Post 10

Throughout the weeks, I have been researching very deeply into the issues of obesity and healthy living. As I looked into many issues, I started specifically focusing on an area that was interesting and came up with a design proposition as a possibility to assist the issue. The problem I have been focusing on was the effect of promoting plus size models on media which was a way of normalising and encouraging obesity. This makes one feel positive and confident about their body shape but it also demotivates them to be in a healthy shape. My initial design proposition was “to make people who are simply used to living in their size feel the satisfaction and the reward of weight loss through a competition where the participants can win a fashion voucher to spend at a clothing store for their new shape which will be the drive of motivation.” My classmate’s feedback to this proposition was that she liked the idea of making them feel the satisfaction but suggested of creating something that is rewarded upfront so they feel the satisfaction as the drive of motivation instead of having a reward that they can only experience when they achieve it.

From this class session, I have come up with new ideas in ways I can give experience to them to feel the reward ahead so it becomes their motivation to take action and achieve their goal. The new ideas were creating a feathery experience for them to physically feel themselves in a fit body shape with controlled gravity, visualising their body in a slim healthy appearance with a computer generated mirror, High tech device that can clear the mental health issues caused by obesity, and rewarding people with fashion vouchers that has a system to only allow the purchase of clothing that is a size below their body size.

These new ideas were presented to my tutor and with great feedback, I was able to develop and revise my design proposition and created a service design is called “we drive motivation”. Firstly because we drive one’s motivation, and secondly, the service design is on wheels and drives around local areas and giving the experience and motivation to people. My new proposition is “to provide overweight or obese people an experience of what it feels like to have a fit body. Focusing on the feeling of the weightlessness, my aim is to give those who had lived years with a heavy body an enlightening and pleasing experience with those excess weights off their joints. This allows them to feel the satisfaction and reward upfront which can create their starting point. The design action to support change will be carried out with a flyer/ poster design to promote the “we drive motivation” campaign.

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