POST 10: Reflection and proposition


In this week, I have share my draft proposal to my peer and tutor, my draft proposal is to create a online study app for refugees children, this app can provide education to refugees children who are lost education. My peer and tutor give me many good feedback, my peer has discuss with me about how to make my proposal positive, she told me I can make a big data map about how many refugees lost education in the world, that can be a shock news to reminding audience refugees children education is very important issue in the word, people should pay more attention on this issue, to engaging 18 – 25 ages  group students become a volunteer to help refugees children, students know how to effective study a new knowledge, their can share helpful skills to help refugees students. Feedbacks from my tutor also most important to my proposal, before I did not  really sure how dose my design process work, because I was very confused does refugees children have internet to access online course, my tutor has answered this issue, and give some help ideas to help my development my final proposal.

I get some inspiration from my peer and tutor, in my proposal, I want change the media platform app to website, because does not every refugees children have phone to download app. However, the website can be used in many platform, such as a group refugees children can study together use one display screen, so that can solve the problem of lack of displayer resources.


Project name: ELO( E-Learning Online)

Project type: service design

The issue: most of the refugees children lost their education in the Australia

the possible change and the design action to support change:

My proposal is to design a website which can help refugees and asylum seekers children study online, my target audience are refugees children and 18 – 25 ages students, based on my research, only half refugees children enrolled in primary education, 25 per cent are estimated to be in secondary school and just one per cent have access to tertiary education. My design challenge is to encourage youth students use their knowledge to help refugees children get education, education is  important, it can provide access to life-saving information, and provide a stable and safe environment for refugees and asylum seekers, it also helps people to rebuild their new life communities.

This website is provide online study, it has a class timetable on the website, and each week the website will update a new class timetable. Refugees children can choose to what course their want learn, and based on the timetable to attendance online course. One the weekend, refugees children can choose to replay the course video, restudy what knowledge their do not understander. Also they can depend on subject to choose volunteers to one by one solve questions to refugees children.

The volunteers can get a timetable which depend on their own choice of subject and time, the website system automatic generation interactive teaching schedule, during this time, volunteers need to solve the problems of refugees children have encountered in their study. Volunteers can get a certificate of  complete a period of teaching  course.

The possible change of my issue is this website can provide education to refugees children and my  audience can get special experience of their life,  the Australia government can gain the trust of refugees and asylum seekers.

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