Post 10: Reflection and proposal

Post 10: Reflection and proposal. 
By Lina Lindberg.


My proposal last week had a focus on a compliments app, to increase the level of awareness of the people in our surroundings rather than ourselves. Compliments can be seen as little gifts of love and by being briefed with a new “compliment” challenge landing every week on the app, I hoped for the user to come back and send away more compliments.

As I proposed this to my colleague in week 7, he was concerned over how it had connections to my mental health issue borderline personality disorder. This was a very good aspect and turning point. I explained to him that I saw similarities in the way a compliment can completely change our mood in just a couple of seconds, and make the rest of our day great.

For a long time, we discussed whether the app should be linked to Facebook or not, as the user do not want to have several apps open at the same time. I did not really agree with this, as I think that if you create an app with great purpose the user will want to come back anyway.

A very good point that he made was that he was concerned that I forced people to give compliments, instead of them being given naturally. He suggested me to think about ways to make them more personal and physical. A physical copy of the compliment? Is a voice sending the compliment? People do not get that attached to messages that are on screens, so if I could figure out a way to make the gift of love more personal that would be more beneficial.

After talking to my colleague and other students, I came to a realisation that I have to combine the compliments idea with borderline personality disorder in some way, or completely change direction. So, I went back to my blog posts, gathered key insights and images in the direction I wanted to go down. This was a very helpful at this stage in the process and helped me change the direction of the written proposal.

Proposal round 2

Project title: A diary for your loved ones (TBC)

Practice type: Service Design

The issue: It is a problem for people who suffers from borderline personality disorder to feel trust and relationships are the hardest. They find themselves constantly pushing the people that they love the most away, as the voices in your head are screaming stop. 

Possible change & design action:

Thus this problem of trust, I propose a design response in form of a fill in diary. Diaries are one of the most personal and vulnerable things that someone can own, an item that is often kept hidden under our beds full of emotions. The person who suffers from borderline will be asked to fill in the diary and hand it over to their loved ones after a certain time period. By reversing the norm, I aim to create a tool for the person who suffers from borderline to speak to their loved ones about the small things in life instead of hiding it inside.

The diary will use cognitive therapy questions, such as “why” and “how” does small situations in life trigger you. Diagrams and spectrums of where the user emotions are felt will also be included. The diary will have a black and white layout, as a visual metaphor of feeling it all and feeling nothing. The user will be asked to use colourful pencils to make it more personal.

After the time period has passed, the user will be asked to hand over the diary to their loved ones. Every diary will be different, as every little symptom as a borderline diagnosis is different. The loved ones will never be able to understand how it feels to experience the level of abandonment and fear that you do as a borderline, but with a help of this diary, I hope to create an understanding and start a conversation between each other. Sometimes we can’t understand why the smallest things in life affect us, but by revealing our inner fears to others we can at least understand that we are not alone.

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