Post 10:Reflection and proposition

In this week I presented my drafted proposal in class and I got the feedback from my colleagues and tutor. In terms of my proposal, I think it is not solid and strong enough and I am very confused about it.

Actually, I had few ideas about using data visualization or service design to create my proposition before this week. These two proposition are both about smog issue in China, which has become more serious in recent years.

For data visualization, I considered to create a promotional video, which can bring attention to smog issue in China. In addition, for service design, I was prepared to create an application, which aims to help people to know air quality every day.

After all feedback and suggestion being given in week 7 class, I realized I have some advantages and disadvantages. Thus I summarized all feedback and came out these following points:

I decided to give up my promotional video proposal. Because of four weakness/disadvantages:

  1. I have less time to achieve successful video, which is to appeal general public to pay more attention to smog issue.
  2. The promotional video cannot present data visualization clearly. Also it is not strong enough to support my topic issue.
  3. The promotional video is not the best way to analyze data in smog issue.
  4. The promotional video cannot directly and physically change people lifestyle of using transportation

And I decided to develop my service design idea through an application. The advantages of creating App (application) service design come followed:

  1. Based on my research and investigation, I figured out the most fundamental methods to solve smog issue are government policy. Such as pollution emission control and punishment/penalty level increase. Because, the two biggest factors leading to smog in China are fuel, coal and fuel oil. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences data, 60 % in PM 2.5 were from fuel coal and fuel oil. And the other main factor is motor vehicles emission pollution. However, as a normal people I cannot require the government introduce related policy. But as a designer I can do something when I am waiting for the government to introduce and perfect the policy of smog issue, which is going to slightly change the severeness.
  1. As we are in the era of advanced technology, people would like to accept new things. Especially the Apps are more convenient for people and benefit for their life. The application is a better way to use and help user make some change in their life.
  1. The app is handy from online shop via merely several taps on apple store or android store. Some of them are free to download.
  1. In my opinion, if checking smog level is single main function of this app, the application is not versatile. I am considering if I should add interactive function or promotional activities. For example, users could upload photos or any evidences to proof they use public transport. Whoever collect ten times of using public transport, the user will deserve free Uber once.
  1. Another positive point of my application design is that my users, age group around 18-25, are more interested in new things and easily attracted by technical skill. This age group is also the potential of general public to change their life and benefit their next generation.

My proposition:

Project title:

Have a Go

Practice type:

Service design application

The issue:

Smog issue in air pollution under climate change.

The possible change:

Uese application to slightly change the severeness of smog. Provide air quality index and smog level to remind user of using protection, Wear mask or reduce outdoor exercise.

The designed action to support change:

Provide interactive options or promotional activity.



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