Easy Come, Easy Go

After many attempts to articulate my problem statement, it has become apparent that I am still struggling to communicate the problem that I intend to solve. During class, I was having a chat with my classmates, we were saying how there are so many problems that needs to be addressed within this issue. Since I was still very confused with the process of creating an emergent practice, I drew up a quick mind map to brainstorm possible solutions. Although, I was falling behind with understanding what we had to do, soon, I was able to grasp onto a series of ideas that I could possibly work on. I also met with my tutor approaching her about my concerns with this project. I feel like I gained more clarity as to what I was doing although I didn’t have a strong proposal to present to her.


For my design intervention, I propose a data visualisation called “Easy Come, Easy G0” to demonstrate how young individuals spend their earnings. Young people today are more likely spend excessively and do not plan ahead (long term goals).

Due to the high cost of living in Sydney, young people are not prioritising their savings for a housing deposit. This raises questions like…

“Where does the rest of their income go?”

“Does it change their quality of life?”

“Does taking away from other living expenses (food, clothing and recreation) limits their quality of life?”

Generation Y is now struggling to buy or even own a home without even knowing it. Considering the state of the housing markets, it is more important than ever to be more money wise especially for would be homeowners. The problem is that the younger generations don’t care about housing affordability and don’t really talk about it.

I intend to create a series of A2 posters that shows possible future scenarios and the consequences of excessive spending and not prioritising their savings. Alternatively, also showing possible outcomes where that money could have been used.

Ideally, I would like my audience to questions their spendings and maybe even feel slightly ashamed. I want to create awareness for young adults, so they are more cautious on their needs and wants. I want these posters to be thought provoking and inspire more young adults to start thinking about small habit changes in their life.


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