‘Pumped’-natty vs juice reflection & proposition

Supporting the Youth – Building a physique the right way

Hulse. E, 2012 ‘How to use steroids’ Viewed 20 September 2016  available at <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHOm89QUchk&gt;

Post 10: Mitchell Soames

Last week we were given an opportunity to work closely in pairs to reflect and discuss my proposition. Working closely with my partner I established that my direction was a little too broad and needed to be narrowed down. Targeting fitness organisations and athletes was not my main concern and my partner helped me realize this through exchanging ideas and brainstorms focussing on the outcome I was trying to achieve. We both agreed that I was specifically focusing on younger males, so I had to take into account what they are most susceptible/ exposed to. That is more than likely social media, so a website made sense in this regard. To make the solution more personable and effective I had to think more critically collating my research to solidify a solution.

Acknowledging the increase in the fitness industry in Australia, lead to me finding quite a sizable amount of the population (specifically) younger males ranging from 16 to their late 20’s putting themselves through vigorous training and diets in a competitive manner, ultimately comparing themselves to one another never satisfied clouds one’s self from their achievements and motivations.

The more pressing concern is the popularity of performance-enhancing drugs to speed up or feel included amongst fellow fitness enthusiast. Using certain drugs is not always as bad as the news or almost any reference makes out but without correct guidance, testimonials or help, substances can lead to serious harm specifically in younger men who haven’t given their body’s time to fully mature.

I propose a project called ‘Pumped’-natty vs juice which will include 3 different mediums to promote and advertise. The first is a series of videos found on YouTube linking to the second space (website). These videos aim at educating by conducting a social experiment on two physically active subjects (one natural and one un-natural) over the course of a 17-week time frame (as per cycle period). This experiment will monitor the mental and physical results through the progression of weeks producing an overall video summarizing each participant with a data visualization to support both actors.

This video will also indorse the exhibition that I think is most important. With young teens feeling a sense of marginalization at times with their fitness aspirations, there is a great sense of inclusion and acceptance formed from this event educating the attendees by showing there are other people experiencing the same feeling. The expo will encourage a ‘tell all’ theme that includes a main fitness ambassador (possibly a social media icon in the industry Elliot Hulse) speaking on the day, accompanied by ex-bodybuilders and some athletes currently in the business today.

A website will include both these elements and also facts with easy to read information for those with short attention spans with the option to view a more in-depth info for people wanting to know more. Testimonials are available along with a help line devoted to assisting people through emails or over the phone contact.


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