Post Ten Reflection and proposition

Being the final project , I wanted to create something that really creates awareness in the refugee issue which we are facing in Australia right now. From all the reading and research that I’ve accumulated so far, I have decided upon creating a calendar. 

From the social media research I have gathered that people only take a few seconds scrolling through different topics and only stay on the topic and trends which interest them, from this we can assume that 80-90% of the social media users would not take more then 5 seconds on “refugee” related topics, I don’t blame them , why read about actual problems where you can watch a cat video right? 

This got me thinking if the average attention spam is only at around a few seconds, then I need to create a product that targets that kind of a mind set and use it to my benefits. I have decided to create the traditional “Rip Off” type of calendar where you have to physically turn the day or rip the page off at the end of each day. 

I want to tell the story of refugee through day to day short sketches, the problems they are facing and the solution which could solve the problem. being a day to day colander it gives me 365 individual pages to create the story. maybe the 1st few pages might not really make any sense to the user. but one months into the year the user will gain more awareness and eventually looking forwards to flipping the page and know more about the refugee. 

Just a few seconds a day , the time it takes to pull a page off the calendar will have a tremendous impact at the end, after all few seconds a day x 356 days = 30 mins + of viewing time. this resulted in a much higher view time then any other media. a short animation would only take 1 minute , a poster might take up to 30 seconds of viewing time, but regardless of what media you choose majority of the viewer would forget parts if not all the relevant information of what you were just being subjected to. 

I believe that continues small dose of information is a more appropriate way of targeting today’s audience.