post 10: Behind the scene

I miss the brainstorm session on developing a proposal, so I didn’t get any feedback about my proposal. But I have talked about my idea to the tutor, I have some positive feedback from it.

Revised Proposition:

Behind the scene

campaign/participatory design

In this information era sharing and getting information are at your finger tips, and share you opinions and show support for a certain issue. But what we see and hear from the internet newspaper is not always the truth, the government manipulated the media platform spread the information to us and shape our perception to suit their needs.

issue: people use different social platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram to express their negative and positive opinions about the refugees and asylum seekers. However, all these opinion doesn’t really help the refugees and asylum seekers, on the other hand all these information confuse and cover up what refugees and asylums seekers are facing when they want to come to Australia.

What if there is a campaign that involves refugees in Australia and Australia public, that they can get to know each other and discover what is really happening to those refugees and Asylum seekers?

solution: I am proposing a campaign that will be happening around different big cities in Australia, so it can get much attention as possible. This campaign will be operated by refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. This way Australians can experience their unique personality and maybe change their perception towards refugees and asylum seekers.

This campaign will start spontaneously around Australia, start in Sydney CBD. During this campaign there will be a site created to mimic the situation all the refugees and asylum seekers have been through, such as check points and refugee camps. A volunteer which will be in refugee background will take people through with explanation of different situation, also their personal experience as a refugee. At the end of the trip the worker will ask the people to take a photo with them to post on social media to spread the words, to let more people know about this event.

The aim of this campaign is to rise the awareness and change public perception towards refugee and asylum seekers, hope that by changing public perception can affect government’s action toward refugees and asylum seekers.

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