shallow excuse. They use the mistake-based education to teach their children, and they put them at risk of obesity, as one family said that, if we didn’t give him food, others would. In addition, as you know, online advertising provides company with the much cheaper way for kids and adolescents to spend more time exposed to advertising for the same unhealthy junk food seen on the television.


  1. What are the boundaries of the problem?


The obesity issue that is made that our environment, everywhere around us, filled with numerous processed foods and junk food advertising, are impossible to deal with. Without government, people who have obesity issue just can not be successful long term to loss their weight. In addition, the food manufacturers at some level, they do care about people’ health. And the more people care about their healthy living, the more they do care about how to earn people’ money.


  1. When does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?


Capitalism appears with colonial masters when Europeans which take control of people’ economy. The new system encourages people stop growing their food and started to produce, such as coffee for export. Moreover, if people do not want to grow food, they need to buy them. Capitalism is trying to get people to buy things that they do not need, which of course includes foods. Then people have been put at risk of obesity because capitalism encourages them to over-eat. They need to fix this issue as possible as they can.


  1. Where does it occur?

All over the world


  1. Why does it occur?


At the individual level, the issue seems deceptively simple – the issue of obesity is caused by too many calories in and not enough calories out.


In reality level, because the balancing energy intake with has become a population issue, the food marketing pressures, the transformation of the global food supply, mechanisation of labor and transportation and the concurrent shifts in Different cultures background and human activity lifestyle.


We work with group by using brainstorming, this way which can improve the collaboration and increase the quantity of our ideas, the process started with our same topic obesity and health living, and each group member brainstorm individually, after we said to each other our topic and issue we have answered these five questions, then all the ideas were merged into the large mind map, I thought this step is very important, in this consolidation phase, because when we discuses the same topic, all of us can share our own ideas and give inspiration to each other, and also can discover the common understanding of our own issue. During this way of share ideas, all the new ideas would arise by association, and then we begin to add all the ideas to the new mind map, then we started to help each other create new mind map, this type of brainstorming which removed all cause for conflict and constrains conversations, and write something which are useful for our idea of design.


All of us asked to adopt the same period of time while can contribute our ideas to the central mind map drawn by the pre-appointed scribe. Moreover, we also can think about the similar issue and collectively create greater growth. After this mind map, we have the clear understanding of what we need to do, and also what would happen next and the ability to visualize the combine future focus, also we would get better goal of group.


In addition, after class, we need to create individual brainstorming, which means we can have free writing, word association and create the mind map. Using this way, is not just trying to come up with immediate answer and short term to solve the issue, also need to create the framework for constructing future action plan and need to prioritize them to research the best solution.


Blog Post 7: Issue mapping


In week 2-class exercise, our group created the first mind map which showed each group member our topic issue and explain the idea of our topic, then we created each issue mind map together. After that, we stated to create the second mind map showing connection between of stakeholder, we divided them into human and non-human. Looking back these basic mind maps, they really show to me a wealth of information and also compare with another mind maps, there is much new information has been added.





After this practice, we were keeping creating the new way of mind map in week 4 class, called “word associations”. We Around the same topic ‘ obesity and healthy living’ to write our own key words which associated with the first time, each of us need to write down about 25 words, and we collect them together then from this step I have learn so many new points for my issue topic. In addition, we write about 80 words, and then we worked around to pick up five words that really help our own topic. I have chosen discrimination, profit, unbalanced, nutrition and life style as my key words. Then we also Analysis of the words that people choose, we pick out them, and found that, from people who have obesity, they usually have An unhealthy lifestyle, Junk food is a cause for obesity and also Obesity can lead to larger discrimination.





In week 5-class practice, we focus on a case about different groups and honed in different select stakeholder and also involve specific groups, organisation and the concept of each field, which can relate to the stakeholder that we list them before. From the first mind map was the foundation of map, we wrote down the four key words, which are places, emotion, behaviour and object. From these map, we could really focused on the specific issues within our different obesity issues and I have learned how can obesity affect people’ emotion, and it May stimulate different emotions, these problems usually occurred in which different areas.




Then the second mind map which called polemic map, firstly, we written down Controversial subject from our topic issue, there were four topic, which were sugar tax revenue, obesity personal responsibility, disgusted or supportive and children obesity who responsible. Then we picked up one issue and mapped it with different perspectives of stakeholders, and also we found out different emotions and motivations. From these map before, We did not see and discuss controversial opposite of each side, after this exercise, we had interesting dissect and also find out there are so many different ideas and issues With different fields. Moreover, we also find out the stakeholders have tensions and conflict with each other.





