BLOG 10 — Reflection & Proposal 

Poppy Rodrigues 


Discussing my revised proposal to my colleague today was definitely a helpful task in raising issues which I had not yet come across. There were still a few areas in my revision which were a little hazy, however, talking about these clarified some doubts that I had and allowed me to define my idea a little more. I came to the realisation that I need to remember that I am targeting a young age group…it was easy for me to trail off from this one or two times. Due to this I also need to review how I target 18-24 year-olds in todays society, a clear direction would be social media yet in my case I still need to determine how I target those who are uninterested in refugees to better educate them so I get my message across. Another point made was to think about using hashtags to reach a wider social platform; this is something to re-evaluate once I refine the final proposal. I also need to keep in mind that I cannot rely on providing facts as research shows this does not always change peoples mindsets and I think with such strong divides on the topic this is a major consideration I will have to make.

Revised Proposal:

Project Title — Undecided at this point in time.

Practice Type — Generative System

The Issue — An increasing number of Australian’s are backing the rejection of refugees and asylum seekers and more recently are voicing their views in being anti-muslim. From my research it is evident that the opinions of these people come from those uneducated about the religion and are only willing to accept the negative. It all comes down to fear.

In a new polling released Wednesday 21st September 2016 found “that 49 per cent of people support a ban on Muslims coming to Australia, compared to 40 per cent who oppose a ban. (The remaining 11 per cent weren’t sure either way.) Young people aged 18-24 were the most likely to oppose a ban on Muslim immigration. Fifty-eight per cent of young people opposed a ban, compared with 28 per cent who supported it. Respondents of the 1000-person survey, undertaken by polling company Essential, were most concerned about Muslims not integrating to the Australian way of life or failing to share Australian values. Just over one in four who support a ban were also worried about terrorism.” (Shalailah Medhora 2016)

The Possible Change — To adapt a generative system which combines those with anti-muslim views and refugees living in Australia, particularly those of muslim decent to create either an indirect or direct connection which educates those with negative outlooks and aims to show how the integration would be of benefit to Australia.

The Design Action to Support Change — The aim of my generative system which is also an experimental process is to identify the fear that Australians hold against the muslim culture and develop a system which can better educate the religion to de-generalise the notion of fear within these people. This may mean breaking down islamic society in its simplest form.

By using social media analytics to track down the people that use key words and phrases which are negative, pop-up advertisements will appear and display factual information to hopefully shift the perception of these people. I can also include analytics and flash cookies from pages such as patriot sites which track the target market. Once the desired audience have been targeted and the advertisements are displayed, the user can click onto a link which will redirect them to a website. This website will be the platform in which negative users can discuss diplomatic opinions and  more importantly, a place where muslims can share their stories (videos included) to hopefully enlighten the negativity and support change.


Shalailah Medhora 2016, One in two Australians want a ban on Muslim immigration, poll finds, Triple J Hack, viewed 23 September 2016, <>
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