Post 10: Reflection and proposition

Upon presenting my draft proposal to Tamar and Elvina, they gave me invaluable feedback in regards to the medium or methodology to incorporate my ideas. We discussed how there is no definite or simplistic solution to the asylum seeker/refugee crisis, and in terms of what we are designing, we are only able to evoke a sympathetic response from the audience. From here, I worked with previous discussions and probe with the concept of how most people are indifferent on the issue, mostly because the issue effects them indirectly and also because there is no clear solution that an individual can attribute.

With my proposition now, I am working on an environment that would allow me to collect data and visualise it to show the juxtaposition of privileged “first world” living or media to real stories and views from personal asylum seeker stories. I want to create a sense of sympathy that is not generally replicated through mainstream news, where terms and tones of news about asylum seekers are generally negative. Through this proposition, I want to somehow integrate a sense of sympathy along with a few solutions in a way to create a sense of knowledge on the issue and donation to causes that can assist.