10_”Moment.um” is here!


The Issue:

The reality of what stress that our bodies/and mind receive without us realising in our everyday life and how we can combat it with mindfulness. 


Introducing “Moment.um”

So what’s the problem?

Stress plays a huge part in our mental health and wellbeing, but how do we keep in control with so much going on in our everyday lives? Stress can be manage and can be improved to the point where it becomes beneficial for you instead of working against you.

What’s the potential change?

The best way to enable and empower people to be proactive in their own mental well being is to make them mindful of it. This will lead to long lasting change inside a persons ability to manage stress in their daily life and not only will it change their psychology but it will also change their physiology so they will be physically healthier.

The design action.

My preposition is for a service design. This will be a app based service, that will track the environmental factor into the affects it has on the body. On top of this it will help support the user pychologically through mindfulness and meditation activities that a user can interact with.

The service.

The service is provided (but not limited to) young professionals (22-30yo) who may be struggling with stress and understanding how stress affects their daily life with a application with provide a service in which will inform them and encourage them to keep track and stay on track so they can keep up with their busy schedules without sacrificing their health. This will help create and spread awareness about mental health and what steps that can be taken to improve it, so that it can be treat as you would any other illness.


Above are some visual of how stress will be plotted against peoples energy levels for that day so they can see how prepared they are for the day and if they should take the day’s tasks with more caution.


The way I want to show my supporting research is with poster:

  1. Showing my biggest insight, which for me was the interview I constructed to see the affects mindfulness had on the perception of stress.
  2. Fact that I had found throughout the task to help elevated stress or eliminate it.
  3. The final will be a visual showing in what ways stress can be affecting a individual without them realising, so it can make clearer to the importance of stress on the body.


Now time to execute because it is in my nature. 🙂


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