Blog 10 Reflection and Proposition


During the class, I have proposed one idea to my colleague and my tutor, from my proposal, the feedback was the system design is too complicated, and until now, I have another ideas but I need to have feedback from my tutor, otherwise I cannot start to write this blog post. Therefore, in this blog, I will try to explain my first idea that I talked with my tutor from last week in the class.


My initial ideas focused on service design, I wanted to create one app, I would like to start with the health of citizen who has obesity. Lack of exercise is a major culprit in obesity epidemic. It has be the decade since most of American who work in the field and factory; they like to sit throughout their workdays. This means less exercise for every day. On the basis of one study, just 20% of today’ work require physical activities, and also from the other study, people lives in American just burn 120 to 140 fewer calories one day than they did fifty years ago.


The system that I create would effectively motivate people change their behaviors to address the challenges presented above. Specifically, this app would show people how can the system effectively incorporate intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation or both, this is the internal gamification project design, targeted at the institutional goals of the city government.


To help improve the health condition of people who have obesity by increasing physical activities, I used the internal gamification framework to design the exercise health-tracking app. firstly, in order to involve as many participants as possible, I need to use both intrinsic motivators and extrinsic motivators. To provide all people who have obesity this issue with a good physical examination and present a result with guidance to healthy life handbook and an individual exercise health card. This healthy card will be linked with every cellphone application and also would to redeem the tangible reward. Second, this app also will focus on people habit change by day to day’ activities, I wanted to set up the point system in both online and offline. People who have obesity issue could earn points by learning the health advice from this app, such as the tips: 2L water is good for your health, also attended to participate in each weekday’ collective activity, for example, Monday people need to eat vegetable, and Tuesday people need to ride their bike or walk, go to the gym, such as do some aerobic physical activities, in rush hour, people can walk in stairs instead of using elevator, and also they could buy low calorie food with the healthy discount in shops. The accumulated points would be used to redeem for the equipment, such as jumping rope, the whole healthy food basket or the free gym gift card.


The second idea that is the app reminder, most of people everyday spend long time on staring at their phone in our daily life. But in reality life, the only things that get a workout in either case are thumbs. It does not mean we cannot have health life with our phone, and I created the second app for helping people to have healthier life. If people do not have health life, it would help to remind them to change their activities. Pick one goal, there are so many options, such as lose your weight or eat better, then the app will send the reminders such as please drink one cup of water, feedback to help improve the diet, and simple graphic way to show your progress.





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