Post 10: Reflection & Proposition

In week ten class, we have received some feedbacks on our concept of proposal from our tutors. My concept was to design a campaign to increase people’s awareness and positive attitude on their social media platform. Hence, I was decided to produce a video that could support the idea of online platform awareness, based on my conducted survey. I have made a simple draft version of survey & answer chart as a kind of info-graphic format. This will be the first step to draw out my research & journey. My visualization will focus on the idea of copyright issues that has been debated and complained by people (platform users). Like I explained in post 8 and 9, my concept will be based on the survey from my friends and families (and possibly people from outside). From the last week, the feedback on my concept was to conduct a survey and start it from people nearby. Hence, that could produce a mind-map or demo info-graphic, which shows the visualization of my research. Furthermore, I found that I was misunderstanding on service design. I though a campaign of video can be a part of service design yet, our tutor suggested displaying the campaign through an actual format of service such as applications, device or etc…


Project Title: # (tag)

Hash tag has been used to identify within shared content, situation and issue in recent social media platforms. I found that this could be used as some kind of visual metaphoric symbol of copyright issues. (however, can be changed)


The Issue + Practice Type

From the first week’s blog post & research, I was looking for ongoing problems that every social media platform has. At first time, my motivation on researching data & online privacy was to learn and tell people how data of social media platform works, and being used. Soon, I found that there are some serious problems within the most popular platform ‘facebook’, that is actually have a lot of noises within copyright and ownership on sharing. To simply explain, there are main 5 things that I found and learned from this research process. The first thing was the social media platform has numerous possibilities within infringement of copyrights. The convenience service of ‘Facebook’ provides various functions. One of that is in sharing contents. On Facebook, any types of files, video, images and even artworks can be shared without giving a reference. Somehow, this has become so much popular yet, utilized by sharing full movie link, pornography, harmful images and etc… Through my design proposal, I wish to deliver a solution and create possibilities to control these types of negative accesses.

The Possible Change + Design Action to Support Change

Since when my first proposal concept was gone to the wrong direction, I had to change the format of my service design from campaign video to application. However, based on the week 10 feedback on my info-graphic concept, this was going on a right track. Hence, I will continue collecting ‘Facebook’ data, through interviewing and surveying people. The image below is the very first simple result of my survey from 10 people’s answer. My current task is to understand how to make an interaction between my concept and service design. Based on my mapping, data collection, and my topic (online copyrights) and research, designing a mobile application is the most practical and possible way to create a service design.


Visual Example of Survey Question
Link: facebook-infographic

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