Blog 10 – reflection& proposal


During the little conversation with my tutor and group mates last week, I found out that my proposal is sort of boring and people might just throw it away so it kind of wasting resources. To be honest, I am kind of lost a direction of making 3B, the feedback that my tutor given to me is be more specific about my proposal and thinking about how this interactive with people and how people would use this or reading this instead just waste it. Also, thinking about the consequences, the positive results brings to refugees. Finally, is this really work?

Through the conversation with my tutor and group mate, I have some new ideas. I go back to the brief and review the previous blogs that I’ve done, I decide to do the proposal based on refugee’s right.


Project name: Story/ Scene behind the refugees

Project type: service design

The issue: Lack of understanding from same of the Australian people if who refugees one.

Problem statement: How to get positive support and treatment of Australian people and arrived refugees?

Possible Change: Understanding of refugees and get connect with the community

My idea is to design an app which suits for everyone in Australia, the app contains different short stories, people could easily read it. The stories that we publish is the stories that already existed. The theme of the stories are talking about the story behind the refugee, for example, what they were suffered in their own country and how tough they come the Australia. Volunteers(people who like to voluntary) will uploaded regularly. Beyond that, we could do something advertisement to make people download the app.

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