At the last step, we have created the mind map called “Controversy Actors” which surround different issues, associates, different values, politic and capacities. From this mind map, I got more information to help me In-depth understanding and analysis problems of my topic.




It was really useful and clear practice that helps our group to Analysis and anatomy different problems what we have from obesity. I have to get more inspiration and ideas’ from my group members. We help each other’s problems, given different views and analysis. This map also can visually map different issues of obesity and the connections of different stakeholders and perspectives also make us understand how can the effects of obesity on different field or group.


Blog Post 6: Scraping the web for data


Web scraping is one of the specific tools that are used to develop for the extracting information from Internet. People also call it as website harvest tool or the extraction tool for website data. These different tools are useful for any areas and people who want to collect some specific data forms from Internet. Web scraping which also the new data entry technique does not require repetitive typing or copy.

Web Scraping software are trying help people find new data by manually or automatically, getting new or updating data and keeping them for users easy to read them. Web scraping tools can be used for unlimited purposes but for the average user. Web Scraping can used for helping people Collect Data for the Market, Extract Contact Information, and Track Prices from Multiple Markets ect.

The first web-scraping tool I used to help my research is Twitter Advanced search. From twitter advance search that I can find out the recent information, images and trending topic which relate to my key word. I wanted to scrape on twitter data that is able to relate to obesity, the effects of obesity and the public’s voice.


屏幕快照 2016-09-05 7.49.03 pm


From the previous data, I just know some of the basic reason for the obesity, after using Twitter Advanced search; I got more information about the reasons of obesity and influence. A lack of energy balance is one of the reasons that can cause obesity, energy balance which means people energy in equals their energy out. Also second one is medicine that can cause people become overweight. Before I felt confuse about this point, after Scraping the web for data in twitter, I have known some medicines which can increase people appetite or keep their body to hold more water, such as antidepressants. Emotional Factors also can cause obesity, Some people eat more than usual when they feel bored, angry, or stressed. In addition, Smoking also can cause overweight, Age may also make people become fatter and fatter, as people getting older, and they tend to lose muscle, especially if they have less active. Pregnancy and Lack of Sleep also make people become overweight.


屏幕快照 2016-09-05 7.55.25 pm


The second web scraping tool I used Data Pipeline to help me research the information. Although Data Pipeline is similar as twitter advanced search in the sense archives all the information into an Excel sheet and categorizes the information.


屏幕快照 2016-09-05 8.12.50 pm


On data pipeline I conducted an advanced search on two topics, the first relates to obesity American and junk food, and I also want to find something relate between these two key words.


屏幕截图 2016-09-06 20.38.33


On data pipeline I conducted an advanced search on two topics, the first relates to obesity American and junk food, and I also want to find something relate between these two key words. I found that many resources from it, most of them think that obesity is an uncomfortable topic in American Family. They also think grain-based desserts make up the top source of calories in American diet (with 66% obesity).


屏幕快照 2016-09-05 8.15.29 pm


From this web scrapping practice assisted me in the further researching my own topic in the new and specific way go through analysing talk what happening on the wide web. By web scraping I also find that most of information on the topic of the formation of obesity, Consequences of Obesity and Treatment Options. Data that helped users understand how can people relate to the topic and explain they positive or negative opinions. When we researching one topic, one of the most important things is to know where the information come from and what the majority thinking. Through this practice I have learnt the big data research from the Internet that can be the most helpful tool in collecting and analysing information on a specific topic.


Blog Post 5: Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography

Obesity & Healthy living

  1. What steps do you think people need to take to help them as well as prevent obesity?


I think in infancy, mother needs to have reasonable for their daily meal because all the things that she eats can be transferred to their children through breast milk, so parents should prepare good breastfeeding. Secondly, Preventing Obesity from Children to Adolescents, there are two sides, on the one hand, some of young people become obese because they do not do enough physical activity and they always with poor eating habit, on the other hand, some of them because of genetics or mental issues. People who get obesity, they need to work to change their family eating habits and activity rather than focusing on weight. Parents also need to encourage their children to drink water, in daily meals eat fruits and vegetables and Encourage physical activity. For adults, they need to improve their own eating habits and increasing physical activity everyday.


