Post 10: Reflection and proposition

Kathy Ngo

On week 7, my design proposition was to create a school stationery platform. These stationeries such as notebooks, pencils, pack bags, etc. would be decorated with motivative slogans to help young LGBTIQ be more confident.

My design mockup for Stationery website

However, after the discussion with our tutor, Kate, she explained that my idea wasn’t quite focused on the target range of age: 18-24 as well as it was not a service design since it didn’t bring service to the young LGBTIQ rather than general public. It was very helpful when she explained more detailed about what the differences between Service Design and Generative Design. Thus, I had a clearer idea of what I should do in the next few weeks before the final submission.

During the week, I have spent a lot of time on going back to my blog posts and pulling out quotes and insights. Although my previous design proposition was focusing on Queer teens’ mental health due to sexual discrimination, unexpectedly, I realized that Sexuality Education was much more important and emergent. Everything could be solved if we have a better Sexuality education when the future generation is more respectful of diverse sexual ordination. This topic was highlighted significantly throughout my nine blog posts.

My keywords from the research: 

  • Sexuality education *****
  • Discrimination ****
  • Abuse: from family, schools, friends, society ****
  • They concern about sexuality education more than same-sex marriage. ****
  • ‘sick’, ‘western disease’, ‘your parents didn’t teach you right’ **
  • Social media and internet influence strongly on the online community perspective towards any topic. *
  • The gulf of language and culture
  • Attacks on freedom
  • A place of solidarity and empowerment, they come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds and to advocate for their civil right.
  • ‘To be gay is to be in mortal danger, to embrace love is to court death’
  • Use the state court to protect LGBT community
  • Take more seriously the needs of LGBT groups


Project name: BeU

Practice type: Website service Design

The target user: 

  • Students from 16-24 years old in high schools and universities
  • Queer young people who find difficult to come out and overcome sexual harassment and discrimination.

The issue: 

  • A lot of young LGBTIQ experience sexual discrimination
  • 74% of young LGBT experience homophobic abuse at school and the number increases up to 85% between 14 and 17 age.
  • Frequent sexual discrimination in schools is due to poor educational outcomes and high rate of dropout.

The possible change:

  • Decrease the rate of self-harm, suicide and sexual abuse in Australian LGBTIQ youth community.
  • A network for young queers to rely on and share their thoughts and emotion.
  • Higher educational outcome in diverse sexual orientation
  • To help young queer come out of the closet and get acceptance easier from their family and friends.

The design action to support change:

  • Provide a service to support young queers, how to come out of the closet, to motivate them to decrease the self-harassment and suicide attempts.
  • A platform to communicate with young queers and be their supporter and friends.
  • A shoulder for them to rely on and share their thoughts and feelings

Design concept:

  • A very fun, crazy and engaging platform.
  • Simple, clean and youthful design.
  • Easy access.