Post 10: Reflection and proposition

At first, depending on the research I did, I decided to design an App, which can notice people saving water in their daily life. The App based on people to note down the amount of water they using everyday.

draft of icons

There will have different icons to show different things, such as flushing toilet, cooking, drinking, floor mopping and so on.

draft of icons

In the App, you can see your water-using amount for a day, week, month and year. It will show as a table to help you see the changing. The other function is that you can see the average of the water-using amount from the other App users and contrast with them. You also can find the average of water using amount in different countries.

In order to attract people to use this App, especially the target audience, which are 18-25 years old people. I want to make a small game for them to play, I think the name of that can be ‘Catching’. To play this game, you need to have an ID in this app and because this app is international, so that every people only can play this game one time per day. The top three can get the vouchers that supply from their government in each city, on the other side, the value of voucher is $15. When you playing this game, the time of that is just one minute, during that time, you need to click the water drop on each boxes as many as you can, the screen of that will continue to move on until the time end or you click wrong area.

During the discussion in the class, one important thing my colleague point out for me is that how to know the amount of water using for different part. For this problem, I am thinking about using the data, which already on the Internet. You can just note the times you use, and then will have probable water consumption. The other suggestion from classmate is that for the appearance of those icons, I can fill them with water to make it looks more interesting and close to the theme.

Final Proposition

During the weekend, I have a discussion with my friends about this project and one problem is that how to use my app to make people think water scarcity is important? To be honest, if I am a user of the app, I will not feel we are facing water scarcity. Based on this point, I have reconsidered my idea.

  • Project title: Love water no waste
  • Practice type: App
  • Issue: Water Scarcity

In Australia, some people have lack of awareness of saving water, you cant see doesn’t mean it’s not happened. This time, I want to focus on the Australia, and to design this app in order to let people saving water to prevent the water shortage crisis again. This design is for the government, and the target audience is 18—25 years old young couples, who live by their own.

When you open the app, it will show different photo of water scarcity, such as dry land, water drop from the tap or some poster of saving water. Then it will change to the home page.

About the functions, I think about 5 parts. The first one is your daily usage. Depend on the research I did, the water bill in Australia is not pay like tons or kiloliters, it has three levels. The first level is the cheapest one, which can meet the daily usage. Level two need to pay more than level one, but level three need to pay multiple of the money. My app is based on the level one for the month of water usage. Same as the picture below, this water drop will show how much your water usage left, and it will note your today’s usage and contract with the average, which depend on the data from the government.wechatimg4

Second part is the news about water scarcity. You not only can find the news from Australia, but also can find news from all over the world. This function can let people know more about water shortage and understand the danger of water scarcity.

Third one is the bill payment, because this app is link to the government, and there already have the website for people to pay the water bill. However, it is easier to pay through the app, because I found the web is kind complex, which have too much items.

The forth part is a function that give people a concept that how do we use water in our lives. This one is showing like a table, and using the visual way to show how much water we use outdoors, toilets, clothes, washers and so on. I choose to use water drop to show this and each drop mean 748 gallons water.wechatimg3

The last function is a way to let people saving water through the competition. This part named ‘Add friends’, which means you can add friends who are using this app. The app will show a rank list of all your friends’ daily water usage. In this function, you can click the heart after each person’s name, which means you praise this person and you also can see how many hearts he or she got. Every Sunday will have a week winner, the person who use less water can get the laurel.wechatimg7

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