  1. What do you think is the leading cause of obesity today?


  1. The genes they inherit from their parents
  2. How well can people’ body turns food into their energy
  3. People’ eating and exercising habits
  4. People’ surroundings
  5. People’ Psychological factors


  1. What Are the Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity?


I think We can start from different aspects, firstly, from major health risks, people who get overweight, most of them may have shorter life expectancy, because I have seen some articles about obesity, they compare with people who have normal weight, they have more than 50% risk of dying prematurely. They can get disease easier, such as Diabetes, arthritis, High blood pressure ect. Secondly, they also have Risks to psychological and social well being, when people have overweight, they also easy get Negative self-image. From their daily life, they may find their life will be Difficulties with day-to-day, for example, when they just want to go out, they may find walk for them become very difficult.


  1. What Role Should Government Play in Combatting Obesity?


I think Government can encourage schools offer health literacy meals during their meals time. And also require institution and restaurant to list all the food’ Nutritional Information, such as calories, sugar, protein and fiber. Also encourage educational institutions to provide the free exercise rooms at their empty places.



  1. Do you believe fast food restaurants should be held legally responsible for the obesity?


I think we need to see different sides, both of them have responsible. From the fast food restaurants, yes, they do use saturated fatty acid to cook food, because they serve extremely unhealthy food, like McDonald’s for instance. They put a special chemical in their fries to make it look fresh. If they use unsaturated fatty acid, it will cost catering industry much money. Because they are afraid to lose money, moreover, they’re being seduced by the cheap prices and “tasty &juicy” burgers on the commercials. If they use unsaturated fatty acid, it will cost catering industry much money. Because they are afraid to lose money, sure we all have choices but not everything we want is cheap. If society could afford to eat healthier, I am sure that many would choose to eat that way.



  1. How does our nation’s obesity problem impact the economy? 


I think obesity issue can cost a lot of money, from direct costs, which means the health service delivery to treat obesity-related health problems, such as the cost of hospitalization. Also the obesity also has indirect costs, for example, when people have obesity, they may have temporarily or permanently leave work for health reasons.



  1. Is there a connection between obesity and depression, or other psychological problems?


From my opinion, the relationship between obesity and common mental health disorders is complex. Obesity may have a direct impact on psychological well-being, and maybe lead to depression, eating disorders, distorted body image and low self-esteem.


People when they have obesity problem, people they may have Discrimination against them, and they may have poor mental health and this also lead to they with worst unhealthy lifestyle choices and it will increase their appetite. Because when people have negative thoughts, they want to reduce the social support, they may self-abandoned.



Blog Post 3: Mapping the participants and constructing an image archive

Obesity & Healthy living


Mapping the participants 

group mind map
group mind map
human and non-human mind map


influence mind map


Constructing an image archive

Design Focus, 2014, outdoor: children obesity, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].



This poster is talking about children obesity issue, what do you think about children’ body condition, are they overweight or all right, according to research, if you think they are all right, you are the same as most of parents in American.

Moreover, I have watched one news from Daily mail in the United States, an 11 years old boy who has overweight and his parents has been arrested on a child abuse trial. From my point of view I did not feel shocked when I saw this news because I think parents have responsible to keep their kids healthy and this action is right to arrest parent for abuse in such extreme case.


Juraj Kotian, 2014, Fast Food / Anti-Fast Food Posters, Available at, [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].


This poster is about Anti-Fast Food Posters, fast food this word was known in 1950s in American, which means to serve people food by very quick way. And also served to customers in the packaged form for take away, however, fast food chains have been disputes over their definition and classification. They also cause healthy disease, alleged animal cruelty, employees exploitation ect.

From the poster, I think this is a great concept and photography; however, even the fast food is not good, I think the word “shit” does not make people have strong response and also does not make message stronger. The great concept I don’t think its need swearing to amplify the content. Not a fan of the typography either.


Oluseyi Segun, 2014, Fast Food / Anti-Fast Food Posters, Available at [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
This photo is showing us one girl is smoking saccharin,and the pill bottles scatter on the table, In fact, she does not use a lot illegally obtained drug, but junk food is the easiest thing to addictive as any drug pills. This girl is inundated is perfectly legal by fast food.

Fast food, I think it also can be treated as drug, because it also can make people deadly that compare with any pills. Moreover, this also is one of the reason, how can people who are obesity killed by junk food.

The people deaths from obesity now, more than people deaths in starvation all around the world, and from this poster I worry about the generation healthy in the future.


