POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session



After blog post 8, everyone developing base on their issue and brainstorm ideas for the proposition, but after that we start working together as a group as collaborating the idea and issue occurred.

As a group we started to discuss again about our stake holder and the possibility outcome from the proposition from each person. As our issue is based on the asylum seekers and it quite similar to each other so we decided to listed out the most possibly stakeholder and problem or ideas would occur.



After the brainstorming session, we talked to each other about our proposition, as the feedback I got about the visual image (poster) would be a very strong piece of design that could deliver the message directly to the audience but the weakness with in my design is how lay out the image clearly and it has to be suitable for people within different kind of gender, age. Therefore, collecting data is the most important within this proposition because the stronger the message the better outcome the audience will be receive.

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