Reflections & Proposals [ Post 10 ]



Since post eight my direction has slightly changed. Or my wording rather. After my session last week testing my idea on my class mate Camilla, we discovered the title ‘Stand Up For Women’ wasn’t really appropriate when the idea was to change define masculinity. She suggested that the idea of asking men to stand up for women suggests they don’t already and that they are the perpetrates which might deter them from even coming near my project. It was decided to change the project to ‘Stand Up For Men’. The move is to ask men to focus on themselves, their mental health and ‘manly’ expectations. Camilla made some really interesting points about Australian society. Camilla comes from Sweden and commented that the masculine expectations are very different there. She noticed how Australia is a young country and that they are heavily dependant on sport in their social atmosphere. Sports athletes have become heroes in Australian society. They have become role models for society. We agreed that I need to use them as endorsements to encourage others to be involved.

In post eight my concept was to ‘Stand up for women’ to change males behaviour in group mentalities and settings. To overcome the stigma that standing up for a women makes you a ‘WOM’*or ‘whipped’. My concept has grown and evolved to ‘Stand up for Masculinity’, a social media campaign which asks you to define masculinity and reconceptualise it. It gets to the root of ‘Stand up for Women’ and addresses it directly ‘so what is masculinity?’.

It has a feminist undertone without ever using the word. It makes men turn inward on them selves and think what kind of man they want to be. Females play an important role in that they can prove wrong common conceptions of masculinity.


Project Title

Stand Up For Masculinity

Practise Type

Generative Design

The Issue


The Possible change

Creating a new understanding and definition of ‘masculinity’ one which does not box males into gender stereotypes and hopefully leads to better treatment of them selves and subsequently women.

Design Action to support change

To create a social media campaign which utilises peoples opinions to shape a new understanding of masculinity which supports gender equality. Influence by the #itsokaytotalk campaign the aim is for ‘I think its masculine’ to become a hashtag  and building social media campaign.

The basic parameters for the generative design include:


A detailed flow chart will be developed to help me find the best process for people to become involved and share their opinions.


*  WOM – A slang acronym standing for ‘Women Over Men’ used when A boy prioritises his girlfriend over his mates.


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