Anthony Makar, 2015, Liberation from Body Shame, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
From this image, I can see two ladies stood together, one with healthy body, and the other with bloated body, many different words around their bodies, also from these words, can also reflect the inside the idea from people in social. Overweight and obesity are popular and serious issues in the social consequences. Usually, people who have overweight and obese are always target of bias and stigma in different areas.

For example, people who get overweight have more negative evaluation, such as lazy, Less competent, Lack of self-control, Response is slow etc, On the contrary, people who has healthy body, Usually get a positive evaluation, such as sunshine, confident, Strong self-discipline ect.

Francesca Pillon, 2014, Fast Food / Anti-Fast Food Posters, Available at , [Accessed 20 Au
From this advertising, I can see designer use handwriting with ketchup, ‘ you are what you eat’, then after seeing this, I stop eating my cookie, I think this advertising affect me very deeply, I think I need to manage my life turns to become better.

Firstly, I found that, I make myself eat the wrong food, and now I need to eat healthy food, otherwise I will get over weight, and I won’t give myself excuses, acting now, people need to change their life before the bad behavior changes us. It will be too late if we get disease from obesity.


Somoinsightstudy 2016年,你是你吃什么,可在[访问的2016年年8月20日。
Somoinsightstudy, 2016, You Are What You Eat, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
This poster is talking about breastfeeding, Slogan is: ‘ your child eats what you eat’, this poster design which from Brazil’s Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS). They are trying to tell new mother, they need to eat more healthy food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables rather than junk food. They said they will do it but they already start eating junk food when they are pregnant.

I think all the new mothers have responsible to keep eating healthy food, when they are pregnant, they should not eat something that just make themselves happy and comfortable, and their babies toward a lifetime of obesity.



Alvatros, 2010, Fast Food / Anti-Fast Food Posters, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
This photo is talking about one lady, She put lost dog revelation post in the side of the wall, but her puppy is Sandwiched between her hips, This is a humorous comic, But behind this comic as we can see the obesity can make people get so many trouble in their daily life, People tend to ignore their health issues, maybe one day, their health problem will also bring problem to their family members and the people around them.


安东尼丹尼斯,2010年,如何能安心在牛类,可用AT<  HTTP://故事e6frer3o-1225960926849],[访问的2016年8月20日。
Anthony Dennis, 2010, How to be comfortable in cattle-class, Available at <, [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
I have seen this new from the telegraph in UK, this news is talking about Extra legroom could become a legal right on US planes, As Phil Bloomfield points out, if increase the space between seats, it will decrease the number of the seats in airplane, The subsequent, it also will decrease the average revenue of each airplane. So all the airlines will increase each seat cost to offset the extra cost.

However, I think when we have travel by taking airplane, comfortable safety both are the most important part. I have heard one funny thing from my uncle, he lives in New York with his family, when they went to travel one time with my aunt by airplane, the airline charged him more money than my aunt, the reason is he is obesity, it will cost more compare with another people in airplane, on the other hand, they also decrease the cost from my aunt because she has healthy body.


Dan Thorne, 2013, Heavy airline passengers should pay more, suggests proposed pay-as-you-weigh scheme, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
This news similar as the last news I have seen from the magazine, Heavy airline passengers should pay more, suggests proposed pay-as-you-weigh scheme, Norwegian academic suggest that, airline in the future can charge more money from passengers who have obesity.

I think this suggest is good because people passengers spend same price to buy the ticket they should enjoy the same treatment, if people who have obesity siting around them, they may feel discomfort during the journey. This is not discrimination; I think every consumer has the right and obligation to enjoy the trip when they spend the same money.



Grafiket Adworks,2010年,Diyet Bakkal印刷广告,可在[访问的二零一六年八月二十零日。
Grafiket Adworks, 2010, Diyet Bakkal Print Ad, Available at , [Accessed 20 Aug 2016].
This is advertising from Turkey designer who create this poster, he Hope that people can begin to Attach importance to obesity issue. He created button as football in shirt, the buttonhole is a people who get obesity, this shirt design can always remind people when they are getting fat, it also means, when they get fatter, the people who in the buttonhole can not play the football.





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Somo in sight study, 2016, You Are What You Eat, viewed 20 Aug 2016,





Blog Post 4: The Wellness Wristband

Obesity & Healthy living





Health is not about going to the gym three times a week, which is thousands of little decisions you can make in your daily life, it is also is what you do in your ‘healthy times’.


