{post 9} the visual documentation & reflection of post 8.

collaborative process. visual documentation. reflection. judith tan.

Visual documentation and reflection on the collaborative brainstorming process as discussed in post 8.

{group brainstorming}

(Yanovsky, Grieve, Dakkak, Stollery & Tan 2016) We all wrote down our individual ideas for each other’s propositions onto one sheet of paper, as our focusses, objectives and goals were quite similar.


  • we were able to easily understand what each member wanted to achieve
  • ideas overlapped across several members’ projects which meant we were quite efficient


  • if we had done separate brainstorming for each group member, perhaps we would have forced ourselves to think further and go deeper into issues, and thus have a richer and more insightful session

Lessons learned & things to do better next time.

  • when taking photos, make sure they are legible!

{notes from group brainstorming}

(Tan 2016) Before brainstorming, each of us shared our focus/objective/goal regarding what we wanted to achieve in our design response.
(Tan 2016) As we brainstormed, we noted down ideas and thoughts which were applicable to our own projects.
(Tan 2016) Tutor advice.


  • before the group brainstorming session, I had many thoughts about what I wanted my design response to achieve, but had not had a concrete goal – it was helpful to look through past notes and research and consolidate my thoughts into a few sentences


  • reflecting on my notes, I realised there are quite a bit (particularly on the left page) which I could have researched further
  • failing to constantly refer back to my notes are¬†weaknesses¬†I realised I need work on

Lessons learned & things to do better next time.

  • the more rigourous the brainstorming session, the more insightful, helpful and rewarding it will be
  • note-taking is good, but it will not be helpful unless I remember to refer to them
  • while moving forward, keep continuously referring to past notes, research and findings

{further individual brainstorming}

(Tan 2016) Consolidation of group brainstorming notes plus further brainstorming.


Yanovsky, M., Grieve, A., Dakkak, Z., Stollery, A., & Tan, J. 2016, Mapping.

Tan, J. 2016, Individual mapping.