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Lack of Knowledge is imperative for the current construct of understanding the definition, elements and factors surrounding Mental Health. An insightful realisation gained is the ability to understand that the lack of knowledge upon the topic of discussion has almost become a construct of human choice. It is through controlled sequencing of branches including history, behaviours, environment and people pressures that a misconception of mental health has enthusiastically thrived within the twenty first century.


We further explored the possible controversies into the implication surrounding the lack of knowledge towards the issue of Mental Health. Again as we fleshed out contributing factors, the magnification of human control and the choice factor within it became extremely apparent. Each of the controversies presented two dimensions that constructs an element of lacking knowledge within mental health. It is shocking to be drawn out in such a manner.


The strengths to mapping out the needs verses wants in conjunction to Mental Health what initially is thought to be an issue that requires direct needs and desires for all stakeholders involved it is perplexed to map out. The success into a realisation that Mental Health Wants verses Needs are almost manufactured as a business enterprise that employs a sense of social hierarchy of power with those in relation to Mental Health issues. This collaborative map was a turning point towards the perception of perceiving mental wellbeing as something that needs to be possibly manipulated as a desirable want and not an economic need within individual lives.
The prosperity of establishing the reflective process of mental wellbeing into a commodity derived from this specific exploration of collaborative mapping.

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