Travis Bogard points out, people know their phone more than their own health considers, so how can we do can make them to take care of their wellness? Finally, the company called Jabone, which create one product to solve the problem. The UP wristband can work with smartphone and web to help people monitor consumers exercise habit, sleep cycle and eating decision.


The UP is not a simple passive monitoring device of health. For example, when people use this wristband, it can remind them to stand up and keep moving around when they have been sedentary for long time. Moreover, the UP could help people who are with chaotic lifestyles that result in irregular eating as well as sleeping patterns, which can help log their food and drink consumption, and provide the nutritional information.


Jawbone Releases UP, A Wristband For Tracking Your Wellness, 2012, Available at [Accessed 16 Aug 2016]. < http:// www. for-tracking-your-wellness>
<; [Accessed 16 Aug 2016].

The UP wristband is made from TPU and Stainless Steel, TPU have many different features, such as suppleness, wear-resisting and waterproof, for example, when people go to swim, it can track the swimming session and also taking shower. Even though, this produce is multifunctional, the weight of it just only 29 grams.


In a diverse country,the UP not only can help people change them to better daily life, but also can attaches great importance to one’s own body and health considers, in addition, it also can help people who are obesity or diets fail, have a good arrangement of reasonable diet. People who get busy time would not complain that there is no time to do exercise or eat health food; children can also form a healthy habit by themselves without their family. The UP is Involve different areas of the design.





Cliff, K., 2012, Jawbone Releases UP, A Wristband For Tracking Your Wellness

, 16 Aug 2016,



Frank, 2013, Walking, Jumping and Resting, for the Record, 16 Aug 2016,


Urban, 2015, Jawbone UP3, Release Date, Advanced Features, 16 Aug 2016,




Blog Post 2: The impact of obesity in the United States

Obesity & Healthy living


In the U.S., apart from the tobacco tar,obesity is the second only compare with tobacco in the number of death in causes every year, and all over the world, the obesity effects also are deep and vast and they have real and lasting impaction communities.

Obesity would affect people’ social life and emotional, which include discrimination, lower income, poor life quality, and also people may easier to depression. As Andrea points out, obesity have identified at least have four major categories linked with the economic impact. The first is direct medical, the productivity, the transportation and the last one is human capital.


Incidence of diseases associated with obesity

Firstly, people who death in obesity now may exceed that of tobacco soon. Obesity will causes or damage the health conditions, such as heart disease, stoke, high blood pressure, asthma, infertility and more than 11 types of cancers. This also make the medical expenses skyrocketed.


Medical costs associated with incidence of obesity-related diseases

The government needs to pay higher health insurance premiums and extra medical costs. also from the other changes, they also need to increase the cost of medical equipment, they need to stronger sickbeds and operating tables, change the sitting toilets to squatting pot,also they make more larger Mortuary.


Productivity costs: Absenteeism, Presenters, Disability and Health insurance

In addition, from the other article also mentions that, the employee who have obesity, they most likely getting paid for it, but they do not do the work they need to do. For example, they always absenteeism and presenters the reason is obesity workers always have physical and mental health conditions and also negatively affect productive ability. Moreover, obesity workers also lead to higher rates of disability benefit payments and then welfare will loss in the health insurance market.


Transportation costs:

Andrea points out, in addition to obesity impact on medical costs, and productivity, obesity also can affect the transportation spending. In Americans, more obesity people will cost more fuel and, potentially, also they need larger vehicles to transport people who have obesity. It also will make greater greenhouse gas emissions and environmental contamination.


Human capital accumulation

Obesity also will affect by Social stigmatization, from the article, there also mentions that, obesity causes discrimination in work places. Employers have specific way to avoid hire people who are obesity because people usually think obesity people compare with the other people, they have fewer skills, less productive, lazy, disorganized and they are not inactive.

From the article, author mentions that, American obesity epidemic is causing significant recruiting problems for military, about in three young adults all around U.S., they are too fat to enlist, Obesity Epidemic a Threat to U.S. Military Personnel and National Security.







Andrea, E. C., 2003, Weight Discrimination: The Effects of Obesity on Employment and Promotion, 7 Aug 2016,



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Blog Post 1: Obesity And Healthy Living

Obesity & Healthy living

Article 1: Poverty and Obesity in the U.S.

By James A. Levine 2010



Iliad Outline: Image ID: 29639, SiOWfa15: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy. (2015), Available at: <;, [Accessed 3 Aug 2016].


