Blog 10. Peer feedback + Design proposal


By Ji Young Bang

Goes Around, Comes Around Challenge Campaign. (GACA challenge campaign)

I always learn a lot of important things through peer feedback in the studio tutorial. It has been showing a recent revelation that I though I should share with others, and it has helped me grasp major part of may firm idea.

First, I am going to give the keynote to environmental activity ‘Goes around, comes around challenge campaign project’. My priority is to bring home to people the seriousness of environmental pollution. I have been impressed with ‘Ice bucket challenge’, resulting with many useful ideas. I feel obliged to put as much action into class peer feedback. Interesting items are necessary the way I have focused on the youth aged 18 to 24 years. First of all moving them to follow (incentive) is icing on the cake. Irrespective of the subjects, a strong motivating factor to prevent the worsening of the situation is in order, playing on challenge and movement.

My aim adjusted exclusively to local and foreign tourists has turned over to service design, a sort of campaign play for the youth (18-24) to get advertising impact. What’s more, it occurred to me that Facebook in social media is available to circulate to more people. The reason is that one of the Facebook functions is to let friends tag (#) pictures and videos, consummating its communicative competence. Action that people can follow in a simple and easy way will move toward reducing trash, the main culprit of environmental pollution. It starts with simple food packaging. When we pick up vegetables and fruits used relatively less packaging, we can cut down trash (packaging), bringing about the decrease of carbon dioxide emissions. The challenge campaign beings with one person putting up a food (or meal) picture tagged from Facebook on the subject of GACA challenge campaign. The picture carries simple packaged vegetables and fruits-related ingredients, and another person is expected to tag them in succession.

If we have less packaged food even once a week, we reduce so much garbage. The beginning of the activity campaign may be a petty affair, but it will get bigger and stronger and in the long end, it can be a success example in the near future, 5 years since performers are increasing ones or twos, highlighting the importance of environmental pollution.

Project title: GACA challenge campaign.

Practice type: Service Design

The issue: We must hard down the world natural treasury in Australia to our offspring, not the runs of its majesty. We must enlighten a matter of all humans’ common interest on all humans, time presses. Keen attention is there for a reason.

The possible change: Facebook is everybody’s favourite; nature conservation is everybody’s affair. The beginning can be a dull action, but thanks to multi-level sub-structuring method, participants will grow by geometric progression –i.e. one to two, two to four and four to eight and so forth, as a form of play type. Driven by curiosity in aroused by interest, more and more beholders are likely to take part around the challenge activity.

The design action to support change: When the GACA challenge campaign bears fruit, it is deeply impressed on our mind, and so unconsciously we’ll refrain from handling general waste recklessly.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 9.21.03 am.png

Will do improvement after week 10 class and tutor feedback

  • Will combine with application with this challenge campaign.
  • Design will be little bit different then above design proposal but same context.
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