POST 10: Reflection and proposition

During several weeks since week 6 and specially week 7, I have a better and stronger idea within my proposition, clearer about my visual design and extra feedback from classmates and tutor for the proposition that lead to the final idea.

About my draft proposition, the whole idea that I want to deliver and focus onto is the lack of information within Australia about the asylum seekers. A piece of design that could possibly using something realistic to make it a solid statement, a solid piece of design. As interview asylum seekers, to get a better understanding and record the experienced they went through since the very first days they arrived Australia. Through social media, I able to collected information from leaked footages, video tapes from the asylum seekers in Nauru, about the way they got treat which is against the human rights. Further research will be continue as following to the final design.

Project title: SPEAK UP!

Tag line: human right, everyone deserved !

Practice Type: Visual Design

Issue: Lack of information, asylum seekers.

The amount of information produce from the government about the asylum seekers, specially the people (teenage) age from 18 – 24 have a lack of knowledge about the asylum seekers, which lead to a misunderstanding.

Target Audience: Australia, for everyone that living within this country would have the right to know, to understand. For people from different genders and ages.

Possible Change: Government will take more action base on the human right for the asylum seekers visited Australia.
Design action:

While boasting we are a ‘multicultural nation’ since the 1970s, Australia’s apparent inherent acceptance of asylum seekers is even enshrined in the second verse of our national anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

To develop a piece of visual design to deliver message to the audience, to deliver the information, the truth behind the asylum seekers. The visual design will be focus into “reality” and “truth” by using data I’ve been collecting since week 6 from social media, reality and real victims. Every piece of data I provide within the design will be truth and solid message to could reach out to the audience easily.

Smith, H. (2013). A Comprehensive History of Australia & Asylum Seekers | Grassroots. [online]<Viewed Sep. 2016>