Post 10: Reflection

Written Song-Yi Im

Due to I missed the class in week 7, I present my chosen proposal, interactive billboard, to peer student in other tutorial classroom. The feedback indicated my proposal doesn’t really belongs to any three format, generative, service designs and data visualisation.  She suggest some specific direction which is using the number of touch as an collective data so it can be developed in data visualisation format. The great thing about this one on one peer feedback was the response is immediate and able to discuss in depth within designer’s point of view. By sharing each other’s proposal, I could find its weakness that I’ve missed out on and understanding of designs and supplement the point.


Final proposal

Project title

‘From your heart’

Practice type

Generative design +bit of data visualisation

The issue

Apart of genetic inheritance, acquired method of livelihood that built in childhood is important to lead further health life. The parent is the prominent factor that shapes children life habit. However, Permissive parenting style, which has lack of guidance on children, interferes to implement healthy behaviour for child. This progressive parental education, relies on child’s own control, tends to be shown in younger generation parent. How can change them more participating to educate their children with awareness of health habit in childhood is important.

Target audience

The proposal targeting adult 18-24, who is young parent or potential parent

The possible change of user’s behaviour

It purpose to imply the idea of indulgent parenting threatens children health and kids need be educated how they behave healthier with parent’s consistent education under affection. By experiencing the design, the audience aware the issue and be more participating on children education.

The design action to support change

Proposal design is interactive billboard that will installed in public space. The screen presents animated child doing unhealthy performance repeatedly like eating junk food. When people give the child a proper guidance by touching heart icon on the screen, the kid temporarily stops the motion and get health with showing his body size getting slimmer. After some certain time passes, the child restarts bad habit as it requires consistence of education with affection. It will produced as series design include other unhealthy behaviour, such as over spending on screen time, lack of bed time, buying sugary food or extra. The screen counts number of touching with a tagline of ‘you’re the (number)th person who cared this child’ to collect action data. Based on the collected data through touching activity, it provides visual result how the child have become adult with which kind of lifestyle. It will show different results of children depending on number of participation the screen has been counted. The higher number, The healthier result. The result image can be reached through QR code on the bottom of screen.

-Rough Visual Draft