Post 10 Reflection and Proposition

The previous draft proposal I have been explored is a service design response. By associating smartphone’s Health app to user’s Facebook, it creates a competitive platform among friends. We had the opportunity to analyze and dissect our draft proposal with fellow classmates. I was paired in a group that has three other peers focusing on different issues from me which means they have a totally fresh brain to my topic and they are probably able to share different insights with me.

The feedback I received from my colleagues is although people would be keen to join the competition, it probably would just be a transient fad and wouldn’t be profound. Moreover this idea seems already been designed. There is another idea inspired by peers, which is to re-design food package and use graphics to visually communicate in metaphors and parables of how junk food can effect you. However in reflection on my feedback from tutor, I should be aware of confusing packaging design with data visualization. Also as I didn’t have enough time to penetrate into design possibilities around the issue, the initial proposal I have come up with is too superficial. Tutor suggested me to continue work on mapping possibilities of design and take a deeper understanding on each emergent practice options, as it is the most vital part of the project.

After brainstorming more possible solutions of improving teenagers and young adults eating and living habits, here comes a refined proposition.


Project title:

‘You Are What You Eat’

Project type:

Service Design

The issue:

As most of teenagers and young adults don’t have a huge healthy issue to confront, they are rarely conscious of how harmful junk food is to them both psychically and mentally. In addition they have low or lack of awareness of healthy living and and low consideration of their future.

The possible change:

The possible change would be enhance teen and young adult’s awareness of obesity and health as well as help them to understand how these dietary changes can impacted physical and mental health. And moreover, to allow them to change their living habits idiomatically and change the way they eat profoundly.

The design action to support change:

To create a mobile app, which allows users to keep a food diary and according to the enough data collected from food diary, the system would generate a diagram and visual illustrations to predict what user would be look like both outside and inside in 10 years future. By changing user’s eating habits and recording different food diaries, the result can be significantly different. The diagram includes a vivid figure of user’s in 10 years as well as a figure of user’s internal organ, a predictive report of user’s physical and mental condition and a healthy rating scored out of 100 points. The service also provides healthy tips, food recipes workout tutorials for users to achieve. User can also share their prediction report and food diary on social media.

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