Post 9: Documentation of Brainstorming/Mapping process


Although I was ill for this particular session, with the data and brainstorming provided by my group I was still able to infer into the data visualisation process but not nearly as deeply as I would have hoped for this stage of the research.


As we can see in this particular section of their issue mapping, the group has decidedly different areas of focus and as such have broken them down in order to give each other design led criticism in order to develop their own work further.


Within this, the group was able to develop a map that broke own the different types of design and conceptual design-led solutions that could answer their specific issues. Within this however, I can start to see how my own work can fit within MULTIPLE areas across the design-spectrum. In terms of developing a narrative with choice, I delve into the realm of interactive design, but in saying that by generating data from these responses I can gain a deeper insight into issues through generative and data visualisation. Data visualisation seems the best for my users to able to make sense of the issue of the narrative – by enforcing that WE would make different choices, but refugees may not necessarily. In terms of the brainstorming session, I feel like I could of really benefitted by having a variety of responses to this, therefore aiding in a collaborative research process – having a group that is at this stage so deeply engaged with the issue but having different areas of study could have pushed the way in which I developed ideas for a generative research response in my final proposal.

Saying that, I can see the inherit strength of this exercise by the way in which my peers have described it and I can only imagine the strength myself. As I mentioned, having being absent definitely detracted from the way in which I developed my idea. I seemed to plateau and struggle with the eventual develop of how I could extend this idea into various design-led responses to strengthen my idea overall. As well as this, the group I have been working with are very knowledgable and well read on these subjects, as well as being across what other people in the group are focusing on, therefore it definitely would have benefitted to hear their opinion sooner than “post 10” in order to develop a sound response.

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