Blog 10: Reflection and proposition

As I got terrible skin problem with redness and itching, led me miss last class feedback. Therefore, I develop myself and also did some research. I combined the visual impact and practicality two points in project. The project warms and protect of access the internet.



  • Project title: Umbrella of Network


  • Practice type: Service design & data visualization


  • the issue: Data leakage when using public network.

I got more information of this part, when I finding a cover picture.  Tennyson LaJeunesse(2015) clearly point out there are two forms in this problem, one is hackers target the guest network and using malicious software to  riddle devices.  The other one is   infecting the corporate network through public hotspots , when they connect in next part. This part is I haven’t through before.

In the past, I was little be worried does this project only work with guest but now the project also  benefit with suppliers.

  • the possible change:

Lots of internet users are not aware of the dangers of using public wifi. The project will be led people changing this area and pay attention on this problem by data analytics and collection, in order to raise awareness on public networking privacy.In the other hand, users will be no worry about data leakage.

  • the design action to support change:

*Creating a service app to proactively blocks malicious in any port, protocol or app, when using wifi. Preventing malicious links or organization to steal information. Sending  garbled or invalid data to proactive instead of a real and effective information.

*Monitor system recording all online action and data, and showing how much intercepted malicious data. At the same time,using different color warning displayed on the window of connect of wifi, in order to show different degree of danger in network by using real-time cyber and analytics threat classification


  • logging


As the name of Umbrella of Network, here is a big umbrella in the middle of screen. I hope this app will be like  protect the network security like shelter rain by umbrella.

Feedback: the umbrella does not work well. I will change its in the future.

  • Features


It has 3 main features.( see detail in image)

  • WI-FI


it looks similar with our normal network interface login window. The only different thing is there are color warning icon on the list of wifi. It has 3 different color, green,yellow and red,to show different degree of rick on online.

Green shows safety.  This network probable is the first choose. People can safe to use.

Yellow means middle degree.  This is network probably has the issue of advertising Information section, spam, binding account, even this app is able to solve this problem.

Red means basically this is a high risk network.There is a high possibility of phishing, viruses, information leaks . Advice customer do not use this wifi as soon as possible.

  • virus

This part shows what is this app done.


Use pie charts to show the number of  intercepted data and classification. It allows users to easily know its benefits


Slide the screen to get detail information of that. It shows when,where and what happen. These data will be collected and analysis.


It also has map features to show the location of wifi. It also in same color of rick degree .   The degree of rick follow by the analysis of the data report and the number of the virus types. On the one hand, the purpose of doing so is to increase user awareness of network security. At the same time, reduce crime by the exposure method of location.


Besides,you can get a clear monthly rectangles of all rick data, when rotate the screen.

  • Settings


This feature could be set notifications.Grasp the latest developments of you using the network security.


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