My Pivotal Moment

Blog Post 10 by Wiana Inthapanya

My research initially started off with a broad investigation into mental health but quickly transformed into a journey of personal realisation where I was able to resonate with the content I discovered each week.

My pivotal moment was through my interview with another student where I was able to discuss with her our personal experiences on mental health as university students and the underlying stress that affects us daily. We were both able to resonate with the daily struggles of committing to work, business and our social lives whilst still maintaining our full-time studies.

I therefore decided to focus on mental health in design Students. The issue arises where students are so involved with their work, personal life and relationships to meet social expectations that most people begin to experience anxiety. This affects their way of thinking and interferes with their creative process – this is also known as the Creative Block.


My proposition is to raise awareness of mental health in design students at UTS in an attempt to break the stigma and prevent the after math of creative block that could lead to anxiety and depression in students.

My aim is to create a game that focuses on creative productivity to simulate the mind and produce a positive upward mood. The app consist of mini creative games. For instance, one game involves moving around 4 geometric shapes of different sizes and colour to construct a given object. The idea of the game is to increase mental stimulation and creativity whilst also providing building blocks to establish a design foundation that could potentially enhance your way of thinking.


This is a rough prototype of the game app
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