This article was written by James A. Levine, from magazines DIABETES, VOL. 60, NOVEMBER 2011, the authors expose the relationship between poverty and obesity in American, The study authors said that like so many people believe that obesity is caused almost exclusively by the unhealthful daily diet and, genetic or lack of exercise. However, from author’s opinion, he mentions that, there also is connection between poverty and obesity.

As I learned from the article, the reviewed which across about 3,139 counties in American, they found that the most prone to be obesity is in the most poverty dense counties, and also the poverty rates are more greater 145% compare with the wealthy counties.

James thought that, one of the reasons is people who live in impoverished regions are very difficult to get the fresh food, also this phenomenon called ” food deserts “. Moreover, I think that, in poverty areas, people also have no enough source of income to access affordable healthy food, that is why the abundance of fast food in low-income areas.

James also mention that, the parks and sports facilities are less available to people who live in poverty countries, and people may be less able to afford gym membership, sport clothing or exercise equipment. I think these are the reasons that, why people live in poor areas maybe more sedentary and bear greater obesity burdens.

I also find that, there is a link between obesity, inactivity and poverty, because people live in poor areas with low income, they do not have abundant conditions to make their body healthy, and it leads to obesity. And obesity may also cause different disease, in addition, 27% of people living in American without private or government health insurance, they cannot receive timely treatment, and it may intensify the illness.



Ross, A. H. & Ruth, L., 2010, The economic impact of obesity in the United States, Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes, viewed 3 Aug 2016,<>.

Article 2: Solutions to obesity: perspectives from the food industry

By Patricia Verduin, Sanjiv Agarwal, and Susan Waltman 2015



Iliad Outline: Image ID: 34-6, HOW TO FIND TIME FOR SPECIAL MOMENTS. (2014), Available at: <;, [Accessed 3 Aug 2016].

This article is written by Patricia Verduin, Sanjiv Agarwal, and Susan Waltman, From ConAgra Foods Inc, Omaha, NE, © 2005 American Society for Clinical Nutrition.

From the article, as author mentions that, obesity has become one of the epidemic and important public health concerns all around the world, because this issue is multidimensional, the solutions should related in food industry, government, academia and health care provider. The most important role in issues is consumer the reason is the consumers can make their own healthy lifestyle choices at individual level.

Firstly, author pointed out because consumers always feel confused with conflicting messages which about fat carbohydrate, protein and calories, Instead of this they care more about taste, quality, convenience and price of the food choices. Author thought that, the good clarity of food that can help consumers makes responsible dietary decisions.

Moreover, authors mention that, the food industry should also help consumers make the healthy food choices. The food industries need to be committed to give consumers the clear, consistent and honest food product information as well as they also needs to work with nutrition education, science based communities and government. They also can improve consumer’s nutrition awareness.

From this article, as I can see, to help fight the battle against obesity, food industry, government, academia and the medical community need to work together to help consumers improve their nutrition education, and also help them know how to make the healthier food choices.



Patricia, V., Sanjiv, V. & Susan, W., 2005, Solutions to obesity: perspectives from the food industry, American Society for Clinical Nutrition, viewed 3 Aug 2016,<>.


Article 3: The Changing Shape of America’s Youth: Combating Childhood Obesity Using the School Nurse

By Kayla J. Moneyheffer 2012



Iliad Outline: Image ID: 34-6, Nina De San. (2015),  Available at: <;, [Accessed 3 Aug 2016].


From the article, Kayla points out more and more children are at the higher risk of early death the reason is childhood obesity. Although it can preventable and treatable, childhood obesity is still the epidemic. She also mention that, school nurse is always work with educator to teach students and their families how to make better nutrition and healthier choices.

This author analyzes the reasons of leading to obesity; one of the reasons is a child who lives in this technological world, affecting the rise of their obesity. They spend more time on watching TV, computer games and social media. They do not have enough time for physical activities. In addition, more and more fast food, vending machines and processed foods that are easy make children have wrong choices without their families’ guidance.

Also from the article, author mentions that, the role of school nurses that help decrease the childhood obesity’ incidence and equip children with knowledge and tool necessary to make them the lifelong lifestyle. School nurse is required to support to help counseling students, families, school personnel, or health agencies.

As I see, all the families hope to know their children’ health conditions, and they think that obesity of children can be prevented and treated from school treatment program, guiding their children also themselves.



