Post 9//Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

Brainstorming and mind mapping exercises, both individually and collaboratively we did in week 6, I have identified a number of ideas of explorations. Through this process, I could set my research directions and narrow down my design concept as well. Based on my previous research, I wanted to find the connection between the mental and physical illnesses and wanted to approach an in-depth understanding of my issue.

“How to overcome negative physical responses which can come from anxiety disorder”

Firstly, we have divided it into three parts, data visualization design, Service design and generative systems. We have defined a data design is kind of visualization practices.

based on real data to reveal some aspects of the relationship between human and non-human actors.  We have concluded this type of design is not suitable for my issue that I want to approach because we cannot suggest any physical solution based on proven and professional knowledges, and so we have tried to more focus on creating ideas of the service design and generative system design. And I have left how I graft these two aspects with data design as my individual research. Below are lists of ideas which I have gained from a group exercise.

Service design

  • Art therapy (Through online platform, convey users’ feeling hard to express or thinking and receive feedback. It can lead to a sense of relief and purification)
  • Music therapy (Through the app, music selected by specialists can be provided in each situation.
  • The 24-hour emergency system

Generative systems

  • Creating users state of mind map and record their heart rate activity
  • Personal stories
  • Drama therapy, colour therapy

On ideas of service design, we have discussed an approach combined with various fields, not only one service. We have discussed and developed ideas available on online platform focused on physiological therapy, not face to face service seeing doctors in person.We have taken mind equilibrium service into consideration, supplied through art therapy music application proven by the previous research.  Since panic disorder can deteriorate, arising from the fear of self-insecurity, the reality that patients have access to data proven by specialists and are resorting may render a sense of security to the users.

It’s perplexing that the aim of the experiment cannot come up with its solution in a direct way. My idea extracted from a group activity is as follows:  Several colours generated from colour therapy which has been used in real fields when users’ feelings are inserted are classified. Their heart rate bot has been visualised by means of simple devices.We produce generate system extracted from colour and heart rate bot data. It’s a sort of campaign like project arousing awareness of mental illness. I going to materialise the view on this project as my personal work through in-depth of research.