Post 8//Brain possibilities for a design response

By Miyoung Kang


After doing a lot of mapping exercise and Brainstorming, we were asked to individually respond by our tutors regarding the 5W questions, which consisted of 5 questions: who, what, when, where and why relevant to our own specific research field.

This is my research topic, “the connection between mental and physical illness”

I have wanted to investigate these two links that have come up with the recent augments and the movement of design which have been tried to approach the ways artistically. After that I have narrowed down my issue into anxiety disorder among the mental illnesses to focus on more specific areas. In order to elicit an in depth understanding of my issues, I have refined my research question that I will set up as my visual outcome eventually and this is my key question “How to overcome negative physical responses which can occur from anxiety disorder” for 5W.


Who does the problem affect?

That can be true either for all of us or for some of us. There are some important points here. Frequent occasions arise when even those with panic disorder never know they are ailing  because of the lack of consideration for it. Such lack of awareness hinders their receiving a proper treatment. Last but not least, through they are suffering from a disorder that can be completely recovered, they are left out in the cold-groundless reproof, foreignness and discrimination, etc.


What are the boundaries of the problem?

In my view any other psychopathy seems to be about the same and it’s a borderline case between a true disease and a simple psychological anxiety. Another problem is that unlike other mental diseases panic disorder is drawing keen attention in this modern world but its symptoms and management are quite unfamiliar to many of us.


Where does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?

The disorder develops with out reference to time and circumstances. Many people bring up a cause-and-effect relation;  as it is that is often not the case. The disease is a bit different from depression or anorexia. We may contract the disorder in a weak moment, hence we should be well trained to handle the emergency and take regular treatment by way of advance prevention.


Why is it important?

The disorder is not a traumatic neurosis. It’s a hideous disease doing a terrible disservice to allover the body, corresponding to the worst results of depression and anorexia. While diseases like cancer are well known for their serous nature and therefore a number of medications and effective treatments have been developed over the years, the field of panic disorder is in its natural state. It’s the most dangerous and serious that we are quite in the dark about causes and consequences of the disease. There is a reason here why we should make various attempts and pay more attention to the new filed with greatest case.

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