Blog 10 – Draft Proposal

Project title:

Flu Finder?


Practice type:

Service Design


The issue:

Youth (18-24) disengagement with big data and online privacy due to generally negative news headlines. Young people are generally unsupportive of sharing their information when asked directly about it, and when it is done without their knowledge they don’t care or aren’t bothered by it because it isn’t effecting them directly. Young people are also seemingly unaware of the potential positives that data sharing could deliver on both individual and social levels.


The possible change:

Have users engage with big data in a positive way by providing them with a real-time, effective solution which would improve their day-to-day activities through the use of big data.


The design action to support change:

Using anonymous medical data which is already available (hospital records, doctor information, pharmacy sales) on a geographic scale and in a time-sensitive way, create both a website and mobile application which suggests likely outbreaks of the flu (or other infectious illnesses) in any particular area to proactively let people know that they might get sick soon, allowing them to prepare earlier (medication, doctor visit), or to steer clear of a hotbed of illnesses. The app version could alert you as you enter an area, and the website would give you more in-depth statistics, and detail how the data being used is translated into a positive outcome.