Post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

After last week research and find data visualisation about asylum seekers, based on social media, as a group we start brainstorming ideas about asylum seekers with individual statement. At looking back into my previous blog posts and I desire to start develop on visual design that would present the statement about the slack of information within Australia from social media to the asylum seekers. By using realistic quotes from the victims, the comments from social people, the outcome possibly is to raise the awareness of the society.


By brainstorming exercise with 5 ‘Wh” questions to get the draft ideas and for further develop our statement.


The problem: Lack of information, asylum seekers.


Who does the problem affect?

 The asylum seekers, there are the “victims”, the people that strongly getting affected, specially the people who are staying the Nauru, Christmas Island, …Women, children, teenage, elders, …


What are the boundaries of the problem?

 The fear from the Government, that would lead people living within Australia miss understanding about the Government static and for security bounder as well. The fear of the power of the internet, but still, video tapes and information still leak out, but in general is still banned.


When does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?

 The problem started few years ago, since the day the Australia Government signed a contract with other countries like Indonesia, Nauru… and start sending the asylum seekers away and the since years lately after a few leaked information, so this need to be fix ASAP.


Where is the problem occur?

The problem occurs everywhere, around the world, but specially focusing on Australia. Where ever the asylum seekers located.


Why is it important?

This is a very important issue because everyone has the right to be freedom, the right to talk, to free their ideas, but the Government within Nauru (for example) banned the victims from media, social network and staying in “jail” which is they called it refugee camp. As Australia is such a peaceful country, at least we have the right to know about the asylum seekers, where they sent to, how’s they living…


Problem statement

Develop a visual image that could raise the awareness for the people living in Australia, to change, to talk about the human rights for the asylum seekers.


Five points summary:


  1. Develop a visual poster by using quotes of the victims from leaked video tapes.
  2. Create a visual image of people as a victims and the Australian citizen together, combine them as illustrated image to raise higher notice.
  3. Create images by using quotes about the asylum seekers to make a portrait image.
  4. Collecting data from reality society about their opinion on the issue occurring.
  5. A service that can be designed as an app that can be used for everyone that interesting in news and footage about the asylum seekers, can be donate and sharing their opinions.


Draft Proposal:

Issue: Lack of information, asylum seekers.

Target Audience: People living in Australia.

Visual Response: Visual poster.

After I went through the five points summary about the issue I desire to work along and develop a piece of visual image, creating a poster that could represent the asylum seekers, to remind and raise the awareness to people. By using their images and quotes to present the idea within the poster. Could be change as moving on the following weeks, but the main material still will be illustrated images piece.

I will directly focus on the main point, which is the asylum seekers as the centre of attention I want to delivery within the design. The visual image, hopefully the best and easiest way to delivery to the audience, which is a strong and solid peace of material, hopefully can be used for anywhere around the world, not just focusing within Australia.

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