Blog 9 – Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

On week 6, we worked individually to compose the specific problem. My issues question is ” how to let people understand the importance of biodiversity and how biodiversity effect our daily life. As I mentioned in blog 8, the relationship between human daily life and biodiversity is a linked system. Biodiversity keep our farming land ecosystem balance, and farming products are necessities for our lives.

The following is a visual documentation of our brainstorm process based our findings through past weeks.


The first map is talking about a question ” why biodiversity is important?”. I mapped 3 main reasons for this question which is “biodiversity keeps ecosystem balance” providing human daily necessities” and ” inspiration of human thinking”. I mapped some facts to support my opinion, Biodiversity is really important.

The second map shows the some facts about how biodiversity linked to human daily life from food supply, industry and human health 3 aspects. there are many detailed information to expound the my issue.

The last map is based on 5 questions of “what” “where””how””why””when”, I make it more like a simple research summary of my past weeks work. Biodiversity is closed linked to human’s lives and this ecosystem changed start from when it existing, but human activity is making it speeding and unacceptable. IT is why human need to pay more attention on this issue and think about solution.


The strength of mapping out this question is about logical relationship between biodiversity and human lives. Because there are broad example able to researched with very clear standpoints and factual basis, I m able to select the most useful information from  huge database. These information primly support me to mapping around my issue. And also, after sharing my opinion to my group members, all of them are agree with “biodiversity is very important to human lives”, which means most people have same viewpoint about this issues. This is easy for me to get positive feedback for my design project.

The weakness of mapping is although I got huge number of research and information, but most of them have the same viewpoint and theoretical foundation, that means it is hard to investigate deeply about this problem. Also, after past weeks work, I realized if people would to  work with this issue deeply, they need some certain professional  knowledge on this area to support research. So, I feel actually all my research still floating on the surface. For example, working on this issues is like easy to understand 1-10, but it is going to be difficult to understand 10-100.



Blog 8 : Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

In week 6, our group continued to brainstorm about  our issue, based on the past 6 weeks mapping and research exercises,  we start to think about our issue  deeply, working with group  really improved my thinking because I can acquire more ideas from different people.  Different group members has specific  aspect, so we started to think individually about  our issues and got feedback after.My issue is focused on the losing biodiversity and investigate few solutions to fix this problem.

In week 6 tutorial, we were asking to individually respond  to the 5 question of “who, what, when, where and why in relation to our issues. These 5 questions helped us to have a better understanding of our issues, it is also a guild for next tasks.

What are the boundaries of the problem?

The boundary of losing issue is relationship between ecosystem balance and human activities. based on the report of species extinction, human activates is the main reason of accelerating extinction.  although lost species is a part of ecosystem,  human activities is making it unacceptable, therefore , we need find balance between developing of human society  and nature environment.


when dose the problem occur?

As I mention above, lost species is a part of ecosystem, but activities is making it unacceptable. Based on my research, since industrial society started, human activity also started to involve in ecosystem, so the problem occurred, and more and more  serious year by year.


who does the problem affect?

Biodiversity is an important global environment problem, it related to all lives on our planet both human and non-human. As stakeholder of this issue, this problem effect us a lot. losing biodiversity brought us big damage, rabbit is a good example after European brought them to Australia. Local biodiversity effect our farming industry, farming industry impact economy of society and food supply, these 2 aspects is closely linked to our daily life, that means biodiversity  really affected everyone living on this planet. And also, biodiversity is the reason of ecosystem balance, so actually, every single species is affected by this problem.


where does it occur?

Losing biodiversity problem occur the place where human activities get involved in nature ecosystem. More human activities involved, more this issue occur, the problem will be worse.

why is this issue important?

as I mention in above, biodiversity is closely linked to our daily lives, furthermore, this problem affect our future generations, it relate to the development of human beings in the future.

Once each group members  had articulated problem statement , we begun to brainstorm design response and asking feedback each other. In terms of our brainstorm and design experience, I outline 5 possibilities for potential design response to the problem statement.

  • emotionally effect people’s thinking and understanding of this issue
  • list the facts, examples and detailed number of losing biodiversity to let people understand how serious this problem is
  • simulate a future if we lost biodiversity for the whole world, so people will understand what will happen if this problem will not be fixed.
  • create some scenarios about what if we lost some particular species, how our daily life will be effected, for example, bee.
  • create website which has educational function with data visualization and interactive response, this website will communicate the information both in emotion and physic aspect.

draft proposal

A website of helping people understand biodiversity is really important and closely linked to our daily life.

This web page will focus on user experience and divide to 4 different section. Each section has specific function.

Section 1, interactive map.

In this section, I will  map, the map will show the place of human in ecosystem, audience can cross off one or some species in this map, and there will be a scenario of if we lose the  crossed species, what will effect ourselves

Section 2   Facts

this part will list some species which is endangered, using  data visualization to tell the facts of population remaining and the percentage population decline in last 10 years. if audience click one of the species, there will be a story of how human activities make the number of this species decrease rapidly. Those horrible number and story  with visual support, audience will be emotionally moved.

Another part of section 2  will illustrate some example to tell people what damage we had because of the losing biodiversity.

Section 3  what we lost

this part will have some photos about  illegal haunting and illegal trading. the photo should  highly effect audience emotion, and deliver the message ” when the buying stops, the killing can too”

the main aim of this design is to help people understand the importance of biodiversity, and pay more attention for the problem of losing biodiversity.

POST 4: Identifying and collecting a design example


ASPECT Studios is recently working in the emerging area of Living Architecture in Australia.“Living Architecture” is the integration of plants and water with built form. It includes green roofs, green facades, and green walls. Based on recent environmental issues,Living Architecture is now being recognised in Australia as a critical concept in responding to climate change and the increased demand of water and energy in our cities.

They use real plants called Victorian Desalination Plant as a part of building materials to achieve the concept of “living”. And the idea of Living Architecture is not only to make buildings’ environment more comfortable and nature, but also reflect the issue of “ the real nature out there is being damaged and our living environment is getting worse” ,also notice human we need to take some actions to protect our nature environment .

POST 7: Issue mapping

by having the experience of mapping excise, we learned that there are a lot of aspect in our society relate to our environmental issue. In recent years, environment issues become more serious as speed development of region economic. It is an important measure of social development that protects the environment and maintains ecological balance. It is also the duty of every citizen. In the environmental science, it is stated that environment is the room around human and all kinds of natural factors that affects human life and development directly.

my research is based on the issue of Biodiversity,  these maps shows there are lots of group people is rally involved, such as government department , public organisation  even individual person. Good things is many people are pay attention to this environmental problem, they want to make some changes and already started. Human activities play a important role in our environmental issue. Biodiversity effects lots part of human society , such as industry and economy. For example, every species has linked each other in ecosystem, if one species number increased or decreased too much, this system will no longer balance, and human’s daily life will be effect as well, we all know what rabbits done after European bring them to Australia. In addition, biodiversity is the key point to keep human’s farming and breeding industry working well.

From the second map, we can understand human’s emotional reflection about environmental problem.They are all negative feelings, that means people feel bad about this and hope can fix this situation. But we need some actual activities, not only emotional feel bad. What I m thinking is we need let people understand more about how biodiversity effect our daily life including health, money and production. We need our media platform delivery importance and urgency about environmental problem we are facing to the public and tell people what can we do to make a change in our daily life. I think the key of solving this problem is people’s thinking, people should truly understand our nature environment is closely linked with our daily life.