POST 10: Reflection and Proposition

The process of introducing and explaining my initial proposition to the peers was really helpful for me to develop further on my designing direction. As not having a very detailed ideas about the purpose and functionality of my design, I was able to get a clearer idea from classmates and tutors. I started to re-consider the overall process of the design after the discussion this week.

My draft proposition was basically to create an mobile application for those young ladies who were in a relationship and doubting if they were suffering from violent abusing.

Before this week, my proposition concept was very vague and lacking of logic. The main reason was that I didn’t tend to take the target audience into consideration.
There are a few feedback that I got from the peers. The first advice was in terms of the specialty of the interface design of the mobile app, as mobile application was a very normal product to be seen, it was very important to consider how to make the design stands out. The conclusion would be considering from the aspect of emotional relation and the extinct functionality. The second and the also the extra element that I was told should be considered was to visual the design as a systematic campaign, e.g. The marketing promotion, etc to really makes the design go alive. Thirdly, as the final purpose of my design was to provide corresponding solutions for the users, it was important to add some functional buttons on the interface to direct the users to immediate help.

Project Title: Step Out – An APP to help ending Intimate Partner Violence(EIPV)

Project Type: Service Design
The Issue: There are a large amount of young ladies in relationships who are unsure if they are suffering from intimate partner violence as some of them don’t know that being verbally and emotionally abused is as bad as being physically attacked. Plus once they find out this issue in their relationships, they would be helpless and be lost in who they should ask help from.

The Possible Change: To raise young ladies’ awareness of intimate partner violence as well as finding solutions for for those women who are suffering the issue.

My proposition is a supportive tool for those young ladies who are asking for help.

Basically, my idea is an APP that creates multiple kinds of quiz correspondingly for the users in various scenarios to test out what exactly situation they are in and then to show them what they can do.
As for better protecting users’ privacy, the information showing on the APP would all be anonymous. It begins with the choice of three categories of actions. I specify each them as Verbal actions, Emotional actions and physical actions. The various pages linked directly to each category to demonstrate some of the words, feelings and actions. The next page is a quiz page which will be a list of 10-15 questions to test out which stage you are at. It then will show you the solutions at the very next page. For example, if the result is 15 – 20 points which means you are in a healthy solution, it will provide corresponding solutions; if the result is 25- 40 points which means you are in a stage where you should take some actions, it will provide corresponding solutions such as a list of contacting details of relationship consultant; if the result is 45- 60 points which means you are in a severe stage, it will still provide users the corresponding solutions but with extra functional buttons such as emergency call, etc.
The visual style of the APP design is going to be female friendly. To reduce the negative side of the issue, I want to convey the positivity via the APP. In order to encourage the users to be brave, the bold and vivid colours scheme would be applied in the interface design. I want ladies to stand out and speak up instead of being passive about what they are suffering.

3 Posters: Through my first poster, I would like to demonstrate the users what intimate partner violence is by showing them the visual data of the definition as well as the influence of it. The second poster will be showing the process of my research and how it leads to my proposition concept. The third poster will be showing what us as well as the victims to do to help ending the issue. The overall visual style will be matching the APP.