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Reflection and Proposition

by Jennifer Guerim Kim

Through discussion about my service design with partner on last week, it was hard to explain ideas due to my proposition quite squeezed many functions with complex proposals. I tried to finalise proposition with clear and simple proposition to follow the main theme that decrease sugar consumption and develop consumers’ awareness of sugar.

Prototype of Smart Sugar

Project Title :  Smart Sugar

Practice Type :  Mobile Service Design

The Aim 

  • Create a service design based on user experience design tools which has high value of usability and easy accessibility to be one of the closest on our ordinary life.
  • To decrease consumers’ consumption of sugar, ‘Smart sugar’ will save customer who are exposed to be persuaded by exaggerated package design, advertisement and promotion easily without knowledges of hidden form of sugar.
  • To alert risk level of sugar follow the individual health condition
  • To inform general knowledge of nutrition facts and an accurate sugar level of food through easy and simple infographic design.

The Issue 

  • Significant numbers of consumer have not purchased sugary foods or products with recognition of nutrition facts which presents how much sugar include exactly. They usually persuaded by sympathetic advertisement and exaggerated package design without any knowledge of hidden form of sugar.
  • People have lack of awareness of how much we need to exhaust physical energy and what kinds of physical movement to burn fats or calories from sugar intake.

The process of design / function 

  • Simple and easy accessibility
  • Ability to measurement of sugar
  • Customisation features ( function to alert limitation of sugar level and using navigation to set jogging route/ course for users’ environment )

The Possible change 

  • Support consumer’s awareness about how much exact amount of sugar included in our product and recognition about the hidden form of sugar in the package design.
  • In the process of conversion to ‘kilometre’ from ‘calories’ ; change to distance of user need to burn calories from eaten amount of sugar, user can calculate how much they should exercise to keep their sugar level or develop health.
  • Provide exercise motivation.

In overall, I need to develop design through categorised in three maps to show each steps or process of each inputs and outcomes with using textualised contents and symbolic icons . In addition, It should contain cause, possibilities and effectiveness as a detailed process to interact with design project and users in the final outcomes.


Author: Jennifer

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