9 -Mapping my final focus

Mapping has been an integral part of group discussions. As we have all had ample time to research it is safe to say we can discuss our topic and focus in depth. With our gathered research we are now required to place it in a design context and come up with a design solution for our issue. To frame our discussion we focused on the questions of Who, What, Where, Why and When.

These categories helped break down our issue, although I found that when I was answering these questions my answers were extremely broad. There were a lot of issues I  wanted to branch out with in terms of eating disorders. Therefore I couldn’t fortify a solid response of a specific group to which I wanted to target my design response.

I found myself referring to the stakeholders such as government organisations during my mind maps, however reflecting after class that during my research what really made a poignant mark were the human actors that were suffering with the disorder. I found myself always focussing on the individual’s experience, thus this mapping exercise helped distinguish what actor I wanted to focus on.


Class Mindmap focussing on on The Who, What, Where, Why and When questions.

After sharing these thoughts with our group I realised that many group members were in the same position as myself. We were all thinking too broadly about the topic. What really helped was when Chris came over to our table and explained that we had to break down why it was important. For example “It is important to beat the stigma” then Chris would tell us to approach this like a child and pose to us “but why is that important?” and we would have to break it down even further e.g “to normalise talking about mental health”. Whilst in class we didn’t get to touch on these specifics it was helpful to understand what was needed for the later stages of our proposal.


Personal Mindmap with a clearer focus

This Mindmap I made on my own. I wanted to explore the human actors on the flipside of eating disorders. These human actors are the ones that participate in behaviours that stigmatise eating disorders. Although a bit jumbled, this map has clarity to me and what I want to focus on in my final proposal. It is a mixture of social media behaviours and and general thoughts in relation to an outsider’s view on what an eating disorder entails.