Blog 9 – Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


Not only getting to know more about my own topic but other areas in climate change and other issues. Seeing how my peers develop their issue was helpful and learnt from them because my opinion might be different to others so it is good to see how everyone use their way to solve the problems. Some of them are creative and inspired me with the development of my ideas. Giving critical and constructive feedback to other is really important as a designer. This is the most skill I developed in pair exercise as the two of us needs to give each other some in-depth feedback where I cannot just say my own thought but stand on users’ and different stakeholders’ perspectives.


The weakness is that as we don’t study in those topics deeply before this semester, with the basic knowledge and the research we have done, the discussion in class cannot go too far as we all have our own focus. Therefore, other may not understand so many about the particular focus, sometimes it’s hard to give feedback to peer too.