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My chat with with my partner was very insightful and helpful. I found that they really liked my idea but thought that it needed a few touches to really make it much more effective. After explaining to them the concept behind the topic of prison rape, it was really good to see that they displayed a genuine interest in the idea. Prison rape is a topic that is often made fun of or is taken lightly. It is rarely taken seriously outside of context through mediums likes film, media and comedy. The ideas that my partner gave me involved improving my visual metaphor of dropped soap in terms of data visualisation and overall, making it more effective and relatable. Speaking to my tutor, I found that they also said the same thing and It was very insightful to hear what they thought. I thought it was a great idea to do a separate data visualisation for multiple institutions. Now that I have my solid idea, it is just a matter of creating it.


For my design intervention, I would like to propose a data visualisation about prison rape and the lack of support for victims. The name of this project will be called ‘Don’t Drop the Soap’.

The piece will be multiple data visualisations representing the amount of prison rapes that occur in different institutions. I would also like to compare institutions with other countries to compare and show that it is a worldwide problem.

The key idea behind my data visualisation is using soap as a visual metaphor. This is playing on the saying “Don’t drop the soap” which is a line that is used to mock the act of prison rape.  Each bar of soap will represent a percentage of the prisoners in each institution. Some of the bars of soaps will have dents, cracks and imperfections representing the percentage of rape victims within the society. Certain bars may be smaller or missing to represent the projected percentage that have no reached out or open up about being victims. The reason behind using such simple imagery is to show how little we think about this topic and or how it is often brushed off.

I would like to make this data visualisation as an interactive micro-site as this way I could say a lot with less. In this case, I feel like having the data speak for itself will provide a strong and thought provoking message. I would also like to increase awareness by having posters of a single bar of soap with a QR code. The imagery of the bar of soap is a strong metaphor that does not instantly deter away the viewer on the topic.

Ideally, I would like my audience to feel shocked about the numbers of victims that go unheard. I want to get them to think and question why there are not many support for prisoners and why it is instead made fun of.  By creating this sort of awareness, I hope to be able to bring out the beginnings of support for victims of prison rape.



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