POST 10: Reflection and proposition

By Jansie Vo

In week 7, I have a chance to talk to my partner and tutor about my draft proposal. From the feedback, I learned a lot from my peers and was happy that I received all positive comments and encouragements from them. They gave me some interesting suggestion that I should focus on the degogatory language, how it works and its definition needs to be showed for audience to understand of how creepy of these languges. The interactive public displays can bring positive effect to users–the user’s experience behind, as well as how it will helps people to understand the feeling of patients who experienced in mental health problem. Therefore I proposed a service design system which allows users interact with public display to see the effect of the derogatory language and the reaction of mental health people.

The long journey of week by week brainstorming and peers class feedback are quite helpful to refine my final proposal and find the possible thing to apply action around mental health issue. Although my proposition was clearly stated and on the right track, the design solution was needed more development.


Project title: The interactive public display

Practice type: Generative system and service design

The issue: In my research, I would assume that people have got a mental health problem and in some cases, they’re just reluctant to ask for help. Many people are diagnosed and are scared to talk about it due to the stigma as having a mental illness they suddenly stand out from everyone else with many negative things as the use of degarotory language and the negative eyes. Through my proposed design, I hope to encourage all people to experience a variety of emotions and behaviours of adolescence such as moodiness, irritability and impulsiveness that can be fairly typical of adolescence or a manifestation of mental health victims.

The possible change: By enabling people to experience in different perspectives and feeling of mental health patients, the design could allow users to better situate their own awareness within the issue. It will possibly create a special experience and negative reaction of people in mental health problems when they hear some degogatory language. My personal thought is if people can hear/see that someone was able to make negative things through the same thing and that raising more awareness widely can make patients feel they are not alone, maybe it will save a life.

The design action: an interactive display in public spaces to educate people and provide people a deep understanding of how creepy when they use derogatory language to describe people with mental health problems, show its definitions and emphasise the feeling and be raising more awareness. Experiencing in the position and perspectives of people in mental illness by the interactive image with a variety of reactions proportionate to those actions.

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