Post 10 – Reflection and Proposition


The feedback from my colleague and tutor last week is beneficial towards my final proposition. It guides me to think more deeply about how the proposition would actually achieve in real life. It’s obvious to tell the strength and weakness of it by answering their concerns and doubts. My initial proposition idea is not strong enough to meet the aims. Therefore, I set the direction in class and ask for their opinion. They provided me some great ideas and examples to look at which is inspiring.

The first idea was a combination of data visualisation and generative system that proposing a campaign that ask consumer to weight their leftover in the restaurant or food court. The gathered data will form some kind of shape onto the map which will post in the restaurant as a interactive poster. Every time a customer waste their food will contribute to the change on the map. The idea can raise the awareness of people who waste food but its hard to target the demographic that I want to focus on. Therefore, I need to develop a more solid idea that is more specify.


Project name: Finish your bowl 

Type: Data visualization

Issue: Aussies throw out $8 billion worth of edible food every year and 27% of the waste is leftover. Eight billion dollars is a lot of money. Also, a recent survey shows that 25% feel embarrassed to ask for takeaway containers. These problems will cause the overload of landfill in Australia.

The possible change

To raise the awareness of the issue of food waste to the biggest wasters which the age group 18-24 years old consumers in NSW, also to the general public.

To encourage the young generation to change their habit

To reduce food waste of the overload for the landfill problem

The design action to support change

I propose a campaign called ‘finish your bowl’ to design a bowl that has text on it the inside and outside. It will sell it to the public and use in food court or restaurant. On the inside of the bowl will have the data visualisation of my research showing the amount of food waste in Australia in a year and use the number to compare to other objects. For example, the amount of food waste of 2016 can fill in 2 opera house.

Also A series of posters showing the data of and the bowl as an image to support and promote the campaign. The poster will show the top view and side view of the bowl separately in order to show the text clearly.