Blog10- Design Proposition: Consume YOUR World

Through the discussion of the draft design proposition surrounding the design implementation of mental wellbeing, it became imperative that I should design an outcome that steers away from the generic motivational cards of mental wellbeing. Feedback received was the general consensus that the tangible action of writing down their thoughts was perceived to be extremely effective. The action is communicated to portray a sense of relief to the individual whom engages with the action. A thought suggested that individuals can engage with the thought provoking action whilst they were waiting for their coffee, to utilise their time effectively.

Although I contemplated this idea, individual thoughts are usually privatised and not to be displayed publically by strangers whilst in transit with their coffee. The act of physically throwing away the thought written on the coffee cup itself was captivating for the responders. However they challenged the users ability to possibly hold onto their thought, instead of disposing it as comparative reference at a later time.

Through the feedback received as well as further research embarked on for mindfulness and mental wellbeing to be optimised, it is imperative for an individual to not ignore or accept a situation but to acknowledge it in its entirety. The design proposition requires an powered reflective element within the action itself.

Design Proposition:

Consume YOUR world
Generative System Design

The issue
The emphasis of knowledge within the spectrum of mental wellbeing entrenched within individuals every day existence is not effectively communicated. Mental health is an individual’s ability to create a rich, full and meaningful life, while accepting the pain/ stress that life inevitably brings. Individuals are unaware that the human mind transitions between two worlds and processes between two filters. The first is a world of Direct Experience, a world lived through the five senses we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. The other portal is the engagement within the World of Language – a construct of words and visualizations that transition through our mind, losing contact with the world of direct experience.

The change
To admit power to individuals perception by identifying their own position of mindfulness. Individuals have the opportunity to actively reflect and enrich their mentality in the immediacy of the present time.

The design action to support change
To create the opportunity of self-empowerment, the evocative package design of Chewing Gum will be the portal for individual’s instant reflection and possible thought altercation. Chewing gum an easy and cheap commodity, is accessible to all 18-25 year olds, usually consumed for social purposes, functional freshness and to cure hunger or boredom- usually resulting to the feeling of pleasure.

Individuals will be prompted by a statement on the chewing gum package that will instantly provoke individuals to reflect whether they are mindfully engaged at the specific point in time within the world of the language or within the direct world of experience.
– Visually represented through a colour-
coded key on the individual gum wrapper.
Individuals will be encouraged to keep the section of the colour wrapper that communicates their present mental engagement – hoping to become a collection of ephemeral and data for the individual to reflect on their mindful engagement through a course of time. The package design strives to be at the bare minim a platform for instant and a non-intrusive process of self-reflection and a possible stepping stone for further self analysis of their attitude and thoughts within the present time.

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