Kayla, J. M., 2012, The Changing Shape of America’s Youth: Combating Childhood Obesity Using the School Nurse, viewed 3 Aug 2016, <>.


Article 4: The Obesity Epidemic in America and the Responsibility of Big Food Manufacturers

By Janelle R. Stanish 2010



McDonald’s Considering 3D Printing For Happy Meal Toys. (2015), Available at: <;, [Accessed 3 Aug 2016].

Millions of people who live in American are obesity, so from this article, Janelle questioning and posing problems, ‘ who is fault? Is it because people become more and more lazy, and irresponsible with their food choices? She points out, the food industry, which miraculously has escaped talking the brunt of the fault for several years, they use fast food as the scapegoat. Even though, the food choices, lack of exercise and genetic dispositions are all the important players in people’s obesity. Moreover, author also find out that, every year, the food industries spend billions of dollars to improve their produces, packaging design, advertising and marketing techniques which entice consumers to buy more and more food, which means more sell more profits.

This remind me, when I was child, McDonald always add free toys with children meals, I wanted to get the toy, I have to buy the children meal, and if want collect them all, need to buy everyday. According to Burg, “Advertising of fruits and vegetables is almost non-existent,” as author, said that, children and Teenager know snacks from television, and the nutritionist and government argue that, it should be consumed either in moderation, occasionally, or in the small portion.

I think, although there are so many reasons to become obesity, such as over eating, wrong food choices, genetic disposition, and lack exercise, the food industry also have responsible. They can make the significant contributions to reduce obesity by less sugar or unhealthy food; they can show the transparent with nutritional information help consumers have the healthier choices as well as less false and misleading advertising. Maybe one day, we can move towards to the healthier future.



Janelle, R. S., 2010, The Obesity Epidemic in America and the Responsibility of Big Food Manufacturers, viewed 3 Aug 2016, <>.


Article 5: 7 Surprising Effects of Obesity

By Liz Neporent  2013



Fat Superheroes by Carlos Dattoli. (2013), Available at: < >, [Accessed 3 Aug 2016].


From the article, as Liz said that, there are more than 36% people are considered obese, and also she list seven ways that may influence people’s life, the seven problems which including people living, healthy, family and income.

First: more cancer.

People who are obesity, they are always diagnosed in die from cancer more than the people who are thinner. Because of the excess fat cells increase the hormonal activity that lead to tumor growing. Liz said that, from the data of recover people, people who lose their weight would help diminished the risk of cancer.

Second: Infertility Increases

From the article, Liz mentions that, the women who get overweight may have a hard time to get pregnant. She also said that, obesity is also an inflammatory, and this can decrease the fertility. They took 300 women who have obese in Indian, there are more than 90% of them have polycystic ovarian cancer, and then when they loss the weight, they recover from the disease.

Third: Premature Birth Risk

When obesity women who have pregnant, the concern still is not over, as the Journal of the American Medical Association study found that, the over weight women also may increase them have the preterm baby. As Liz speculates that, there are too much fat would inflame and also the uterine and cervical membranes would become weak.

Fourth: less shut eyes

Moreover, from the report of obesity Americans, they have problem with sleep. Also American Sleep Foundation survey found that, if without enough sleeping, it will cause diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and, ironically, obesity itself.

Fifth: Tough Love

Even though people also joke about obesity people, fat people stigma is not laughing matter. A Yale study found that over weight is one of the reasons for people who are bullied at any different age and these who are bullied become lower self-esteem, also they become much higher level of depression and suicide.

Sixth: Medical Gap

From Liz studies have found that more than 70% people who are overweight, they have been shamed or bullied in doctor’s offices. On the other hand, more than 50% doctors also found that, from their patients, people who get obesity, they are more awkward, weak-willed and unlikely to comply with the hospital treatments. In addition, A negative reception from the healthcare provider which is especially detrimental to people who are overweight. From patients’ side, if their doctors are overweight, people will less apt to follow what do the doctors say.

Seventh: Shrinking Wallet

According to author that, compare with overweight women, Slimmer women have more income, and also, In a University of Florida study, they mentions that, women who have 25 pounds less than a group average, could earn $15,572 each year more than women who with the normal weight and who tipped a scales at 25 pounds above average weight, the income’ average is $13,847 less than the average weight female.



Liz, N., 2013, 7 Surprising Effects of Obesity, viewed 3 Aug 2016,<>.