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Blog 9


Brainstorming again and again for a hundred times. After researching asylum seeker and refugees topic for weeks, it’s time to present the sub issues in a group of four. This time we are developing the specific problem statement and possible design response to the issue. As the previous map undertaken in week 4 was too broad, it limits the chance to come up with design solution and insight.



We found this exercise is quite difficult, primarily because we’re not sure whether our idea can be said as an issue for this topic. The issues we cam up with seems too broad and we couldn’t think of possible ideas to help asylum seekers. We realised that even though we have been digging in hidden aspects about refugees, we still categorised into ‘indifferent people’ as the actual issue is not affecting us.


I feel that I was more ready brainstorm and jotted more ideas in my own issue than other’s idea input since the issue wasn’t familiar enough. We started to lag on our third map as our minds are occupied with our design issue and solution. I feel like I could have been more effective if I came up with not too many ideas in mind. This is something to take on for the next brainstorm opportunity.


Even though, we could only finish 3 maps by end of the class, the exercise has exposed me to potential sub issue. Amanda told us about overburdening developing countries by sending them asylum seekers. We tried to focus on one keyword and brainstorm new ideas from it and this surprisingly inspires me to look at a specific issue in-depth and potential design solutions. From this insights, I tried to apply the method on my own findings. Helping others to come up with ideas also allow me to look into different issue from our board topic.

Through this process, I gained greater detail on the issue and things I’d already concluded. People’s critic and opinion has helped me to uncover different aspects from each issue presented in our group and bring a new perspective that overlooked and undermined.

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